The Cause Worth Focusing On And That People Would Rally Around Would Be An Internet Freedom Woodstock (1-23-2013)

It may be worth it for my Team Members to Google In Quotes “Internet Freedom Woodstock”. (These Search Results may be suggestive that Google likes our idea of an Internet Freedom Woodstock.)

Internet Freedom is “the Root Cause” that “Supports All Other Causes”.

An Internet Freedom Woodstock is a Cause that many would support.

It is a Shame that much of my Focus and my blogging time is spent “simply trying to defend ourselves against the Mafia”.

I would love to be in a Safe and Psychologically Supportive Environment working towards making an Internet Freedom Woodstock actually happen.

All other Causes that I believe in, as Important As They May Be, are pale in comparison to the Cause of Internet Freedom.

Without Internet Freedom in America, Freedom Itself does not stand a chance.

Allen Darman

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