Should Allen Have Taken The Train To SF? (2-13-2013)

According to Allen…

“I am in a complicated situation here in Albany. My SSD money is necessary to support this household, or my sister will need to get a second job.”

“My big issue in regard to trying to connect in person with those that have been helping me is will they pick me up if I take the train to San Francisco in March?”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“It sure appears to me that Obama is going to be our last elected President, and that martial law will be declared during his tenure… if not fairly soon.”

“This collapse of America is an engineered one. We are all going to be in deep s..t soon.”

“Our Federal Government is simply delaying things until the last key piece regarding control is put into place. This last key piece involves the Internet Security Center in Utah being Completed, such that the Federal Government has full control of what is said on the Internet in America. Once this Internet Security Center is done, martial law and FEMA camp activation will follow within a matter of weeks or a matter of months.”

“There will not be a fair and democratic 2016 election in the United States of America, and there may not be an election at all.”


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