The Great 9 11 Truth Movie Called Loose Change Has Had One Hundred Million Views So Far; Have You Seen It Yet? (2-20-2013)

If someone watches this movie he or she should have little doubt that 9/11 was a carefully planned false flag attack in which many persons inside our Federal Government were involved.

The documentary movie called “Loose Change” is a Must See movie for everyone in the United States of America.

There have been four versions of Loose Change made as this movie evolved over time. The third Version was called the Final Cut, but then a fourth and better version was made. The fourth version is called Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup and can be purchased as a DVD from

Various versions of Loose Change can also be watched for free on YouTube.

No one should ever trust the Federal Government in America again after watching Loose Change.

Economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, mass starvation, Internet censorship, chipping people as per Obamacare, gun confiscation and FEMA camp activation are all coming to America soon, all orchestrated and administered by “our trustworthy Federal Government.”

Big Brother is already watching.

Unless the military and/or the police refuse to obey criminal Federal orders many of the American public may not stand a chance. (Millions may be marked for death.)

Activists and truth tellers on the Internet are especially vulnerable to “what the Federal Government has in store for them” if enough people do not soon wake up.

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Hackers Have Almost Totally Shut Me Down On WordPress (4-11-2013)

AllenD continues to be hacker suppressed.

According to Allen…

“I wrote a blog on addressed to the Patriot Movement that freely offered all of the blogs on July4thRevolution to them. I also suggested that they look at the April 2012 blogs on the Website, as I posted a lot of important blogs then”.

“This post will not publish it seems. It is stuck in draft mode.”

“I am almost in Denver! Only another hour or so to go!”

AllenD Is the Happiest Man Alive! Now That He Has Had Some Rest!

According to AllenD…

“What a long work week it was this past week.  I sure was bushed when I got on the train.”

“Now that I’ve got a few hours rest, I just have this deep sense that things are going to work out fine for the human race.”

“I am not worried about Chicago or fearful at all. I will simply do the best that I can to take care of myself, and let God take care of the rest.”

“We WordPress bloggers live in exciting times, that’s for sure.  There is a Great Awakening that is Occurring! Worldwide. WordPress Bloggers, and Bloggers using other blogging platforms such as Blogger, Can Readily Make a Real Difference in Regard to Spreading The Truth.”

“We have the Tools such as Laptops, a Free and Open Internet, and WordPress. Let’s Collectively Begin Using These Tools In A Methodical And Systematic Fashion in Order to Achieve Maximum Effectiveness Over the Internet”.

“Our job, if at all possible, Is To Win the Hearts and Minds of Enough People in America such that the Federal Government surrenders to us without firing a shot. As close as we can come to this Idealistic Non-Violent Transfer of Power is the best.”