South Korea Leads The World In e-government Development And Implementation (2-8-2013)

South Korea is far ahead of the United States in regard to e-government (internet based government).

South Korea has actually developed e-government as a product to be sold, and has made an agreement with Uganda to help them set up an Internet based government.

While the U.S. is slipping in the ranks internationally in regard to e-government, other countries are forging ahead.

However, out of all of the countries in the world South Korea ranks a clear first. In one single year according to one study done in the United States about seven years ago South Korea went from 86th in the World Ranking to 1st. (In other references South Korea actually led the world years before this.)

The efficiency of e-government is far superior to old government models. Any country with an e-government similar to that of South Korea has a significant competitive advantage over a country that does not have such like the United States.

A Google Search of e-government South Korea will provide far more information than the above.

Of interest to some is that the Wikipedia entry for e-government is messed up, despite it being the top ranked Google search result.

Also of interest to some is THAT THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE SUPERIORITY Of e-government in South Korea by main stream media in the United States, even if one goes back ten pages in the Google Search results. Many other countries around the world recognize the fact that South Korea leads the world in e-government development, but this fact is intentionally kept from being common knowledge in the United States.

While the rest of the world realizes the great value of the Power of the Internet in which to govern fairly and effectively, our Federal Government cannot wait to get its multi-billion dollar Internet Security Center open in Utah in order to be able to effect broad Internet Censorship and be able to shut the Voice of the People down.

So much for Democracy in America.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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