Some Kind Of Directed Energy Weapon Has Been Used Against Allen Darman For Well Over A Month (2-15-2013)

According to Allen…

“I don’t know what they are using against me, but it is something you can feel. It makes my thighs tingle, and it feels like the bed or couch that I am laying on is vibrating.”

“Whatever they are using against me is different that the directed energy machine that they used against me before, or it is of lower intensity, as it does not make metal in the room vibrate, like the other machine did.”

“There is a considerable blog record of this other machine on during the fall and winter of 2011/2012. I called this other machine a Ray Beam machine.”

“I withheld saying anything about this for quite some time. It depresses me that I am still being targeted.”

“I see no win for me. At least I lasted long enough to identify my killers to America and the World. The Mafia is who they are, or will be, when my death occurs, but the Federal Government was also most certainly involved.”


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