Every Person In America Should Google 1) economic collapse in america 2) martial law And 3) fema camps (2-7-2013)

Economic collapse is Inevitable, and will happen soon. It could happen within a matter of months, it will happen within the next year or two. (There is a STRONG LIKELIHOOD of an economic collapse happening within the next 6-8 months.)

When economic collapse happens, martial law will be declared. There will be a run on the grocery stores, and troops will be brought in to restore order. Many people that are not prepared will starve.

If you want to investigate the link between economic collapse and martial law, simply Google the two phrases at the same time.

The FEMA camp system will be activated when martial law is activated. 

All three of these phrases are critical for every person in America to understand and prepare for ASAP.  FOOD STORAGE IS A MUST. Time is rapidly running out.

Denial of the impending economic collapse in America is going to be deadly to millions.

Martial law and FEMA camp activation is probably going to mean the same.

Sadly, the economic collapse and the destruction of America may have been an engineered one, and one that was greatly hastened by the endless and enormously expensive “war on terror”, a war that was “manufactured” by a conspiracy involving factions inside our Federal Government and others. (Google “9 11 truth” without the quotes to understand that the Twin Towers did NOT fall as a result of two planes crashing into them, they fell from nanothermite and micronuclear devices. Nor did a plane hit the Pentagon, a missile did. And the plane crash in Pennsylvania did not happen as represented as well. 9 11 was the biggest crime in history, one in which many profited from.)

Paper money and “numbers in bank accounts” will become nearly worthless soon. And a “Mad Max scenario” of sorts will be coming to many America cities. (When it does, no one will benefit from this.)

The wise person has already become a “prepper”, which means a survivalist in the inevitable very hard times which are soon to come.

Life in America will soon NEVER BE THE SAME AS IT HAS BEEN.

Although millions are aware of the above, many are not, to include Allen Darman’s two sons Willy and Max. Allen wrote this blog with them in mind, hoping that it wakes them up.

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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