A Safe Way For Us3 Or Us4 To Have A Preliminary Meeting With The Mafia In January When We3 Or We4 Are Ready And Prepared To Do So Is To Have This Meeting In Atlantic City My Old Stomping Grounds (12-29-2012)

Respectfully Addressed to the Mafia:

My Two Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists have been undergoing Repeated Poison Gas Murder Attempts since December 10th or so when the first one occurred.

There are only Two Possible Parties behind these Murder Attempts. One is You, and the Other Is Our Own Federal Government.

If it is the Mafia behind these Multiple Murder Attempts, I suggest it Would Be Wise for you to Stop.

Here is why…

Copy coming soon.

If it is Not You that is Repeatedly Trying to Kill My Two Girls…

Copy coming soon.

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