A WordPress Management Blog Addressed To My WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team

My Smart Phone Time runs out on the 29th… and I will not be able to blog after this until I get access to some money.

However… Even if I renew my Smart Phone Time on the 1st or the 2nd… this phone is controlled by hackers when they so desire. 

Twice this month all of the buttons on this Smart Phone went dead, and this phone was totally useless when this happened.  The first time it happened was when I threatened to make video material early this month, and this phone was dead for almost a week.  The second time this phone went dead was about a week ago, the blockage only lasted a day.  From these two experiences I have learned that I cannot depend on this Smart Phone as a communication device.

What the above means is that I may not be able to blog on this phone in early October when I attempt to travel back to Albany NY.

My iMac is in a pawnshop, and I forgot to sign out of WordPress before I pawned it.  This means that whomever gets ahold of my iMac will have the ability to delete or corrupt our blogs and our websites.

Any blog deletion from October 1st through October 5th or so while I am traveling should be very suspicious… as I will NOT BE THE PERSON DOING SO.

I do not know if the Mafia will act against me or not before I reach Albany NY.  If they do… then it’s the end of the line for me I guess.  If they do not… this is a Very Good Sign… for sure.


Think Things Out in Advance.

Be especially prepared for blog and website erasure! Because if the Mafia (or the Feds) take me out, my web presence is all that is left.

Before I close this blog I would like to say a few more things…

I cannot Thank You (my WordPress Collaborative Team members) Enough for heroically standing up for me over the Internet for the past 18 months now.  Although my WordPress Website Development Work has been sporadic most of this time, we have still come a long way from when we began working as a team.

America is in deep trouble, and the World is too.  We are a Very Important, If Not Critical, Voice in regard to their Salvation, even if we have not yet been heard by that many people yet.

Google, Facebook, other Silicon Valley parties and the Mafia mutually and respectfully collaborating with each other is the Best Way… if not the Only Way… for the United States of America and the World to get out of the jam they have gotten into, or that they will be in fairly soon.  (Although it is perhaps a decade or two too soon for most persons to realize this… it is the Truth.)


Power And Genius in America should help each other to Help America 1st and the World 2nd. 

Without such an Alliance We May All Be Doomed to Global Environmental Disaster, Global Nuclear War or Both before the end of this century.

Let us hope that the Mafia allows me to return to Albany NY safely… so that I may continue my WordPress Website Development Work for the benefit of all. 

However… all my team members should BE PREPARED! in every possible and conceivable way in the event they do not allow this… and “I don’t make it”.  This includes “protecting your own life”.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team)  


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