Federal And/Or Mafia Hackers Can Mess With Apple Computers Too It Seems (1-12-2013)

Twice hackers took complete control of the hardwired Apple laptop I have been using to WordPress Blog with.

On both occasions, I simply did a cold shutdown using the Switch, and simply took a little time off.

I have given up trying to use Windows based laptops. The last three laptops I bought were immediately made useless by hackers. And over a dozen Other Windows Based Computers since June 2006 were made useless by hackers before then. (I am most probably the Most Hacked Private Individual In America, if not the entire world. This has been true since June 2006, when I first put my son Willy Darman’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Natural Recovery Story on the Internet.)

Hackers know Windows too well.

At least with Apple, I think I still have a chance, as far as WordPress blogging goes.

Allen Darman
Puff Puff Pass!

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