The United States Federal Government Is Inevitably Going To Fall To The Truth; The Movie Genetic Roulette Was The Tipping Point For Me (2-3-2013)

According to Allen…

“I got to watch 17 minutes of the movie on GMO foods and how bad they are titled Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith before hackers stopped the movie from playing, and it would not play any more.

Seventeen minutes was enough based on what I already knew of Jeffrey Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology and GMO foods.

People everywhere are waking up to the damage of GMO foods, to include doctors of conventional medicine.

This movie that Jeffrey Smith made is going to wake up tens of millions once it becomes free to watch on the Internet, and such is only a matter of time.

Coupling the issue of our government allowing GMO foods to be foisted on an unsuspecting public with other issues that hang it such as energy invention suppression, alternative medical suppression, 9/11Truth, its favoritism towards Corporations and Wall Street, its fighting wars based on lies, its restrictions on Freedom, etc. our Federal Government is doomed to fall.

I can sense the above more than I ever have.

There does not have to be a bloody battle between an Aware Public and the U.S. Military, for once educated the hearts and minds of the U.S. Military will “be on the People’s side”.

It would Greatly Help To Facilitate The Coming Revolution by someone or some company or companies being Brave Enough and Wise Enough to put on a Dual Host City Woodstock this summer that mixed Rock and Roll in with Speakers of the Truth.  Such an event as this would help enormously in regard to coalescing and spreading a Body of Truth strong enough to topple the Federal Government with ease.

If one Dual City Internet Woodstock was not enough to get the American People to rise up and throw off their oppressive Federal Government, then make it an annual event and have two.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an annual event, and draws a lot of People.

It should not be that hard to find enough Freedom Lovers in America to get together as well.

After this iWoodstock event is over, put extensive video coverage of all the Speakers of Truth and the musicians and the fun on YouTube on the Internet for all to see.

The Federal Government is toast if iROCK4iFREEDOM EVER GETS OFF THE GROUND.

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and I are all hunkered down trying to save ourselves from being killed, and have gone through numerous attempts of the same. We cannot make this Internet Woodstock happen, all we can do is help out with ideas over the Internet.

Our Fellow Americans are going to have to save themselves.

My Team and I hope we are still Alive this summer to see a Dual Host City Internet Woodstock happen!

If not, please remember us there.

Should it occur, our Internet Martyrdom will be a powerful thing to assist the Second Revolution in America.”

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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