I Have Put The Obamacare Puzzle Together


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One key clue for me happened repeatedly over the years, when a mysterious 1000 people (about) would view a key WordPress blog I had written (such as “Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally”, “A Tribute To Bob Beck; A World Class Healer”, “A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has Finally Been Found”, or “Will The American Public Win The Race Against Big Pharma”), and then “erase my Stat Count”, such that these 1000 people had never looked at what I had written. From these odd mass viewing events, which happened perhaps a half a dozen to a dozen times over the years, I knew almost for certain that there was a Conspiracy of roughly 1000 people behind the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine.

Another key clue for me happened in the fall of 1999, when my problems with hackers and being heavily keylogged began.

These “hacking events” did not begin as a result of my learning how to use broad based (broad spectrum) free form amino acids therapeutically, as I did not learn this until months later. Nor did they begin as a result of my son Willy and I co-discovering the therapeutic value of Willy’s miraculous Baggie of Supplements, which did not happen until over six years afterwards.

These “hacking events” began as a result of my learning “better than anyone else” that flawed gut biology needed to be cleared out and replaced in order to properly resolve a state of depression. (This first occurred in August 1999.)

At least some portion of the management of Big Pharma knows the above, and knew it back in 1999.  These people in the management of Big Pharma also know that antibiotics use is the biggest factor in causing flawed gut biology in the first place.  And these folks were paying people to (1) monitor the Internet for threats to their revenue and (2) using hackers to mess with people like me in the fall of 1999 (or perhaps even before—> I only know about when things on the Internet began to become problematic for me).

There is a conspiracy of enormous proportions being foisted upon the U.S.. This conspiracy has its roots in Nazi Germany, just as Big Pharma has its roots in Nazi Germany as well.

It is no accident that the Mafia is Big Pharma’s enforcer.  Italy and Germany were allies in WWII, and Germans and Italians are traditional historical friends.

The United States is being taken down by design, and the German/Italian alliance that I alluded to in the above is “the biggest part of this”.

We won World War II.  The Nazis are extracting revenge on us, using Big Pharma’s toxic medicine, Monsanto’s poisonous GMO’s, the stupidity of the American Public, the Easy Corruptability of Washington Politicians, and the American Mafia to help them.

Just as our Federal Government tried to label ALL supplements drugs in 2007 as a result of what my son and I had learned about healing, Obamacare was forced on America due to the very same.

I have suspected the above for years.  I no longer suspect, I know.  Too many puzzle pieces fit.

Pharmaceutical Medicine has become too big to fail.  Those behind it would even consider, AND CARRY OUT, an EMP attack on the U.S. that kills hundreds of millions of persons, if the result of such is that “the Hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine holds up” in the rest of the world.

Nazi thinking underlies Pharmaceutical Medicine.  (I have been told this by a very credible source that I decline to name.  However, some Internet research should confirm this.  If it does not, it was almost certainly scrubbed from the Internet.)

Nazi thinking is “quite comfortable with Mass Extermination”.

Concentration camps are now FEMA camps.  The name has changed, but the story is the same.  Instead of killing just Jews this time, those killed by the millions are going to be political dissidents, and those “that know too much”, especially in regard to the hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine (but on other topics as well).

Our Federal Government is substantially controlled by persons that think like the Nazi’s did, and is controlled by the Mafia, more than you will ever know.  (These people are good at keeping secrets.  They kill anyone that “will or might tell”.)

A number of people think that “the Jews control our government”. I think that these people are wrong. Our recent abandonment of Israel’s best interests in the negotiation with Iran over their nuclear agenda strongly suggests that persons with Nazi thinking and the American Mafia have greater control over our government than Jewish people do.

Admittedly, a lot of special interests have influence over the Federal Government in America. Anyone with money has the ability to buy votes. It comes down to “who has the most money and the most power over our federal government?”. Big Pharma and their Mafia business partners have the most influence in my opinion. Obamacare is one of their creations. Obamacare would never have happened without Big Pharma and Mafia pressure. This pressure swayed enough votes in the Senate and the House, and then swayed the Supreme Court to call Obamacare “Constitutional”. This pressure almost certainly swayed President Obama himself to propose such a travesty of freedom in the first place.

Be very careful team.  Many may blow off the above, but both I and my enemies know there is a great deal of Truth in the above.

Lastly, despite what they have done in the past, and are doing in the present as well, I continue to believe that the key to the salvation of America is to get the American Mafia “to Switch Sides”, and pay them handsomely on an ongoing basis for doing so.

Allen D with heroic help from Mark J and Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

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Important Note: This blog is still under construction. It will be substantially upgraded in the next few days.

What Does The Fact That The Mafia Will Not Talk To Allen D Mean?


According to Allen D—>

“I had hoped the Mafia would pick me up yesterday. When they did not, a lot of questions come to mind.”

The first two questions are (1) “Are things right where they have been for the past 46 months or so, since the Mafia first tried to kill me?” and (2) “Does the Mafia still want me dead?”

The Mafia being a No Show the other day suggests to me that “It does not go along with my plans to partner with Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement in order to topple our corrupt Federal Government”.

I guess I am going to have to rethink things.

For America to have any decent future at all, our federal government has to go, with or without the participation of the American Mafia.

The American Mafia has “inside knowledge” which can topple the federal government practically overnight, if Silicon Valley got ahold of it.

Without having a conversation with the Mafia, I have no solid idea of its motives and intentions. I can “only guess”.

My guess is “The Mafia is going to wait things out for a bit”, because “It does not want to choose the losing side” in regard to the Patriot Movement and Silicon Valley against the Feds.

I admit to all that the above “is only a guess”.

All that I know for certain is “The American Mafia does not want to talk to me at this time”.  

I also know that “the American Mafia may still want to kill me and members of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team”.  (Such is not certain of course, but our past history is strongly suggestive of this.)

The fact that the Mafia will not talk to me means a few things.

It means that I have to revise many of the blogs I wrote to address this.

It means that “if there is going to be an Internet Woodstock, at this point we have to assume that the American Mafia will not participate in and/or “help us” with this.

It also means that in the Complex War Blog, I have to assume that the American Mafia is Going to Stay Allied with “the Other Suppressors of Truth” (the U.S Government, the Immoral Corporations, and the Illuminati/Agenda 21 folks that represent Power Structure Number Four—> rather than Side With the People and the Truth.  

Perhaps the Mafia will “Switch Sides” at some point, but it appears that now is not the time for this.

For Their Sake, hopefully the American Mafia does not wait until it is too late, for it is my firm belief that the People in the United States and the Truth are going to win the war that we are in. Too Many Smart and Moral People Have Become Aware of the Suppression of Truth in Silicon Valley, in America, and Worldwide—> These Smart and Moral People Will Fight Forever For the Truth To Be Set Free.

Allen D and Mark J

With Deeply Appreciated Help From GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress and Heroic Help from—> 

Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 




A Complex War In America Is Going To Get Physical Soon! (11-7-2013)



All of my Fellow Americans should become Aware of the Truths contained in this WordPress Blog.

A Complex War in America is close reaching the Boiling Point.

Action is About To Replace Words!

This Complex War is about to get physical (probably in 2014), make no mistake about this!

You had better>>> Become Prepared and Ready For This!

It might be best for you to familiarize yourself with this complex war before it is too late!  (Educate Yourself! Knowledge is Power After All!)

The More People that know “what this blog says”, the “Better Chance that We have of Succeeding at a Necessary and Justifiable Non-Violent Revolution“, or “Succeeding at a Necessary and Justifiable Revolution with a Minimum of Violence“, if violence need be.

What is a “Complex War”?

Admittedly, “a Complex War” is a phrase that has not been used much before.

A complex war is a war in which there are more than two sides that are fighting each other.

In this complex war, many different players are involved.

In actuality, in the complex war going on in America today, over two dozen “sides” are involved.  (I refer to these “sides” as “power structures” in the material below.)

It would be wise to familiarize yourself with these power structures because—>  No matter where you live in America—>

Or No Matter Where You Live in the World, for what happens in America is going to have a huge impact on the rest of the World too!

Your Own Personal Future, Your Personal Health, And Your Personal Wealth are dependent on the Outcome of this Complex War.—>

It is Up to You! and the People that You Know, to ensure that “We Win!”.

So are the futures, the health and the wealth of your children and grandchildren dependent on the Outcome of this Complex War.

For their Sake, We Had Better Win!

In this war—> The Future of America Is At Stake!

The Future of Everyone in America, not just a few!

So is the Future of the World as we know it at stake too.

Every Single Person on the Planet Earth will be heavily effected by the Outcome of this Complex War that we are in!

This “Complex War Blog” CONTAINS FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE THAT Virtually EVERYONE that can read—–>


You won’t hear what is in this Complex War Blog from the U.S. Government, but that does not mean that it is not true.

“Don’t Trust the Feds! They Lie All the Time! They Should Not Be Trusted at all!”

A Short Introduction to Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Hi! How Are You Today?

Please Allow Me 2 Introduce Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

My name is Allen Darman.
I am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69 And—>
I am a Truth Soldier for God.
If you want to know “where my heart Truly lies” read the blog titled—>
Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me.

I am the Author for a heroic WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team that is currently based in Florida, San Francisco and Albany NY (the latter may change soon).

Mark Jaquith of CoveredWebServices.com is in Florida, I, Allen D, am currently in Albany, New York. And we have a number of heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area that are Collaboratively Helping Us over the Internet.

We are Patriot Movement Internet Revolutionaries.  We are currently developing 21 Educational Websites for the Patriot Movement at this time.

Thankfully, we are being backed up and supported by many Silicon Valley Powers that Be, to include the companies of Google and Facebook it seems!

Our Patriot Movement WordPress Website Development Team is Collectively and Collaboratively Standing Up to Many Powers that Be, to include the extremely corrupt United States Federal Governmentother corrupt Federal Governments worldwideBig PharmaBig Oil, Big Nuclear Energy, Big Coalthe Illuminati, and the American Mafia (unless this latter organization “Switches Sides” as explained in the material below).  All of us have put our lives at risk out of a heartfelt sense of moral obligation to do so.

We are Standing Up for Ourselves, for Our Loved Ones, for Our Fellow Americans, for Humanity and for YOU! (the reader of this blog).

Allen D and Mark J—>

With Deeply Appreciated Help from the Management of Companies such as GoogleFacebook, and probably Twitter, deeply appreciated help from the People Underlying WordPress, and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth! (These latter two may be one and the same. I have only a few clues.) 


One of the Best Solutions For America To Change For the Better involves a Mutually Respectful Collaboration between Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, the American Public, and the American Mafia.

In essence, this blog defines America’s Big Problems in a nutshell, and Offers the Best Solutions without a lot of detail.


This Complex War WordPress Blog is THE MOST IMPORTANT WordPress Blog that I have written in my life.

It is the Most Important Blog that I have ever written because it contains an ***ACCURATE*** Big Picture Scenario of all of the Combatants that are Involved in a Complex War that is going on at this time, not only in America, but in much of the rest of the world too.  Allen D 


The Power Structures in a Complex Battle Currently Being Fought “Behind Closed Doors for the most part” Are As Follows—>

Power Structure Number One is “the Immoral Corporations”.

The Immoral Corporations ARE THE BIG EVIL HERE. They have Control of Governments Worldwide via the Methodologies of Bribing Politicians, Bribing Main Stream Media, and By Employing the Mafia to Use Force (and to Kill When They Feel It Is Necessary).

Power Structure Number Two >>>Federal Governments Worldwide<>to Include our own United States Federal Government Of Course.<<<

Our Own U.S. Federal Government and Other Federal Governments Worldwide ARE THE NEXT BIGGEST EVIL after the Immoral Corporations.

Almost All, If Not Virtually All, Federal Governments Worldwide ***DO NOT*** “Put the Welfare Of Their People First”.


Power Structure Number Three is the American Mafia.

Few persons realize the Depth and Strength of the Mafia’s Power, both in America and Worldwide.

Even Fewer Persons realize that it can be Justifiably Stated that “the American Mafia has gained control of all three branches of the Federal Government in the United States of America”.

The Thrust in much of my blogging for the past six months or more is that the Key To Regaining American Freedom and Fixing America’s Many Serious Problems is to convince the American Mafia to “Switch Sides” and Work With Silicon Valley to Replace Our Current Federal Government, and To Pay The American Mafia Well on an Annual Basis out of the U.S. Federal Treasury for doing so.

Since October 3, 2013 I have gotten the sense and some significant hints via the Internet that the American Mafia headquartered in NYC has (1) Finally Made the Wise decision to at least seriously consider “Switching Sides”! and Assist Google, Facebook, Other Silicon Valley Players and my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team in regard to Starting and Winning a Justifiable Revolution in America,
And that (2) The American Mafia Is Willing to meet with me and talk.  

It is also my sincere belief that the American Mafia will also want to meet with Google, Facebook, WordPress Corporate and my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team after the Mafia and I talk things out first.

This Attitude of the American Mafia at present (assuming my assumptions are correct) represents a huge change from not long ago when the American Mafia was attempting to repeatedly murder both myself and my San Francisco WordPress Team members.

I firmly believe that the American Mafia, Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, and the American Public can and should “cut a mutually beneficial deal with each other”.




I admit to all that I may be wrong in my assumptions in regard to the above. However, I have received some Hints Via the Internet that would lead anyone with a logical and deductive mind to the Conclusion that the Above Assumptions Are Correct.

I DO NOT SEE THE MAFIA AS EVIL unless They Go Against God’s Will and the Will of The People by Killing Me or any other Member of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Website Development Team.

I SEE THE MAFIA AS AN ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL ALLY TO HAVE ON ONE’S SIDE ON AN ONGOING BASIS To Straighten Out What Is Wrong with America, and To Make Sure that Things Do Not Ever Get This Screwed Up Again.

The Mafia is “like a gun”. It represents FORCE. This Gun, or this Force, can be Pointed In Either the Right Or The Wrong Direction. If the Mafia Did “Switch Sides”, they went from “Being Pointed In The Wrong Direction” to “Being Pointed In The Right Direction”.

Power Structure Number Four Thinks They Are Good—>But They Are Really Evil!

Who is Power Structure Number Four?

Power Structure Number Four Is the Illuminati, the New World Order Folks, the Agenda 21 folks, the Bilderberg Group, the Club Of Rome, the Wealthy Elite, or whatever these people want to call themselves.

This is a very small, but immensely wealthy and powerful group of folks that want to sneakily kill off well over 90 percent of us, and enslave the rest.

Admittedly, the earth we live on does have a serious Overpopulation Problem. This problem sure could use the best and the brightest in America to work on it, and it is going to require the Collaboration of All Nations.

The World’s Overpopulation Problem does not need a sneaky answer foist upon on all of us, especially our innocent children, by Power Structure Number Four.

Power Structure Number Four Has No Right to Attempt To Heavily Depopulate This Planet using (1) a Wide Range of Pharmaceutical Medicines and Vaccines based on Intentionally Fraudulent Science, (2) Poisons in our drinking water such as fluoride and others, (3) Airborne Poisons dumped on us from above, (4) Soil borne Poisons, (5) Poisonous food additives, (6) Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Foods, (7) Forced Climate Change (Climate Change that would not need to happen if numerous Energy Inventions of all sorts were not Intentionally Federal Government Suppressed), (8) the Use of Mafia Force to intimidate and/or kill anyone that is a real threat to Power Structure Number Four, (9) Mainstream Media Brainwashing, and (10) a plethora of lies.

What right do these wealthy and powerful people have in regard to choosing who lives and who dies?

Neither Money Nor Might Makes Right.

Nor Do Either Money Nor Might Give One THE RIGHT to PLAY GOD.

“If God is to be played at all, it should be played by the Collective God in All Humanity, and not just the will of a few.”

Power Structure Number Five is The Will Of the People in America.

We Are the Only Nation With Enough Guns in the Hands of the People. Without Millions of Guns in the Hands of the Public we would not stand a chance. (Yes, life is that brutal.)

Power Structure Number Six is the exploding Patriot Movement in America.

The Patriot Movement is at the Forefront of Revolution in America.  It is made up of Awake and Aware People that realize that an entire system change is necessary, and that a Revolution Involving Massive Civil Disobedience and/or Massive Force is needed to get there.

Power Structure Number Seven is Women!

Thank God For Heroic, Awake and Aware Women!  I know for a fact that there are a lot of heroic women out there in San Francisco and elsewhere supporting my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team! 

Logo Title: Womens Day 2013 *Just Think of What Is Going To Happen* in the future When All the Women of the World Become Connected Over the Internet!

What’s nice about this is “the Mafia frowns on killing women!”, and “the Feds do too!” “Everybody frowns on such!”  It’s About Time You Women Said “Enough Is Enough!”—> Let’s straighten out this mess you men have made of Everything! If you men don’t behave and do what we say, we’ll sick the Mafia on you! until you do.

Power Structure Number Eight Is The Hacker Group known as Anonymous.

The Hacker Group Anonymous stands by Ready to Give the United States Government fits if it unjustly censors the Internet.  Can you imagine if this blog, or if other effective Revolutionary material, was “what came up on your screen” when you went to the Obamacare website to buy health insurance?  Anonymous can make this happen, and will do things very similar to this on a repetitive basis from computers all over the world if the U.S. Federal Government gets stupid and “tries to shut down Freedom of Speech in America”.

Power Structure Number Nine is The Truth.


The Internet, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Smart Phones and Time Assure This (the Above).

Power Structure Number Ten is God.

God is in Every Human Being… and More So in Those Persons that Are Obedient to Him Or Her Or Whatever God May Be.

To go against Nature and the Universal Order of Things is to go against God.

I like my father Arthur Darman’s phrase God Nature. Art equated the Natural World and the Universal Order of Things with God. So do I.

And believe me, in going against God… or against Nature… a penalty will be paid for such.

Climate change is one example of this.

Lack of health from eating GMO foods is another.

Using toxic medications to attempt to cure human health conditions while suppressing the healing power of nutritional supplements to do the same is another example as well.

Ignoring the God Given Design And The Digestive Efficiency of the Human Digestive System when treating virtually ANY Human Health Condition is another. Overpopulation of the Planet Earth is the last example of Going Against God Nature that I will mention today in this regard—>

But there are others as well.

God Is In This Picture.
Power Structure #10 is the MOST Powerful OF ALL!

Make No Mistake About This!

God Is “On the Side of the People”.

God wants us to justly, humanely and smartly figure out a way to get out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into.

Power Structure Number Eleven Is My Revolutionary WordPress Patriot Movement Website Development TEAM, As Well As—>

ALL Of The SMART Silicon Valley And “INTERNET CONNECTED PEOPLE” that have become Aware of us, and—>


On our Twenty WordPress Websites and 1 dot or 2 Com Websites.

The Gateway Website to All of these Websites is below—>

Our Patriot Movement Team’s >>>Primary PATRIOT MOVEMENT WordPress Website!<<

  • Screenshot

The Above Website has 20 or 21 Websites that are Feeding It and Supporting It.  SweetSixteenWebsites.WordPress.com (To Bring the Feds Down we found that we could use four or five more.)


Power Structure Number Twelve Is The Internet Powerhouse called Google.


Thank God For Google! The United States Of America and the World both Owe a Great Deal! to this Morally Driven Corporate Entity that Is A Champion For Internet Freedom And The Truth!

I love Google’s Mission Statement on their “About” Page—>

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google’s “About Mission Statement” has “not one word out of order or out of place”, as far as I’m concerned.  Perfectly Stated! And I could not agree more!

Incidentally, the Google Corporation plays a rather unique role in All Corporate History!

Google is essentially—>

“The Gateway to All Human Knowledge” in this modern day and age!!!

Wow! What could be More Special and More Powerful than being “The Gateway to All Human Knowledge”!

What a Special Destiny that Google has! (just as my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has as well!)

Even if the Feds Shut Down the Internet, and thus temporarily strip Google from being able to—>

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


The exploding Patriot Movement will undoubtedly be able to “fix this Internet Censorship soon” (by one way or another).

Power Number Thirteen is the Internet Powerhouse called Facebook.

I firmly believe that Facebook has also Become Aware Of and Is Being Supportive Of My WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team.

My WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT Website Development Team And I Wish to DEEPLY THANK Facebook, not only for Supporting Us, but for Supporting the Rapid Rise of the Patriot Movement on the Internet!!!

Like Google (and Google+), Facebook has the inherent power to Wake Up a Billion People practically overnight.

Power such as this—> the Ability to rather quickly Make a Billion People Aware of the Truth, Whatever that Truth may be—> is World Changing Power, to say the very least.

Power Structure Numbers Fourteen Through Twenty Four are All Internet Related, or somewhat related to the Internet.

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress or any other Blogging Platform, Video Conferencing, Email, Every Other Method Not Yet Named Of Sharing Information Over The Internet With Others, Apple, Samsung, and—>

ALL Alternative News Sources of Truthful Information (many of them with millions of Twitter subscribers or more).

Powers NumberTwenty Five On Up, are all those Respected News and Knowledge Sources with over a Million Followers on the Internet.  (Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, David Icke, Mike Adams, George Noory, Dr. Mercola, the Drudge Report, etc.  I wonder how long it is going to be before “They All Justifiably Carry Our Team’s Websites as a Link on Page One”.)


We are living at the Most Exciting Time in Human History due to the Expansion of the Use of Computers, Smart Phones, and the Internet in America and Worldwide! and the Growth of The Power of the Internet!

The Power of the Internet Can And Should Be Applied To Helping America Stop From Going Down The Course of Self Destruction It Is On. (The same goes for many other countries in the world too.)

Due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet, the Collective Human Brains of the Best and Brightest People in America and the World Have the Ability to Connect With and Work With Each Other No Matter WHERE THEY MAY BE!

Due to the Power of the Internet, the Collective Human Brains of the Best and the Brightest People in America (and Worldwide in those countries that are uncensored) NOW HAVE THE ABILITY TO Collaboratively Tackle America’s and Humanity’s Problems<<>>and FIND THEIR SOLUTIONS!!!<<<

Buried Secrets and Suppressed Truths of All Sorts, Especially In The Realms of (1) the Suppression of Alternative Medicine, (2) Energy Invention Suppression and (3) 9/11 Truth are Finally Coming to the Light of Day due to >the Power of a Free and Open Internet!<

Even if the U.S. Federal Government (1) Shuts the Internet Down or (2) Censors the Internet Unjustifiably In Order To Save Its Corrupt Self<<>>the U.S. Government WILL NOT BE ABLE To Enforce This Lack of Freedom of Speech for Long< > for U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Internet Censorship Actions WILL DEFINITELY SPARK a Winnable JUSTIFIABLE REVOLUTION in America!!!

The Truth On Many Critical Topics being realized by the masses can only be slowed down by our corrupt U.S. Federal Government and other corrupt governments worldwide.

The Truth Cannot Be Stopped.

The Complex War is one in which the People and the Truth Will Inevitably Win!

Thank God For Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, the Patriot Movement, the hacker group Anonymous, a Lot of Good People Everywhere, and the Power of a Free And Open Internet.

Most Importantly, I Would Like to Deeply Thank a true American Hero named Mark Jaquith of
And All Of Those Smart WordPress Website Development Folks in San Francisco that Heroically Stood Up For Me in April 2012.

In the foreseeable future, I also hope to thank the American Mafia In Person for “Wisely Switching Sides” and coming onboard with Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, the American People and My Heroic WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT Website Development Team in order to Save American Health, American Freedom and the American Economy, and Perhaps Save the World too.

I refuse to believe that God Nature designed humanity to destroy itself and the planet it inhabits.

It sure appears to me that Due to the Power of the Internet (a Power that is growing), Humanity has finally gained the Wisdom, the Knowledge, and the Ability To Save Both Itself and the Fragile Planet It Inhabits.

It also appears that in the end, things are all going to work out, regardless of what may or may not happen to me.

Allen D (with help from his deeply appreciated heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Website Development Team)


Some Personal Notes By Allen D

I refuse to Live In Fear of Being Murdered Any More. If there is a trap set for me, I choose to not avoid it.

I am currently residing at my sister Laurie’s rented house in Albany NY as I write this.

If either the U.S. Government (Suspect #1 and the Most Likely Party To Do So), the Illuminati (Suspect #2), the American Mafia (Suspect #3, or perhaps “my best friend” IF THEY “Wisely SWITCH SIDES”), Big Pharma (Suspect #4) or Big Oil (Suspect #5) acts against me while residing at my sister’s Laurie’s house in Albany NY in the Fall or the Winter of 2013, they will suffer the consequences of this.

If Internet Martyrdom is going to be my fate, so be it.

My Destiny is in God’s Hands, not mine. Who am I to “second guess God?”. I gracefully Accept the Destiny that God may have in store for me for the rest of my life, however long or short it may be.

If Surviving the Storm such that My WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT MOVEMENT Website Development Team and I REMAIN ALIVE TO BE *the Key Catalyst* in Leading America (and Eventually the World) Out Of The Fate Of The Dire Course It Is On, so be it as well.

In getting this Complex War WordPress Blog to the state it is now in, I HAVE completed a Major Step in Helping America and the World To Accurately and Truthfully Understand Where It Is At and What It Needs To Do To Fix Things<<

>>>I Have No Fear Whatsoever Left In Me Any More!<<<


I Owe So Many So Much for Living Long Enough to Complete this WordPress Blog to the point where it is today.

First and Foremost, I Owe My Mother And Father Arthur and Marion Darman.

My mother and father Groomed Me, and Prepared Me Well, for the Epic Battle that I have been in against Big Pharma, the Mafia, Big Oil and the U.S. Government beginning in the Summer of the Year 2000.  (This Epic Battle Began as a Result of My Gaining a World Leading Degree of Knowledge (#1) in Regard to How to Properly Treat a State of Biochemical Depression via Natural Means as a result of a Series of Personal Discoveries that I made between July 1997 and April 2000.)

Many of the Persons that I Owe a Great Debt of Gratitude To Are Extremely Likely To Be In The Upper Management of the Google Corporationthe Facebook Corporationthe Twitter Corporation, Other Software, Hardware and/or Silicon Valley Entities, and the people underlying the WordPress Corporation named Automattic.

I wish to Deeply Thank You All! for what you have done—>

And have done for so long and in so many ways—>

(1) To Help me personally (you quite literally may have saved my life—> assuming that “the Power of the Internet is strong enough”),

(2) To Help my heroic WordPress PATRIOT MOVEMENT Website Development Team (you may be saving their lives as well),

(3) To Help my Alternative Medical Discoveries and a Key Co-Discovery (Willy’s Baggie) In Regard to Many, If Not Virtually All Mental And Degenerative Illnesses; Cures that Did Not Exist Before,

(4) To Help my Alternative Medical Discoveries and a Key Co-Discovery (Willy’s Baggie) In Regard to Many, If Not Virtually All Cases Involving Bone, Joint, Muscular, and Wound Healing.

(5) To Help my Alternative Medical Discoveries and a Key Co-Discovery (Willy’s Baggie) In Regard to Many, If Not Virtually All Cases Involving Addiction of any sort (only tobacco still has me puzzled).

(6) To Help my Alternative Medical Suppression By the Federal Government a) Knowledge and b) Discovery,

7) To Help my Energy Invention Suppression Knowledge (things I learned from Gary Vesperman and other persons as well),

8) To Help my Patriot Movement Educational Efforts to foster a Justifiable Revolution in America (and Foster Justifiable Revolution Worldwide as well) via the Internet.

9) To Help My Efforts to Spark Some Silicon Valley Corporation to Bravely Step Up to the Plate, and either Sponsor or Co-sponsor (with many co-sponsors perhaps) a Worldwide Internet Woodstock Event called either iWOODSTOCK—>



10) To Help by Providing Enough Internet Witnesses such that I can sit down with the American Mafia in NYC and bargain soon from the Standpoint of “Equal Strength”, and not Weakness.  

Without Your Help, my Many Alternative Medical Discoveries, my MAJOR Alternative Medicine CO-DISCOVERY (along with my son Willy), my Revolutionary WordPress Work and—>

My life—>

Would likely have been in vain. 

Mark Jaquith of Covered Web Services is one of the persons that I Owe So Much To.

Thank You Mark!

I love you and will stand by you for what you have done to help me for the rest of my life.

The Anonymous Heroic San Francisco WordPress Website Developers who first stood up for me despite the great Personal Risks involved know who you are. (I love you and will stand by you for what you have done to help me for the rest of my life as well.)

I wish to Thank YOU ALL Deeply and in a very heartfelt way!

Thank You So Much!!!

Thank You So VERY MUCH!!!

For Heroically Joining and Supporting from afar my WordPress Website Development efforts on April 9, 2012!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting MY efforts over the Internet ever since!!!!!

(((I Love You All!)))

Allen D


Mark J 

With Our Deeply Appreciated Help From GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress 

And Our Deeply Appreciated and Quite Heroic Help from—>

Our San Francisco Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth!


Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries!


Internet Educational Course Development
WordPress Website Revolutionaries!
 as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and the Rest Of Humanity Free!


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I survived a four day long murder attempt by the Mafia in Phoenix AZ soon after this blog was written.

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I survived a four day long murder attempt by the Mafia in Phoenix AZ soon after this blog was written.

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20) 21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America


21) Allen D Is Looking Forward To November 7th; He Hopes The Mafia Shows Up


>Perhaps More Links Coming from NYC in November if “the Mafia wishes to to Finally Ally With and Support “My Save America and the World Efforts”.

>Or perhaps sometime in November some heroic people in Silicon Valley will provide me with “A Roof Over My Head” in the San Francisco Bay Area in Order to “WordPress Collaborate” and—>

“Think Collaborate” in regard to “How can we best save America?” from the dire course that it is on—>

A course “that Dooms American Health, Wealth and Freedom”.

>Or Perhaps Neither the American Mafia or Silicon Valley will extend a hand to me to November.  If this is the case, I will simply Continue to Develop on a Daily Basis 19 WordPress Websites and 2 dot com Websites (whose goal is to Foster a Justifiable Patriot Movement Revolution in the United States) from “right where I am”, which is 201 Hollywood Ave. in Albany NY 12209


Notable Quotes by Allen D

2012 was not the End of the World! It was the Turning Point Worldwide in regard to the End of Lies!

Many Patriot Movement And Silicon Valley Heroes Are Rising To The Cause In America!!! The Bad Guys Don’t Stand A Chance! 

The American Mafia Is Even Rising To The Cause In America! Or so it sure seems! (I hope to find out one way or another where the Mafia stands in early November 2013.) This Respected Organization Represents >>>The Key That Is Needed To Save America<<< From The Disastrous Fiscal Course It Is On Now.

Before We Fix Things in America, Hard Times are inevitably going to come upon us. We need to anticipate the some of the specifics of these hard times, and come up with a plan to defuse or mitigate them. Some Examples are>>> What if they shut down the Internet???, or if they shut down Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, etc. All At The Same Time??? Or what if the Grocery Stores ran out of food??? Or if the Banks ran out of money??? What if the Electrical Grid Shut Down In Much Or Most Of The U.S., to include “where you live”. What if the water supply of the plumbing in your house and your city ran dry, and nothing came out of your faucets? What if the United States Government Declared Martial Law Nationwide? Think things out, and then Prepare for the Very Worst Case Scenario as quickly and WISELY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, STARTING WITH STORING A MONTH’S WORTH OF WATER FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

A New Day Is Coming To America—> Click on the Picture to find out—>

The U.S. Government

Has Monitored and <—Censored This “Concepts and Ideas For Internet Based Government” Revolutionary WordPress Website

Since December 17th 2012 It seems!


Some Final Notes:

Any portion of this landmark WordPress blog, or this blog in its entirety, can be used, copied, reprinted, reposted, put on Websites of any sort, or put anywhere on the Internet by any person or party that desires. This material may be used in any manner that the reader wishes. It is not copyrighted by me in any way. Allen Darman


Allen D Will Be Ready At Noon On The 7th In Case The Mafia Shows Up (11-6-2013)


Important Note written at 3:38 PM on 11/7/2013—> The Mafia Did Not Show Up as discussed in the below.

According to Allen D

“I’ll blog until 11:30 or so, and then put my iMac in a suitcase, just in case the Mafia shows up to bring me to NYC.”
I hope they show up, but if not, it’s back to blogging until “a better opportunity” comes along.
No more Amtrak without having a sold connection on the other end.
The World is going to “have to come to my door this time”, it seems.

I am sure that all of my WordPress Team Members know that this blog means “Back Everything Up!”.

Allen D



We Must All Stay 420Humble And Just Keep Working Like We’ve Been Doing

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I have to confess—>

I lost my humility for a little while—>

Ever since I got to my sister Laurie’s house in Albany NY on Oct. 6th, and I had my iMac with me and a safe place in which to WordPress blog from—>

I knew “I had ‘em beat!”, all of them!!!

And I knew I had them beat whether I survived this or not!!!

I must have played the Song “On Broadway” by the Drifters in 1963 at least two dozen times in the past four weeks!

I also played the same song by George Benson a half a dozen times too!

Playing “On Broadway” so much most certainly means that “I lost my humility for a little while!”—> “I am only human, after all!”

One cannot help being a bit overwhelmed by the unique position that I find myself in! (and “WE” find ourselves in as well!)

Mark, both you and those anonymous San Francisco WordPress heroes (whomever they are) that helped us from afar “Are ALL On The Verge Of Becoming World Famous”.

Think it stuff out team, and deal with it! for it is Unavoidably Going To Happen Fairly Soon—> and perhaps as soon as the 1st Internet Woodstock Opens (Called iWOODSTOCK or iROCK4FREEDOM) Opens and We are Front in Center on the Main Stage Opening It!!!

Yes Team—> We have SUCCEEDED!—> We WordPressWarriors Are About To Rock the World! that’s no shit!

There is NO DOUBT About This, not with Google AND Facebook AND WordPress AND probably Twitter and many others On Our Side!

We Are Going To Instrumental In Toppling the U.S. Government, hopefully with the American Mafia’s help, but either way “the Feds are Done!!!”

“We Are Most Certainly Going To Become Famous from Doing This, just as some people associated with Google, Facebook, WordPress AND perhaps Twitter are! (We are Collectively Making History Via “the Power of a Free and Open Internet“, after all!)

It is Only A Matter of a Few Months Time-wise I think! (by Christmas perhaps! especially if the American Mafia Plays Ball With Us!)

Yes, we are all about to become Quite Famous! and I the Most Famous of All!

Even though “Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me”, I have to confess—>

“I lost a little of my humility for a little while.” (I got it back later though… lol.)

“I am gonna like the feeling of Being On Broadway”, and the Feeling that Everybody Knows My Name!”

Nonetheless, I know that “It is wise for me to remain humble at all times” and that—>

I must Always Remember that “I am no different than Anybody Else”, only perhaps “a little more stupid and stubborn and smart and lucky than most”. (What else can I say?)

Despite Fame, I know that My Job Does Not Change, Nor Do the LONG Hours!

The Only Thing that IS GOING TO CHANGE for me from fame that really matters is—>

Fame is going to provide all of us “With Far Greater Safety And a San Francisco WordPress Activist House!”

Oops, I forgot a few things ’cause I’m stoned! Fame might “get me a 420girlfriend or two!” That matters to me too! and perhaps a set of teeth and some of Willy’s Miraculous Baggies! Those matter to me too!

The above was prepared by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth


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2) A Complex Battle IS NOW UNDERWAY!; The Future Of The World Is At Stake!



3) Allen D Is Looking Forward To November 7th; He Hopes The Mafia Shows Up



Two Closely Related WordPress Blogs—>

1) A Complex Battle IS NOW UNDERWAY!; The Future Of The World Is At Stake!



2) Allen D Is Looking Forward To November 7th; He Hopes The Mafia Shows Up




Allen D Is Looking Forward To November 7th; He Hopes The Mafia Shows Up


Leave a reply

According to Allen D—>

“There is no way that I am going to have time to straighten out all of the WordPress Websites that my WordPress Collaborative Internet Teamand I are simultaneously working on by this coming Thursday, November 7, 2013.”

“However, what I have put up on the Internet is enough. Despite its not being neat and organized, what I have to say to the American Mafia, Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement and the World in general is on the Internet in an adequate fashion. This is especially true due to the fact that>>> my heroic WordPress Team and Google are backing me up.

I hope to first talk to the American Mafiaand then have both of us talk to some Silicon Valley people out in California that have the power to effect real change.”

“I have no fear at all in me, despite my past history with the Mafia, and all of the times that they tried to kill me since January 6, 2010. I am most certainly willing to get in a car this Thursday at noon, if the Mafia shows up to pick me up.”

“In honesty, I sincerely hope that they show up.”

“If they don’t show up, I will just keep going on the Patriot Movement WordPress Website Development that my heroic WordPress Website Development Team and I are working on. The Patriot Movement in America needs all of the accurate educational revolutionary material that it can get.”

The above was prepared by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth


A Closely Related WordPress Blog—>

A Complex Battle IS NOW UNDERWAY!; The Future Of The World Is At Stake!