An Internet Freedom Woodstock Held This Summer Should Be A Dual City Hosted One; San Francisco California and Austin Texas (1-27-2013)

This Idea of a Dual Hosted Internet Woodstock is a good one. Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team sure hopes that Someone sees the Validity of this Idea, and has the wherewithal to carry it out.

According to Allen Darman…

“It was my sincere hope that my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and I could Make An Internet Woodstock happen, and perhaps we can contribute in some small but significant way to this. Simply the Idea of a Dual Host City Internet Freedom Woodstock between the cities of San Francisco California and Austin Texas is one way that we as a Team have contributed to such an event happening.”

“I personally have numerous impairments in place that prevent me from being the Leader in making a Dual Location Internet Woodstock happening. One is that my ability to move about freely is compromised, as the Mafia has tried to kill me numerous times since January 6th 2010, and they sorely want me dead. Another is my ability to communicate with other persons via either email or phone is severely impaired. My email inbox is scanned and it is extremely likely that numerous emails are deleted daily before I even see them. About the only two ways I still have to communicate to the world are via writing WordPress Blogs on a hacked Smart Phone, and posting to my Facebook Wall on those few occasions that I have access to a computer.”

“Out of the four members of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team, two of them in San Francisco have undergone numerous poison gas attacks, most probably from the Mafia. These persons are also under severe restriction in regard to making an Internet Freedom Woodstock, or Dual Location Internet Freedom Woodstock, happening.”

“One cannot operate effectively when it is necessary to always assume a defensive position simply to prolong or save one’s life. This is the situation in regard to three out of four of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.”

“America sorely needs a Revolution to happen, but it is necessary to precede this with a Grand Awakening of the American Public of some sort. Too many people only know what main stream media tells them, and what they are fed as the Truth on TV.”

“This Idea of a Dual Location Internet Freedom Woodstock could help such a Grand Awakening of the American Public Occur.”

“Our Team sure hopes that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Jim Humble, Adam Trombly, Chris Hedges, Gary Vesperman, Foster and Kimberly Gamble, and many others in the Internet Freedom, Alternative News, Alternative Medical, and Free Energy Invention Arenas become Aware of this Idea of a Dual Host City Internet Woodstock, and that some persons and/or parties have the Wisdom, the Courage, and the fiscal and management means to carry this Idea out… if not this summer, then the next.”

“I, Allen Darman, live month to month at this point. One cannot avoid the Mafia forever, and in all likelihood they are eventually going to catch up to me. I continue to do the best I can, and the same goes for my entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team. If we are dead before this Dual Location Internet Woodstock happens, please remember us there, and remember that our Federal Government Internet Witnessed the Mafia kill us and did nothing to help us at all.”

Allen Darman


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