Allen Darman Has A Very Odd WordPress Smart Phone Error (1-22-2013)

The WordPress Blog listing the Dirty Dozen Websites on and does not show up on the WordPress App on my Smart Phone.

I hit Refresh a few times. No show.

I turned the phone off, waited a little, and turned it back on.

Then I opened the WordPress App, and opened both of the Above  Websites. No show.

And I hit Refresh a Few Times.

Still No Show.

This is an Odd Error that I cannot explain.

In going to I see that this Upgrade in Progress of the Dirty Dozen Website listing is still there. However, at the moment I am unable to access this Upgrade using my smart phone in which to continue to work on it.

Maybe the above will soon change.

Who knows?

Incidentally, this was Shared to and it does not show up using the WordPress App on this Smart Phone either, despite it showing up on Nutrientscure on WordPress itself.

If this problem continues, it means that my ability to work with WordPress on this Smart Phone has been seriously compromised by either Federal Government or Mafia hackers.

Let us take a Big Picture Look at “My Communication Problem” for a few minutes.

I have had perhaps six Android Version 2.3 phones over the past two years. Although I had good luck using Android Phones to blog with most of the time, the last two Android 2.3 phones that I had were both clearly hacked. One of the two was made completely useless by Activating a security program called Snuku (or similar) that I myself had downloaded but not activated. The other one became as slow as molasses.

The Android Phone that I am writing with now is Version 4.0 and is now clearly hacked.

My Windows computer use hacking problem goes all the way back to June 2006, when I first put my son Willy’s Original Recovery Story on the Internet.

I think that “I am the most hacked private individual in the World” as far as the use of Windows computers goes. (To the best of my knowledge, no one comes even close to me in this regard.)

I bought two Windows laptops in Iowa while I was there this past summer, and both were hacked and made useless “practically upon startup”.

The Windows laptop I left in New York before going to Iowa had been made useless by hackers before I left New York. This laptop was also repeatedly made useless while the Mafia was actively trying to kill me in late February of 2012 (twice they used poison gas against me and once they stuck a gun in one of my housemates’ back to try to get in my room).

I also bought a Windows based laptop in early January of 2013. This brand new Windows 8 HP Laptop was made useless upon startup.

At this point I realize that without Extremely Competent Computer help (which I cannot afford) my use of Windows based computers to WordPress blog at home with is done.

Lately I have had sporadic access to an Apple laptop that is hardwired to the Internet at home. Twice this Apple laptop was completely taken over by hackers, and I had to do a cold shutdown. Yet the next day I was able to get on again, and continue to use WordPress to blog with.

I used this particular Apple laptop to create the WordPress blog this morning in regard to “The Dirty Dozen Website Links Blog” that I posted on and However, then my nephew got up, and I had to relinquish my use of this Apple computer, for it is his, not mine.

It puzzles me that hackers completely took over this Apple laptop twice, but later I was allowed to WordPress blog on it a great deal. One would think that “if my enemies showed me twice that they could control this computer and stop me from blogging”, that they would simply “do so permanently” (just as they have done with a number of Windows laptops I have owned since the summer of 2007 – I was using desktop computers before this).

I don’t know what the future is for me as far as being able to WordPress blog from my present location of 201 Hollywood Avenue in Albany New York.

I guess we will all soon find out.

What concerns me THE MOST in regard to the Current Problem that I have using this Android 4.0 phone to WordPress blog with is THAT IF HACKERS CAN CONTROL WordPress ON THIS PHONE, MY WordPress TEAM MEMBERS IN San Francisco HAVE NOW LOST THE ABILITY TO REPORT TO ME THAT THEY ARE BEING EXPOSED TO POISON GAS AGAIN.

The Above greatly concerns me.

The Mafia is extremely likely to continue on its course to kill the people in San Francisco that have been helping me with WordPress. Once they are dead, the Mafia is extremely likely to continue on its course to kill me personally. Our Federal Government heavily monitors my activity on the Internet, and most certainly is an Internet Witness to all of this.

Thankfully, both Google and Jim Humble are a witness to all of the above as well. I have a suspicion that a number of others in the upper echelon of the Computer and/or Computer Software Industry are a Witness to what is happening in regard to my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and I too.

The Power of the Internet negated the Power of the Mafia killing people and controlling things “in Secret”. It did so Only Because I Was Backed Up By Some Heroic People In San Francisco and Florida (Mark), and Only Because I Was Lucky To Last “Long Enough”.

Everything from here on out is gravy. I was supposed to be dead over thirty times before this.

Allen Darman


3 thoughts on “Allen Darman Has A Very Odd WordPress Smart Phone Error (1-22-2013)

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