Either The Mafia Or The Feds Continue To Use A Directed Energy Weapon Against Me (2-22-2013)

This particular attack literally woke me up at 3:00 a.m. (It is a particularly bad attack, for I moved my position in the house and about 40 minutes later I am being attacked again. These words are being written while I am under attack from a directed energy device of some sort. This is a CIA or NSA type of weapon, but it could be the Mafia is the party that has possession of and is using it.)

I was also attacked about twelve hours ago in the afternoon by this same directed energy weapon, but I did not bother to say anything then. (I simply moved my location in the house.)

I can feel these attacks in my legs and my gut. It is a weird vibration type of feeling. That is about as best as I can describe it.

These directed energy attacks have occurred on an almost daily basis for well over a month.

I have no idea whether this is the Mafia or the Feds, but I am almost certain it is one of these

two parties.

Allen Darman

At Some Point In April Allen Darman Will Be Going To Atlantic City For A Short While (2-22-2013)

According to Allen…

“I continue to want to have a respectful conversation without getting killed in doing so.  When I have completed some blogging work in March and early April, I am going to leave my safe haven and am willing to talk. I will release my trip particulars in April when I have decided when I am going to go to A.C.”

Despite The Fact Our Federal Government Got Us In This Economic Mess It Is Going To Do Whatever It Can To Remain In Power After Economic Collapse Occurs (2-8-2013)

This includes identifying and silencing all those that oppose it.

Bloggers such as myself and thousands of others that are critical of our current federal government will be taken to FEMA camps to be “reeducated”, jailed indefinitely and/or killed.

It should be the opposite. Those who got us in this mess should be acted against, rather than those who oppose them.

The corrupt corporate controlled fools that run our current Federal Government should be the ones that are sent to the FEMA camps that they themselves funded and built with taxpayer money, money they borrowed, or money they printed out of thin air.

The corporate people from CEOs on down that caused the corruption of science and corrupted our Federal Government ought to be sent to the FEMA camps as well.

All fiscal gains of both of the above groups should be stripped from them entirely… George Bush and Obama included.

Incidentally, the Mafia could be extremely helpful in stripping the ill gotten gains of the rich, and they have a worldwide reach. No one could run from them and get away with it, no matter how rich or powerful they may be at the current time. This includes people like the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, and the other wealthy NWO bankers that are bringing down America by design. In truth, the Mafia has the power to save America from those that are destroying it. I pray that they come to both realize and utilize this power to help save American Freedom for us all.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Allen Darman Continues To Often Think That The One Of The Best Chances America Has At Avoiding A NWO Agenda Being Imposed On Us Is For The Mafia To Be Adequately Fiscally Compensated To Switch Sides (2-7-2013)

The Mafia will become victims of the coming fiscal collapse in America, just as everyone else will.

The doom of American life as we know it can perhaps only be avoided if Mafia Power switches sides.

A win-win situation can and should be structured between the American Public and the American Mafia.

The above may be the only chance we have got.

The above is my personal opinion.

Allen Darman

Directed Energy Weapon Use Against Allen Darman Continues (2-19-2013)

According to Allen…

“I gotta figure I’m a dead man soon. The attempts to kill me began over three years ago, and it appears that they will keep trying until they succeed.”

“I tried to tell the world that bipolar disorder was curable naturally, and that intestinal dysbiosis and hidden food allergies were its two biggest causes. For this Big Pharma and its Mafia friends sentenced me to death.”

“Economic collapse, martial law, and FEMA camp activation are coming to America soon. All truth telling activists, writers, and bloggers are in deep trouble, for our Federal Government intends on heavily censoring the Internet.”

“I was, or will be, a canary in a coal mine. Be forewarned for what has happened to me… murder… will happen to others as well.” 

Another Person Targeted By Directed Energy Weapons Is Connie Marshall Of Louisville Kentucky

Her website is http://www.justiceforallcitizens.com.

Connie Marshall’s story is a horrific one. I hope she is still alive.

Connie did go to the FBI. They did absolutely nothing to help her.

I am learning a lot from using Google to search in regard to directed energy weapons. The same applies to a Google Search in regard to targeted individuals.

Allen Darman wonders “Are there any targeted individuals out there that would consider getting together and living with me somewhere?” (He is willing to travel to you in this regard.)

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team