What Is The Right Course Of Action In February?

The two obvious choices that Allen Darman has in February are…

Get his own Apple computer such that he can work online from Albany NY


Take public transportation to San Francisco to attempt to connect with those persons helping him in San Francisco.

At this point Allen is unsure of which course of action is the best one.

According to Allen…

“My Smart Phone is hacked. I have no access to any blogs posted to http://Nutrientscure.WordPress.com. And my access to the Apple Laptop that is hooked up to the Internet in this house is extremely limited. Getting my own Apple computer would increase my online time exponentially, assuming hackers did not shut me down.”

“However, it really bothers me that people that have put their lives on the line to help me in San Francisco have been repeatedly whacked with poison gas, and I am so far away from them and unable to really help them. I long to fight as a cohesive face to face team with these people. How can this happen or can this happen at all?”

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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