Either The Mafia Or The Feds Continue To Use A Directed Energy Weapon Against Me (2-22-2013)

This particular attack literally woke me up at 3:00 a.m. (It is a particularly bad attack, for I moved my position in the house and about 40 minutes later I am being attacked again. These words are being written while I am under attack from a directed energy device of some sort. This is a CIA or NSA type of weapon, but it could be the Mafia is the party that has possession of and is using it.)

I was also attacked about twelve hours ago in the afternoon by this same directed energy weapon, but I did not bother to say anything then. (I simply moved my location in the house.)

I can feel these attacks in my legs and my gut. It is a weird vibration type of feeling. That is about as best as I can describe it.

These directed energy attacks have occurred on an almost daily basis for well over a month.

I have no idea whether this is the Mafia or the Feds, but I am almost certain it is one of these

two parties.

Allen Darman

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