My WordPress Collaborative Team’s Primary Patriot Website And Its Underlying Sixteen Patriot Websites


The Three Primary Goals of the Patriot Websites Reflected Below are (1) Via Education in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression (also here) and Energy Invention Suppression to Foster a Justifiable Revolution in America and Worldwide (also here and here and here), (2) To Promote the Idea of the Need for an Internet Woodstock (also here and here) to Wake the American Public Up in Time, and (3) To Assist in Developing a Collaborative Effort in order to topple the corrupt United States Federal Government.  (There are some Secondary Goals in regard to the Websites listed below as well.)

All of the Images Shown Below are Clickable, and will lead to the Website shown.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team

Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team’s>>>Primary Patriot WordPress Website!<<

16 Supporting WordPress Websites to the Primary One of


A Complex Battle Between At Least 21 Power Structures Is Now Underway; REVOLUTION SOON Is The American Public’s ONLY CHOICE


Allen D smoking and thinking…
Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.59 PM #2

My WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team’s Internet Work is both defining and impacting upon a Complex Battle between Many Existing Powers That Be.

So far we have identified 21 Power Structures in this regard.

The 21 Power Structures in this Complex Battle that my Patriot WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Impacts On Are As Follows…

Power Structure Number One… the Corporations.

The Corporations ARE THE BIG EVIL HERE. They have Control of Governments Worldwide via the Methodologies of Bribing Politicians, Bribing Main Stream Media, and Employing the Mafia to Use Force (and to Kill When Necessary).

Power Structure Number Two… Federal Governments Worldwide… to Include our own Federal Government Of Course!

Our Own Federal Government and Other Federal Governments Worldwide ARE THE NEXT BIGGEST EVIL.



Power Structure Number Three is the Mafia Of Course!

I DO NOT SEE THE MAFIA AS EVIL unless They Go Against God’s Will and the Will of The People by Killing Me and/or my Two Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists or any other members of my WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team.

Power Structure Number Four Thinks They Are Good…But They Are Really Evil! It’s the New World Order Agenda Folks, the Bilderberg Group, the Club Of Rome, the Wealthy Elite… or whatever these people want to call themselves. These are the folks that want to kill off 95 percent of us, and enslave the rest.

Power Structure Number Five is The Will Of the People in America.

We Are the Only Nation With Enough Guns in the Hands of the People. Without Millions of Guns in the Hands of the Public we would not stand a chance. (Yes, life is that brutal.)

Power Structure Number Six is The Truth.


The Internet, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Smart Phones and Time Assure This (the Above).

Power Structure Number Seven is God.

God is in Every Human Being… and More So in Those Persons that Are Obedient to Him Or Her.

God Is In This Picture. Make No Mistake About This.

God Is “On The Side of The People”. Make No Mistake About This as well.

Power Structure Number Eight Is My Revolutionary WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT TEAM… As Well As ALL Of The Patriotic, SMART And “INTERNET CONNECTED PEOPLE”.

Power Structure Number Nine Is The Internet Powerhouse Google.

Google is Most Definitely Aware Of and Being Very Supportive Of Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team! Thank God For Google! The United States Of America and the World both Owe a Great Deal! to this Morally Driven Corporate Entity that Is A Champion For Internet Freedom! (more later on Google)

Powers Ten Through Twenty One are All Internet Related (or somewhat related to the net)…

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, WordPress (Automattic), Alternative Newsletters of all sorts, Email, Every Other Method Of Sharing Information on the Internet With Others, the Apple Corporation, and the Samsung Corporation.


Truth Comes To The Light of Day On The Internet. The History of the Internet since its Inception PROVES THIS.

And Truth Comes To The Light of Day Exponentially If One Goes “Viral” such that their Material is seen by Millions.

This “Complex Battle Between At Least Twenty One Power Structures” WordPress Blog WILL INEVITABLY GO VIRAL on the Internet.

I am Dead Certain Of This.

Allen D and his Heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Website Development Team


Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team’s Primary WordPress Website is>>>


Our WordPress Collaborative Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites are as follows… all of the Images are “Clickable”.

  • 1) iROCK4FREEDOM the 1st Internet Woodstock!


  • 2) Our latest Management Website titled



  • 3) Eight Presidents Round Table Internet Government Website


  • 4) A Suppression of Truth WordPress Website


  • 5) An Alternative Medical Discovery WordPress Website


  • 6) A Justifiable Civil Disobedience Website


  • 7) Our July 4th Revolution WordPress Website



Notable Quotes

Our Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is Going to Start the 1st Internet Woodstock called iROCK4FREEDOM!… a Worldwide Event that mixes Freedom Music with Speakers of Suppressed Truths… or we are going to die trying! That’s No Lie!Allen D

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.Agatha Christie

The best time for planning a Revolution would be while I am with my anonymous Silicon Valley friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.Allen D

Many Heroes Are Rising To The Cause In America!!! The Bad Guys Don’t Stand A Chance!Allen D

Before We Fix Things in America, Hard Times are inevitably going to come upon us. We need to anticipate the some of the specifics of these hard times, and come up with a plan to defuse or mitigate them. Some Examples… What if they shut down the Internet???, or if they shut down Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, etc. All At The Same Time??? Or what if the Grocery Stores ran out of food??? Or if the Banks ran out of money??? Think… and then Prepare.Allen D

The desire to write grows with writing.Desiderius Erasmus

My desire to write grows from knowing some smart Silicon Valley folks hear what I am saying.Allen D



Home Safe And Sound In Florence Oregon (8-6-2013)

According to Allen D…

My Florence homeless friends and I made it back safely with about a half a tank of gas left.

This month is going to be a struggle fiscally, but my morale remains quite high.

As fiscally costly as our trip to San Francisco was, I do not regret going. Due to moral obligation I felt had to go to San Francisco… due to a reordering of blogs that suggested another poison gas attack on some of my WordPress Collaborative Team members (that are most probably located in the San Francisco area).

Whomever is helping me with WordPress is doing so heroically, even if they choose to remain anonymous. The people helping me with the WordPress Website Development of multiple Patriot Revolutionary websites knew in advance that the Mafia had tried to kill me many times, and yet they voluntarily opted to help me with WordPress from afar despite the substantial personal risks involved. (Other than Mark J of in Florida, who I believe is still on board and is a True American Hero if he is, I actually do not know either the identities or the physical location of any of the persons helping me with WordPress from afar… I can only make educated guesses in this regard.)

I deeply appreciate whomever is on the other end helping me with WordPress Blog Creation and WordPress Website Development… more than you will ever know.

I have so much to be Thankful For, especially my WordPress Collaborative Professional Help, and the fact that Google seems to be both aware of and supportive of my WordPress Team’s Website Development efforts.

I also am thankful that I have found a beautiful seacoast town out west in which to live in. Florence Oregon, or Flo-town, as many of its residents call it, is a great place to live. It is even a great place to live without a car, as a bicycle will do. Everything is so close and easy to get to. I love this town and its friendly people. I expect to remain here for quite some time.

Allen D (with deeply appreciated help from his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)

An August 3rd Update From Allen D

According to Allen…

My friends and I spent a nice afternoon and evening in San Francisco today. We went to the Golden Gate Park and hung out. We walked around Chinatown and ate there. And we went to Pier 39 in the wharf area.

Camping out down here is not wise so we are checked into a Rodeway Inn in Martinez CA for $82.50 a night for the four of us.

I have been to Martinez at least three or four times in my life. It is a nice little town that is reasonably close to San Francisco.

I felt obligated to come to San Francisco and try to contact those that have been helping me. I would like to know if I can help them in any way… or “if we can collaborate more closely somewhere and somehow”.

I look forward to walking in at Hawthorne Street on Monday at 11 am or so.

I am very curious if the WordPress folks there know of me, and know of the plight of my San Francisco WordPress Team members in regard to what they have gone through with poison gas since December 2012.

I am at peace with whatever happens or does not happen on Monday.

I greatly look forward to Thanking Automattic regardless for their great blogging platform called WordPress. WordPress has made a huge positive difference in my life. I cannot imagine where I would be without it.

Allen D (with help from some San Francisco WordPress heroes that I hope to shake hands with soon)


Notable Quotes

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. Phyllis Theroux

To write a WordPress Blog is a GREAT WAY! to Move The Hearts of People All Over The World! while using a Keyboard And Video Camera anywhere! that There is a Connection! to the Incredible Technological Advance! called a Free and Open Internet! Allen D

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman

It is an Absolute Miracle that I am still alive! and that the Mafia seems to have backed off trying to kill me and is letting me operate without interference in any apparent way. I may have finally convinced the Mafia of the fact that a Fair Deal Can and Should Be Made For the Betterment of America. Silicon Valley should take advantage of these facts and possibilities, and get to know me face to face before it is too late. I feel very safe now… but this safety may be fragile one. Who knows in this regard? I sure don’t. Thank God I have no fear any more… I accept whatever negative or positive outcome my WordPress endeavors cause or create. Allen D

Tonight I will dream about my heroic WordPress Friends, and what the possibilities are if WordPress (Automattic), Google, and Facebook are all willing to support the Idea of a multiple location Internet Woodstock! that mixes Freedom Music with Speakers of Suppressed Truths… and are all willing to Make A Fair Deal with The Mafia, one that I have repeatedly WordPress blogged about.  Allen D