If The United States of America Is Looking For A Trigger To Actually Start A Justifiable Revolution In America It Need To Look No Further Than The Dire Plight Of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

When a Team of four WordPress Website Developers has two of them undergoing repeated poison gas attacks trying to kill them, has one of them that has undergone three years of the Mafia trying to kill him in order to suppress Alternative Medical Discoveries that would crush Big Pharma and conventional medicine in the court of public opinion, and this same WordPress Collaborative Team has had a number of their WordPress blogs either corrupted or erased by (most likely) Federal Government hackers… such would seem to be enough to spark a Justifiable Revolution in the United States.

If the Above is not enough, perhaps the actual murders of some or all of this four person WordPress Collaborative Internet Team will be enough to Spark Justifiable Revolution in America against a Corrupt Federal Government that is controlled by various Corporations and the Mafia.

When multiple people can experience attempted murder openly on the Internet simply for blogging the Truth, such should be enough to Wake Up America that it is time to replace our Federal Government, a government that stands by idly while Internet Witnessing all of this.

If “attempted murder is not enough”, perhaps our actual murders will be.

If America ignores the situation that is reality for me and at least two out of three of the other members of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team, it perhaps deserves what is coming down the road after we are dead and no longer here to ring the alarm for our Fellow Americans.

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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