Flo-town To San Francisco Is The Stomping Grounds Of A Management Core Team Of Three

Logo Title: Womens Day 2013 *Just Think of What Is Going To Happen* in the future When All the Women of the World Become Connected Over the Internet!

Three guys is enough.  No more guys.  Females preferred in regard to the below.  Gay of straight don’t matter to me. I cannot empower women without having them be the majority of my management team of eight when we reach this point. Allen D

This blog is under construction.

I have had a great time for the most part for the first eight days of September camping out with out with ten to twelve people about 10 miles outside of Coos Bay OR.

Soon we will be breaking camp, and many of us are going our separate ways.

Two real men that I am proud to call my friends and I are going to stick together, and wander around in my minivan for a bit.

In Management, a Core Team of Three is an Odd Number. Odd numbers are not good from a Management Standpoint. Four is much better than three. We are one short of a Core Management Team Of Four.

Along with the backup we are getting online, we have the knowledge and the power to make a huge difference worldwide.

Is there anyone out there on the Internet that would like to fill in the fourth spot of the Management Team I have created?

If so, follow http://sweetsixteenwebsites.wordpress.com/ and find us. Don’t try to email me or contact me over the Internet in any way. Remember, our enemies are listening! Just “show up”, hopefully with some money and your pocket, a car of some sort (not necessary if you don’t have one), and WordPress, Video, or Social Data Skills (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team)


Notable Quotes (more coming)

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.Anne Rice

Easy reading is damn hard writing.Nathaniel Hawthorne

Words spoken via video are far more powerful than written words in this day and age. I would die and go to heaven if my two (?) heroic WordPress Helpers in San Francisco joined me soon. If they did, we would have some Historical! video material on the Internet in a few weeks or at most a month.Allen D


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