Allen Darman Is Making More New Facebook Friends Of Late Than He Ever Has (7-15-2013)

According to Allen…

“Although I am signing a lot of people up by initiating contact with me, many more people are coming to me on their own than ever before.”

“Facebook is critical to Justifiable Revolution in America happening.”

“I am not as familiar with Google Plus as I am with Facebook… but this Social Network Platform is very important too.”

Daily Report For 7-14-2013

I did not get much sleep last night (about 4 hours) , so I am taking it real easy today.

I left Talent OR yesterday headed north on I5.

I spent the night at a very nice rest stop on I5 north of Grants Pass somewhere.

I had been staying at night at a rest stop on I5 in Talent  for the majority of the time for the past six weeks (ever since I bought my 1993 Toyota Previa minivan at the end of May).

I am now parked in a Cottage Grove OR… doing my laundry.

I am not quite sure yet where I will be spending the night. Oops… now I know… in a Walmart parking lot in Eugene OR… I am soon going to crash for the night.

The “bad guys whomever they may be” can track me if they want to… for all of the locator devices on this Smart Phone that I am blogging from are turned on.


I had added the rest of the news for the day below this… but then my Publish Button locked up and the copy I wrote was lost. This was caused by either (1) Federal Government or (2) Mafia hackers… or (3) perhaps by my own WordPress Collaborative Team deleting what I wrote intentionally so as to not reveal certain facts.

To my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team…

Please place an Immediate Watch on my life…

I am not afraid of being captured or killed as long as my Internet Martyrdom justifiably comes out of this.

Dear Team… Although we are not that well known yet by the Patriot Movement in America (and the Freedom Movement Worldwide)… both you know and I know that we have generated, and are continuing to generate, some of the best blogs in the world in regard to fomenting Justifiable Revolution in America (and in most countries in the world). As such, we are “going to take a lot of heat”… and all of our lives are at risk. Don’t underestimate our many enemies… and be very careful at all times.

I sure hope that things are OK on your end… Beware of both the Mafia and the Feds.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)