Directed Energy Weapon Use Against Allen Darman Continues (2-19-2013)

According to Allen…

“I gotta figure I’m a dead man soon. The attempts to kill me began over three years ago, and it appears that they will keep trying until they succeed.”

“I tried to tell the world that bipolar disorder was curable naturally, and that intestinal dysbiosis and hidden food allergies were its two biggest causes. For this Big Pharma and its Mafia friends sentenced me to death.”

“Economic collapse, martial law, and FEMA camp activation are coming to America soon. All truth telling activists, writers, and bloggers are in deep trouble, for our Federal Government intends on heavily censoring the Internet.”

“I was, or will be, a canary in a coal mine. Be forewarned for what has happened to me… murder… will happen to others as well.” 

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