I Am Tired From A Long Day And Going 2 Bed Early 2nite We4 All Should Be Happy With The Progress We Are Making! (1-19-2013)

I get the sense that we4 are “pre-viral” on the Internet! It is perhaps only a matter of time.

Many have said that the United States of America is “pre-Revolution”. I could not agree with this more!

The Primary Job for all four of us is “To Simply Stay Alive!”.

It remains the *Smart Move* for Our Team that U2 buy a one way ticket on Amtrak to Albany, and then we3 will put our heads together and take things from there.

And it remains the *Dumb Move* that in February I attempt to travel to San Francisco Alone.

I Made This Trip Once and Survived It. However, I get the sense I would not survive traveling to San Francisco alone again.

I work as hard as I can in regard to WordPress Blogging, but sometimes I need a little break. (Perhaps of interest to some, as tired as I am right now, if I had some good weed, I could and would probably work another eight to twelve hours straight!)

Before I close, I want to sincerely Thank All of My Team Members for their ongoing and very considerable support!

All the very best,

Allen Darman aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD!


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