One Of The Best Ways To Become Familiar With Is To Review A Google Search of The Links Shown By Searching For It (1-30-2013)

Simply put into a blank Google Search block.

In reviewing the Search Results of this massive WordPress Website of over 2,400 blogs Google has clearly researched what Allen Darman is saying, and has been saying on the Internet for years.

Google lists some of the key Internet Freedom and Freedom In General Blogs that Allen Darman wrote in 2011 right at the top of the above Google Search.

Allen has had tremendous difficulty with hackers since June 2006, when his first put his son Willy’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story on the Internet. In essence, Allen lost his freedom to be on the Internet without hacker interference at this time.

Due to Allen’s loss of Internet Freedom at such an early date, he sees clearly and “sees ahead of his time” the intent of his Federal Government to restrict the Internet Freedom and the Freedom In General of All of His Fellow Americans.

Although the NDAA has yet to be activated such that Truthful Bloggers that threaten the Federal Government have yet to be taken away secretly, never to be heard from again, Allen feels that such is only a matter of time unless there is a Second American Revolution.

According to Allen…

“Thank God the American Public still has the guns that it has. Such may not save me personally nor may it save my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (as we are all marked for death by the Mafia and our Fellow Americans may not act soon enough to save us). However, the fact that the American Public has the guns that it has is most certainly saving many of my Fellow Americans.”

“If the Federal Government succeeds in stripping the American Public of its Right To Bear Arms, it is likely that (a) the Internet will be Fully and Federally controlled at some point in the foreseeable future, (b) FEMA camps will be activated soon afterwards, and (c) imprisonment and extermination of thousands of those that realize Important Social Truths that are a threat to our Federal Government will begin.”

“My Fellow Americans need to Wake Up, and Wake Up Soon. If they do not, a replay similar to what happened in Nazi Germany will most certainly occur, as those in Power clamp down on the Masses, and kill all that oppose them or that they classify as undesirable for whatever reason. Only this time it will not be just the Jews and the “defectives” that will be exterminated, it will be the best and the bravest amongst us.”

SmokeMasterAllenD and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team!

If The United States of America Is Looking For A Trigger To Actually Start A Justifiable Revolution In America It Need To Look No Further Than The Dire Plight Of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

When a Team of four WordPress Website Developers has two of them undergoing repeated poison gas attacks trying to kill them, has one of them that has undergone three years of the Mafia trying to kill him in order to suppress Alternative Medical Discoveries that would crush Big Pharma and conventional medicine in the court of public opinion, and this same WordPress Collaborative Team has had a number of their WordPress blogs either corrupted or erased by (most likely) Federal Government hackers… such would seem to be enough to spark a Justifiable Revolution in the United States.

If the Above is not enough, perhaps the actual murders of some or all of this four person WordPress Collaborative Internet Team will be enough to Spark Justifiable Revolution in America against a Corrupt Federal Government that is controlled by various Corporations and the Mafia.

When multiple people can experience attempted murder openly on the Internet simply for blogging the Truth, such should be enough to Wake Up America that it is time to replace our Federal Government, a government that stands by idly while Internet Witnessing all of this.

If “attempted murder is not enough”, perhaps our actual murders will be.

If America ignores the situation that is reality for me and at least two out of three of the other members of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team, it perhaps deserves what is coming down the road after we are dead and no longer here to ring the alarm for our Fellow Americans.

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

My Smart Phone Still Does Not Work With WordPress The Way It Should (1-23-2013)

I have lost the ability to see new posts on while using the Smart Phone I have been using.

This means I have lost the abilities to both edit and reorganize the published posts on while using this Smart Phone.

It also means that this Smart Phone has been hacked, as far as using WordPress goes.

Yesterday I lost copy twice that I had written on this phone. And my “Publish Button” went dead once as well. This phone is clearly hacked.

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

What Is The Right Course Of Action In February?

The two obvious choices that Allen Darman has in February are…

Get his own Apple computer such that he can work online from Albany NY


Take public transportation to San Francisco to attempt to connect with those persons helping him in San Francisco.

At this point Allen is unsure of which course of action is the best one.

According to Allen…

“My Smart Phone is hacked. I have no access to any blogs posted to And my access to the Apple Laptop that is hooked up to the Internet in this house is extremely limited. Getting my own Apple computer would increase my online time exponentially, assuming hackers did not shut me down.”

“However, it really bothers me that people that have put their lives on the line to help me in San Francisco have been repeatedly whacked with poison gas, and I am so far away from them and unable to really help them. I long to fight as a cohesive face to face team with these people. How can this happen or can this happen at all?”

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

An Internet Freedom Woodstock Held This Summer Should Be A Dual City Hosted One; San Francisco California and Austin Texas (1-27-2013)

This Idea of a Dual Hosted Internet Woodstock is a good one. Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team sure hopes that Someone sees the Validity of this Idea, and has the wherewithal to carry it out.

According to Allen Darman…

“It was my sincere hope that my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and I could Make An Internet Woodstock happen, and perhaps we can contribute in some small but significant way to this. Simply the Idea of a Dual Host City Internet Freedom Woodstock between the cities of San Francisco California and Austin Texas is one way that we as a Team have contributed to such an event happening.”

“I personally have numerous impairments in place that prevent me from being the Leader in making a Dual Location Internet Woodstock happening. One is that my ability to move about freely is compromised, as the Mafia has tried to kill me numerous times since January 6th 2010, and they sorely want me dead. Another is my ability to communicate with other persons via either email or phone is severely impaired. My email inbox is scanned and it is extremely likely that numerous emails are deleted daily before I even see them. About the only two ways I still have to communicate to the world are via writing WordPress Blogs on a hacked Smart Phone, and posting to my Facebook Wall on those few occasions that I have access to a computer.”

“Out of the four members of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team, two of them in San Francisco have undergone numerous poison gas attacks, most probably from the Mafia. These persons are also under severe restriction in regard to making an Internet Freedom Woodstock, or Dual Location Internet Freedom Woodstock, happening.”

“One cannot operate effectively when it is necessary to always assume a defensive position simply to prolong or save one’s life. This is the situation in regard to three out of four of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.”

“America sorely needs a Revolution to happen, but it is necessary to precede this with a Grand Awakening of the American Public of some sort. Too many people only know what main stream media tells them, and what they are fed as the Truth on TV.”

“This Idea of a Dual Location Internet Freedom Woodstock could help such a Grand Awakening of the American Public Occur.”

“Our Team sure hopes that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Jim Humble, Adam Trombly, Chris Hedges, Gary Vesperman, Foster and Kimberly Gamble, and many others in the Internet Freedom, Alternative News, Alternative Medical, and Free Energy Invention Arenas become Aware of this Idea of a Dual Host City Internet Woodstock, and that some persons and/or parties have the Wisdom, the Courage, and the fiscal and management means to carry this Idea out… if not this summer, then the next.”

“I, Allen Darman, live month to month at this point. One cannot avoid the Mafia forever, and in all likelihood they are eventually going to catch up to me. I continue to do the best I can, and the same goes for my entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team. If we are dead before this Dual Location Internet Woodstock happens, please remember us there, and remember that our Federal Government Internet Witnessed the Mafia kill us and did nothing to help us at all.”

Allen Darman

Allen Darman Took A Day Off From Blogging Yesterday And He May Do The Same Today (1-26-2013)

According to Allen…

“I continue to think about the dire situation of some, if not all, of my WordPress Team members and myself.”

“I also continue to be concerned about whether and how often my WordPress Team members in San Francisco are being subjected to poison gas attacks or not.”

“Lastly, it deeply concerns me that the two people in Austin Texas that should have picked up on our Team plight continue to say nothing in our behalf on the Internet. These two persons are Mike Adams of and Alex Jones of”

“I wonder if the above two key people ignore us while we are still alive, will they continue to ignore us after we have been killed by the Mafia and are dead?” 

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Allen Darman Uninstalled And Reinstalled The WordPress App On His Smart Phone But Still Has No Access To His Nutrientscure WordPress Blog (1-25-2013)

According to Allen…

“Apparently WordPress for Android has been upgraded. This App now looks different than it did before, at least on some parts of it.”

“I have yet to be able to see or access *ANY* BLOGS on my Teams’ Primary Website of Nutrientscure On WordPress.”

“I will let my Team know when and/or if the above ever changes.”

“I am able to access other WordPress Websites of ours. It appears that only access to is affected.”