Despite The Fact Our Federal Government Got Us In This Economic Mess It Is Going To Do Whatever It Can To Remain In Power After Economic Collapse Occurs (2-8-2013)

This includes identifying and silencing all those that oppose it.

Bloggers such as myself and thousands of others that are critical of our current federal government will be taken to FEMA camps to be “reeducated”, jailed indefinitely and/or killed.

It should be the opposite. Those who got us in this mess should be acted against, rather than those who oppose them.

The corrupt corporate controlled fools that run our current Federal Government should be the ones that are sent to the FEMA camps that they themselves funded and built with taxpayer money, money they borrowed, or money they printed out of thin air.

The corporate people from CEOs on down that caused the corruption of science and corrupted our Federal Government ought to be sent to the FEMA camps as well.

All fiscal gains of both of the above groups should be stripped from them entirely… George Bush and Obama included.

Incidentally, the Mafia could be extremely helpful in stripping the ill gotten gains of the rich, and they have a worldwide reach. No one could run from them and get away with it, no matter how rich or powerful they may be at the current time. This includes people like the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, and the other wealthy NWO bankers that are bringing down America by design. In truth, the Mafia has the power to save America from those that are destroying it. I pray that they come to both realize and utilize this power to help save American Freedom for us all.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

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