On Dec 31st Allen D Is Going On A Search 4 Suitable Housing In The San Francisco Bay Area

According to Allen D—>

Assuming my SSD check has arrived when I check at an ATM in the morning, my first stop is a luggage store to buy a luggage carrier.

After this, I will probably go to Nob Hill and see if I can find suitable SRO housing there.

If I strike out in Nob Hill, I may take the BART to Oakland.

It’s not easy dragging my iMac around, but with better wheels and the ability to pay for public transportation things will not be too bad.

I am committed to dragging my iMac all over until I find housing with an Internet Connection.

I looked at Craigslist a little today and saw some possibilities.

If I do not find suitable housing tomorrow, my search will continue day by day until I do.

I should report that I am having difficulty writing this blog. There is an unusually long delay before many of the characters that I type show up.

I am quite sure “I am being monitored by everybody”—> to include the Mafia, the Feds, the Illuminati and God knows who else.

I have No Fear Any More.

If the Bad Guys want to kill me, my message to them is “Go Right Ahead—> Because Google and Facebook and WordPress are Watching”.

My many enemies can choke on the fact I have decided to make my Last Stand in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley area.

I do wish one of my anonymous friends here would extend open arms to me and help me.

I am realistic though, and fully aware that the above may never happen.

My Primary Goal here is to make an Internet Woodstock that exposes many Alternative Medical and Energy Invention Instances of Suppression happen (as well as exposes 9/11 Suppressed Truths and Other Suppressed Truths to the masses).

I am willing to be murdered in January (or the first quarter of 2014) in front of all of my Silicon Valley and WordPress friends here in order to Wake You All Up To Multiple Important Truths, if need be.

Whatever happens, happens.

Despite my many human flaws, in a very real sense Jesus Christ was “my Spiritual Brother”.

Make No Mistake About This.

Regardless of what the near future may bring—>

I am at peace with “the little piece of God inside me”.

Allen D with critical and heroic help from Mark J. and the same from my WordPress Friends in San Francisco

Our Primary Website is SweetSixteenWebsites.com.

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A Final Note: It is a Miracle that I have survived this long. At this point I am curious as to whether (a) the Power of a Free and Open Internet and (b) Actions By My Fellow Human Beings Will Save Me. If Not, at least I know “I did my part to save America and the World”. I have No Regrets. Hallelujah! Allen D

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WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-28> Allen D aka ADOGG Had Another Eventful Day


According to Allen D—>

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.59 PM #2

The Big News this morning is I had a falling out with Mel. He asked me to leave this morning right after I got up, and I promptly did. I will be back at the MSC South homeless shelter on 5th and Bryant in San Francisco CA tonight.

I feel completely innocent of what happened this morning.

All I essentially did was very mildly but firmly defend myself, when Mel tried to tell me how to run my Mission from God and how to run my life.

Mel thinks “I should do a non-profit”. I told him repeatedly that a non-profit is an interesting idea (and I will look into it). Setting up a non-profit organization to fund an Internet Woodstock may have some merit, but it may not be needed or necessary as well.

There is no point into going into any more of the details of my falling out with Mel (other than the iSlice below).

I hate to knock Mel, for he really helped me out these past five days or so in many ways.

It was simply time for us to part ways, I guess.

I only had two nights left on “his allowable time per month” for Mel to have a guest in his room anyway.


All of my best friends in life have been women, with my deceased friend Jimmy being the single exception.  There is a reason for this.  As soon as I get any alpha male bullshit pulled on me, I’m gone—> and far too many men do this.  In a very real way “I don’t like my own sex”.  And as a heterosexual male, Women are far more interesting to me anyway.

Here is one example—> this 11 year old girl will knock your socks off!!!

She can SING!


Last night Mel took me to the Mechanic’s Institute Library on 47 Post Street. This library has a historic chess club attached to it. It costs $95. a year to be a Member there.

The chess club was dead. There were only three people there. It is a pretty quiet and underutilized club. However, the pictures of it’s chess history were fascinating.

This chess club may be of use to me in the future in some way.

I am deeply grateful to Mel for taking me there.


I got lucky on the way back to Mel’s from the chess club when we were walking back together. We passed a luggage store, which carried a decent looking luggage carrier for $40—> this will solve my bad suitcase wheels problem I think. Two straps at this luggage store cost about $7 ea. If I strap my large black suitcase to this luggage carrier, I should be OK. I just hope the wheels on my suitcase hold up for another 3 days or so.


On another front, my Smart Phone was hacker deadened all last night, and was still hacker deadened this morning. No buttons worked, and I had to remove the battery to shut it down, the same as before.

Oddly, now that I am at the library, my smart phone finally works again.

On off on off on off. This has been my experience with this current smart phone that I have.

I have had chronic and/or recurrent hacker induced problems with Android Smart Phones going back to May of 2010, when my brother Stephen gave me my first one. In total, I have had perhaps ten different Android Phones since then. There was not a single one that I did not have hacker induced problems with.

Sometimes I wonder “What if I went Apple in regard to Smart Phones?”—> would this help or not? Unfortunately, I won’t have adequate funds to try this. I am essentially stuck, although as cheap as Android smart phones are here, I might be able to “switch phones” soon. I can get a low end smart phone and time on it for about the same as it would cost me to renew my current smart phone plan in January.


I had a very nice morning at the Curry Senior Center at 333 Turk as always.

Coffee and tea are free.

I met a man who told me when I get my SSD check on or about the 1st, I should forget the Tenderloin and go to Nob Hill to find a place to live.

I might do just this.

I am looking for a relatively SRO situation in which two people are allowed, and hopefully one in which I can smoke in my room.

E-cigarettes are a possibility that has been brought up to me. The nicotine lozenges are another “replacement possibility”.


I was happy with the progress that I made blogging yesterday.


I lead a simple life.

I am simply obedient to “the little piece of God in me” every single day.

I do my best according to what my conscience tells me to do every single day, and I don’t worry about the rest.

Whatever happens, happens after this.


I can’t wait to have a roof over my head with an Internet Connection in San Francisco somewhere, whether with company or alone (preferably the former).

I am extremely desirous of going back to work on a full time basis, instead of working in dribs and drabs as I have been.

Allen D—> With Critical and heroic Help from Mark J, and from our heroic San Francisco WordPress Website DEVELOPMENT Team!

21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America


When I posted this blog on Facebook I added the following note—>

I love using WordPress as a Management Platform. It (a) is free (however I recommend you pay to dot com things or to get more assistance from Automattic), (b) it is incredibly easy to use and (c) it is extremely versatile.

Incidentally, using WordPress as a Management Platform, you can readily and easily give your management team, collaborators and/or employees a Cool YouTube Song to listen to while they read your management update notes for the day. Allen Darman


Allen D Spent Christmas Day With Mel And Two Of His Chess Friends


According to Allen D—>

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.59 PM #2

The San Francisco Bay Area is going to be My Last Stand.

There is no more running from the American Mafia or the U.S. Government for me any more.  Either I Will Succeed in Being a Key Catalyst for the 1st Internet Woodstock Concert Happening while living in this area, or I will heroically accept Internet Martyrdom for Google, Facebook, WordPress, Silicon Valley in general, my Fellow American Citizens, and the World as well (in my efforts here in 2014 to make an INTERNET Woodstock CONCERT EVENT a Reality).

I love this Andy Cherry Song “Nothing to Fear”->

For I have Nothing to Fear Any More due to the Fact I am Obeying my Conscience-> “the little piece of God in me”-> and I have made it far enough to make a Big Difference whether the American Mafia or the U.S. Government kills me or not!

I had a wonderful Christmas Day hanging out with Mel and 2 of his chess playing friends.

We went up Mission Street to 24th Ave. via the BART system (my first ride on it), and then we went back down Mission to 3rd Ave to Yerba Buena Park. We played Round Robin 3 minute Blitz Chess, and I did not win a single game.

Blitz Chess is not my strong suit, and I do not have hardly any experience at it. I usually lost on time, even though they gave me an extra minute in the first round.

Mel knows “I can play chess fairly well”, and so do his chess playing friends.

Mel knows from a 15 minute (each) game we played the day we met.   I lost this game, but had a won game before I did.

Mel’s chess playing friends know from how well I played for hardly ever having played blitz chess, and hardly playing chess at all against human opponents for nearly two decades.

Regardless of losing every blitz game (to three pretty good chess players that play blitz chess regularly), I had a great time Christmas Day, and was very well treated by both Mel and his two friends (which I made friends with as well).

It was a beautiful and sunny day yesterday.

Mel put me up for the 2nd day in a row last night, and I deeply appreciate his helping me in this way.

When I got up at about 4:30 am this morning, as a result of Mel getting up first to take a shower, I realized that out of moral obligation I had to warn Mel that he might be approached and talked to by the Mafia today.

I had to tell Mel the above because at least four people I had connected with in one way or another since arriving in San Francisco suddenly and oddly seemed to become disconnected with me.

The above reminded me of the perhaps two dozen homeless friends that I had made in Iowa and Omaha that suddenly became disconnected from me due to the Mafia talking to them and scaring them off.

Mel had to go his own way today, and I am currently at the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library in the Cafe area downstairs.

I sure hope that I can stay with Mel tonight, and that everything is going to be OK.

By “OK” I mean that Mel suddenly does not have a change of heart in regard to helping me, and is “unable to express a valid reason” while looking me straight in the eye.

I am a pretty good judge of when someone has been pressured, as a result of my nine years of playing poker at the professional level between late 1987 to mid 1996.  I do not always read people correctly, but I often do.

If the above is the case (Mel dumps me), based on my past history with the Mafia pressuring friendly people around me since April 2011 or so—>

I would have to strongly suspect the American Mafia having “gotten to Mel”.

I ASSUME NOTHING as far as the American Mafia goes.

I do hope the American Mafia wisely “Switches Sides” in the future when the Time Is Right, but they may have no interest in this whatsoever.

The Mafia may think “Why should We Share Power with Silicon Valley or Anyone Else” when we already have effective control over the U.S. Federal Government?

I sincerely hope that whatever the Mafia thinks or does in the future—>

Things work out well for America such that my two sons, and all American Citizens live in a stable and free country a decade or two from now (or even much sooner-> as America may be on the verge of economic collapse, bank runs, grocery store runs and Martial Law sometime in 2014).

I also sincerely hope that I get enough Heroic Collaborative Help such that an Internet Woodstock Concert Event occurs this coming July and/or before a Free and Open Internet in the United States is either Heavily Censored or Shut Down.

I had to use the adjective “heavily” in the above sentence, as I know from experience that the U.S. Government is already selectively censoring my work, and has been doing so for quite some time. My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team witnessed apparent federal government Blog Corruption and Blog Erasure multiple times since December 17, 2012—> and I personally witnessed apparent federal government Blog Corruption beginning in early 2012.

On another front, I hope that my heroic WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Team realizes that due to my repeated and/or chronic Smart Phone and email communication problems, ones that may go away from time to time but “will apparently never end”, I cannot be the Primary Ball Carrier in regard to getting an iWOODSTOCK off the ground—> I can only be a contributor to this effort by “writing and blogging” as I have been doing.

Any and All Key Communication to me via any Smart Phone or other phone that I may possess *and* any email account that I may have is being hacker monitored, censored and blocked by either the Mafia or the Federal Government. I am 100% certain of this.

This Communication Censorship Problem makes My Ability to raise Venture Capital and/or Angelic Philanthropic Funding by my sole efforts nearly impossible, for any friendly Communication from Serious Potential Funders that is sent to me is—>

Communication that I WILL NEVER RECEIVE.

I see the Key to a “Truth Suppression Uncovering” Internet Woodstock Concert Event occurring this July (or any other time) being either (a) Google Company or (b) some WordPress folks in San Francisco taking some sort of concrete action in regard to supporting me and/or my Internet Woodstock idea. This Idea involves combining Freedom Musicians with Knowledgeable Speakers of (a) Suppressed Alternative Medical Truths, (b) Suppressed Energy Invention Truths, (c) Suppressed 9/11 Truths, and (d) Other Socially Significant Suppressed Truths.

I often pray that those anonymous San Francisco WordPress heroes that have been helping me from afar since April 9, 2012 will realize the Need to Step In and Do More For Me, Not Simply for My Sake (for “I do not put myself first”), but for (a) the Sake of an Internet Woodstock occurring, (b) for the Sake of America and the World in General,  (c) for the Sake of their own personal future(s), and (d) for the Sake of  the future of their families and loved ones as well.

This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from a WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Our Blogs Often Receive–—>

Appreciated Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebookTwitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well.


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Allen D Spent Christmas Day With Mel And Two Of His Chess Friends http://wp.me/p2oaJJ-wN

Puff Puff Pass! 2 All Of My 420 San Francisco! And Other Hippie Friends!


My heroic WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Website Development Team is going to Start the 1st Internet Woodstock hosted in San Francisco CA this July!—>

This is OUR PRIMARY GOAL—> See here or See here

And it appears to be an achievable one—>

With the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress corporate, Apple, Samsung and other Silicon Valley entities jointly supporting it. (It might not be all of those corporate parties listed, but then again, it might be Every Single One).

This blog is still under construction. Its Completion is not a high priority at this time.

The Main Branch Of The San Francisco Public Library Is Both My Office And My 2nd Soapbox Platform (12-20-2013)

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Allen D aka ADOGG 


The Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library soon will be all of the above listed in the Title, as soon as I get a printer, some paper and “an adequately secure place near the SF Public Library in which to live and print from”.

My current office hours at The Main Branch Of The San Francisco Public Library are from noon to 4 pm or later every single day (seven days a week).

I might miss one whole day soon due to the need to see a social worker, and some other small matters.

Ooh! I forgot!  I need to get a mic in which to address the trapped audience outside the library before it opens in the morning. (I will be able to do this on my coming SSD check, but I am hoping someone in Silicon Valley steps in a gives me a tiny bit of help before this. Palm me the cash in the library in some way… lol.)

Incidentally, I have had ten thousands hours of practice in front of a trapped audience—>

When I used to play poker at the professional level between Nov. ’87 and June 1996.

I am ready to witness to the world in public about all of the cures that I have found and their details ***to any audience whatsoever***, if—>

i can get enough food and enough rest—>

and perhaps a hit or two

(I present better “When I have a little”. Otherwise it’s free form amino acids and many other things, which is completely unaffordable by me. I can present straight and be credible, if my dietary intake and sleep are OK. Admittedly, with pot I can give a better presentation… and sometimes much better one.)

I slept over ten hours in total last night, eight of them in a bed.

It really helped.

I am still sick, and making a ton of mucous, much of it getting in my chest.

But I feel GREAT! otherwise!!!

for i know i’ve got ‘em beat!

It’s either my INTERNET MARTYRDOM in front of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress—> or me (what i can do here in San Francisco in a month)—>

either choice buries them…

Because all of Silicon Valley will chip in and fight back with an Internet Woodstock Event—>

If I die for any reason within the next month.




This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from a WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Our Blogs Often Receive–—>

Appreciated Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebookTwitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well.



Please Note—>

Google And Other Silicon Valley Companies Should Talk 2 Me Soon


Dear Friends:

I understand that the likelihood that anyone will meet me as proposed is very small. This is a quick “Wish Blog”, more than it is anything else.

I am still gathering some needed information. Some of this information is in regard to the below—>

In essence, it would be extremely helpful to have “a hang out spot” (and perhaps a 420 hang out spot if one has a Medical Marijuana card) a block or two from the mission that “was under my control”. Just some tables and chairs, some cards, a TV, some Internet Connected refurbished iMacs, a refrigerator and a coffee pot. And of course a bathroom or two. And a kitchen sink and counters as well, at least enough to make soup and sandwiches (this admittedly might make things complicated though, due to all the permits and regulations involved in serving food). Used furniture. Nothing Fancy. Simple. And quite helpful to multiple causes of mine, to include Ending Alternative Medical Suppression, Starting an Internet Woodstock and Starting a Justifiable Revolution in America.

Who would fund such, and how?

Incidentally, I wanted to do something like the above in Des Moines IA in the summer of 2012, and there was an ideal building in an ideal location there for such.

Unfortunately, in Omaha NB and Council Bluffs and Des Moines Iowa in the Summer of 2012 the Mafia kept trying to kill me. These circumstances ended any hopes I had of making a real difference at that time. Most of my energy in the Summer of 2012 was necessarily spent on my own survival.

Tuesday and Wednesday I’m booked, as far as my schedule goes.

How about Friday afternoon? Would anyone like to meet me then?


How about lunch… or a late lunch at 2 or 3 pm?

Let’s have a chat face to face.

Bring a dime bag of weed if you are so inclined.  (It would be nice to share a bowl  or a J on the street before lunch.)

Pick me up at the library anytime after noon at your convenience–> after Wednesday has passed by.  (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or any day next week are all fine by me—> u decide.)

Allen D with heroic help from Mark J and our San Francisco WordPress hippie gang of WordPress Warriors for the Truth

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ADOGG’S iMac Has Been Plugged In At A Desk In The Men’s Dorm 4 A Few Hours

All the wireless connections I see are “Secured”.

Somebody is now using his smart phone to run my iMac on the Internet.

I sure wish I had a wireless signal that “I could ride on” that was unsecured.

I could squeeze in some good blogging from St. Vincent De Pauls’s MSC South if the above was the case.

They would let me stay up as long as I wanted to I think.

Allen D with heroic WordPress help from Fl and CA