Work In Progress> A Short WordPress Blog Respectfully Addressed to the Mafia

Important Notes: This unfinished Key WordPress Blog written on December 17, 2012 is sorely due for an upgrade and its completion. I will be working on this Key WordPress Blog within a matter of days. On another front, I noticed yesterday that my “Resume Blog” titled “The Story of Darman Mfg. Company and Genius” WAS HACKER ERASED AGAIN from This particular blog has been hacker erased or hacker corrupted more than any blog I have ever written, and I have written thousands of blogs over the years. The hackers doing this are more likely to be employed by the U.S. Government than by the Mafia. Allen D

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A Short WordPress Blog Respectfully Addressed to the Mafia (12-17-12)

January 16, 2013

***Important Additional Copy in Regard to the Above:

It is now December 19, 2012.

At this point in time, the Federal Government is inevitably going to fall to a Justifiable Revolution due to the following:

1.) The Web Presence that My Smart Team of WordPress Website Development Specialists has Already Created on the Internet,

2.) The Fact that the Internet Powerhouse called Google is Aware of the Situation In Regard to “Our Core Management Team
of Four People”,

3.) The Fact that the Internet Powerhouses of Facebook and Twitter are Aware of the Same,

4.) The Fact that Internet Freedom is “Such a Hot Button Issue” for Millions of People in the United States and Elsewhere, and…

5.) The FACT that the Federal Government Got Stupid and *Censored By Removal* So Many Key “Team WordPress Blogs” from Numerous Key “WordPress Team Websites” the Other Day.

Conclusions As A Result Of the Above

Let Us Assume for a while that an Internet Freedom Woodstock does actually happen.

And Let Us Assume that ALL OF THE TRUTHS MY WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s MULTIPLE WEBSITES CONTAIN reach the General Public in America as a Result of this Internet Woodstock occurring on or before July 2012.

The Above Are Not Unreasonable Assumptions by Any Means.

If these Assumptions Become Reality, Our Current Federal Government Does Not Stand A Chance.

Many Millions of Men and Women Will March to Washington After An Internet Freedom Woodstock
Held In July 2012 Or Before And Say…

“Enough is Enough”…

“This Rat’s Nest of Corrupt Corporate Controlled Government Is Hereby And As of Today Replaced.”…

“We the People Are Taking Over Now.”…


“We the People Are Going to Implement Modern, Open and Fair Internet Based Federal and State Governments.”


OK… Now It Is Time to Assume Some Other Things…

Let’s Say Myself, Any Other Member or Members of My WordPress Team, Or Even All of Us4 Are Captured, Jailed, Or Killed to Prevent an Internet Woodstock Event from Happening this July…

What Would Happen Then?

If I Alone was Killed or “Never Heard From Again” But My Other Three Team Members Remained Alive, they would Spread the Fact that I Was Captured, Jailed, and/or Killed All Over the Internet In My Behalf. Plus Google WOULD KNOW, AND SO WOULD Facebook and Twitter.

More copy coming later perhaps.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team)


Notable Quotes

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.Tennessee Williams

More coming…


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