A True iSlices Blog; I Am Going To Cover Many Management Topics Quickly



“Imagine” – John Lennon



This blog is still under construction, and will remain so until so until December 7th, the day the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941.

My mother’s Brother Bobbie was in the Navy in 1941, and was actually there—>

Shooting Back

On that horrific day, one that will live in Infamy.

Incidentally, Bobbie committed suicide in his mid-thirties while serving as a Navy career man (as a Seaman of some sort I think).  My mother Marion was manic depressive, which was later named bipolar disorder.  And I was as Manic Depressive as my mother was.  

There is a little bit of Irony in the Above because–>

I am the Original Alternative Medical Discoverer of the Cure for Depression (which Can and Does Cause Suicide in Some Persons that suffer from Depression).  

I am also—> 

The Original Alternative Medical Discoverer of the Cure for Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder)—>

And I am—> 

The Original Alternative Medical Discoverer of the Cure for PTSD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, and almost every Addiction under the sun (Tobacco is the only addiction that Still Mystifies Me—> I know the Proper Way to Cure Practically Everything Else!

If you want to know me Better, here is one Good Way—>

Google Search for “Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me” (without the Quote marks), and then read this Landmark WordPress Blog that I wrote in its entirety.

The Conclusion of this

Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me 

blog is a quite heartfelt one.  It might be a bit of fun to read for you maybe, but I cannot read the Conclusion to Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me without still getting tears in my eyes.

Oh My God! What Wonderful AND Very Special Parents God Gave Me!

You Will Understand Why I Say This If You Read the Conclusion of Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me.

I still MISS Art and Marion a lot.  They were two of my Best Friends, and Always Will Be though my memories of them.


For those of you that do not know what an iSlice is—> An iSlice is a Management Point worthy of mention to the Management Team under you, in order to help these folks “get their brains in gear” in regard to (a) knowing what is going on, or in regard to (b) using the Collective Team Mind in order to find better answers, if not the best answer(s)  to various obstacles,  problems, and/or solutions.

All of my individual iSlices in this WordPress Blog are separated by 12 asterisks.

On another topic, I am a real dummy sometimes! as evidenced by the following—>

It took me an Overly Long Time—> Far too Long—> To come to this Very Important Realization—>

Today, December 1st, is the day that I finally realized it would be a >>Very Smart Choice<< to >>Open and Close<< >>>Every Patriot Movement Revolution WordPress Blog with a—>

>>>Patriot Movement helpful<< >>Revolutionary Freedom Song!<<< of One Sort or Amother.

I will SOON be going back over ALL of my WordPress Website DEVELOPMENT Team’s *Key* >>Patriot Movement Educational Blogs<<


>>Adding “These Two or Three Needed Revolutionary Freedom Songs”<<

I hope you like my Smart Choices! in this regard.

As Usual—> these Smart Choices of mine May Change Over Time!

Feel Free to use a WordPress Blog Comment to Suggest a Better Choice! if U do not agree with mine!

Unlike many Very Smart People—>

I close my mouth and Listen to Absolutely Everybody that I possibly can!—>

Even if I know that “they are not as Smart as I am”.

Admittedly, oftentimes my Time Is Overly Burdened, such that “I just Cannot Listen to You, or Anyone Else, at the Moment”—>



Please Forgive me when this happens.

I will “get back to you as soon as I possibly can”—>

Even it takes me weeks or months to do so sometimes.

I Love U All.

Allen D


As Far as My WordPress Blogging goesmy Main Focus for the next week or so Regards Three, and Only Three Major Blogs—>

One is—>

There Is A Temporary Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public

Another is—>

A Complex War In America Is Reaching The Boiling Point

And the Third is the imanagementslices4iwood2012.wordpress.com WordPress Blog that You are Reading Now!—>

A True iSlices Blog; I Am Going To Cover Many Management Topics Quickly

My personal goal is to FINISH THESE Three CRITICAL WordPress BLOGS

By December 7th 2014

Such that All Three Are In A Publishable State, in Memory of my mother’s brother Bobbie Keigh.

There is still much work that needs to be done on these Three Blogs, such that they are “all that they can be”, or at least are much closer to “all that they can be” than they currently are now.
I am not going to drag any of these Three WordPress Blogs out to the point of perfection. In blogging, I have found that perfection does not exist anyway. Later on down the road, I always eventually see both Major and Minor Ways to improve (Upgrade) what I have written. Such as taught me that perfection in Blogging does not exist, at least it does not for me. 

Despite my saying the above, in the next week I am going to write, rewrite, edit, polish, amend and change the Three WordPress Blogs mentioned above to the Point of Perfection—> Or As Close As I Can Get To It.

Admittedly, there will be times I will be working on WordPress Blogs in the next week, but these will be Underlying Links.  As Such, I am “Still Working on These Three Blogs” for Bobbie (and America and the World 2).

I am Going To Label this Three Blog Set as the—> Holy TRINITY Blog Set.

My dear mother Marion Keigh and Bobbie Keigh would both Approve of this Choice of A Name for this Blog Set, I think.

The Holy Trinity Blog Set is an Educational Blog Set for the exploding Patriot Movement in America.

I sincerely believe that You the Reader, and You the Watcher, will BOTH find this Holy Trinity Blog Set quite Useful and Insightful, especially when it is Completed on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, 2014.



Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s material is “”in the process of going justifiably Viral” on the Internet. Make no mistake about this! We are soon going to hit the big-time—> Internet Exposure-wise I think, partially as a result of the three key blogs mentioned above.

It is going to take a lot of grunt work and WordPress Work “to get ready for going Viral”—> which is happening as we speak. So let’s get going—> it is time for the next topic.


My money is going to get real tight this month, but I will be damned if I do not buy a High Output Brother Laser Printer for about $200 from www.Amazon.com

I expect to place the above order within the next two days. Freight to me might be slow though. Whatever time freight takes, so be it.

A Brother Laser Printer that is high output and trouble free helps my WordPress Work enormously.

I can’t wait to be printing again. I sorely miss the ability to print.


No Matter What happens in regard to our material going viral or not, I have made the Executive Decision to stay parked at my sister’s house on 201 Hollywood Ave in Albany NY 12209 for the entire month of December. I expect to be doing my WordPress Work on a near daily basis, with the exception of a few days off for the holidays and/or on or about Christmas Day.


I plan things out on a month to month basis, and have done so for quite some time. This is a result of my living on a monthly SSD check of about $1,600 a month.


As a Result of the Still Incoming Positive Response to the Stalemate Blog on FB, “I can see the handwriting on the wall”. Therefore—>

I gave my sister Laurie and her son Benji Firm Notice yesterday that I am moving out in early January (between the 7th and the 10th or so).

I do not know quite “where I am going?” yet, but I am getting out of here in hopes of going somewhere better than here—> both Living-wise (socially) and WordPress work supportive-wise (professionally) as well.

I do believe that “where I am going?” will Clarify this December, and most probably will do so Before Christmas.

I’m Not Restless, and I am Not Scared.That is Not What Is Happening here at all.

Both America and the World are Soon Going To Finally Open Their Arms To Me and For Me, and I Know This Deep in my Heart!

I am simply *Getting Mobile and Prepared* for the Inevitable.



I really like that rickety Amtrak train, and it continues to be real cheap. Plus it gives me many options, for I can stop along the way.  

The Amtrak Train from here to San Francisco gives me access to a Number of Cities that I like enroute. Chicago, Omaha, Lincoln NB, Denver, and Reno—> All are cities I like, with the Notable Exception of Chicago being on the Bottom of My List Preference-wise. I love all the rest. Denver is of Special Interest to me at the moment, because pot is legal in Colorado. Any City or Town in Colorado is one I could have a ball in, and not have to worry about the legal consequences.

What is nice here is that “I do not have to decide which city I am going to now”.

I have a month to think about things, and/or see what opportunities may develop as a result of my written WordPress Work finally getting Some Respect, And Getting It From—>

A Much Wider Audience, Thanks to Google+, Twitter and Facebook, especially Facebook.

Some *GREAT GOOD* is going to Come Real Soon as a Result of the WIDE EXPOSURE (and Many Likes and Shares) of Some Of The WordPress Blogs that I Authored, and *I KNOW IT*.


I am the Happiest Man Alive!!! That Is No Shit.

Wherever the WordPress Activist Road Takes Me at this point, I am willing to go, as long as it is After Jan 2nd or So. Even the Use of Amtrak as Proposed is not cast in stone.

Some Activist Blogger with a spare room in their apartment or house is going to be willing, if not desirous, of taking me in and at least partially collaborating with me. Over the course of December, I will be seeking such an arrangement on an ongoing basis until I find it.

It is Possible, if not Quite Likely, that Multiple Opportunities are going to present themselves to me in December—>

If this is the case, it means that I will have more than one choice of—> Where to move to and “camp out on a month to month basis”—>

I am Actively Seeking From this Point Onward—> Any AND ALL OFFERS OF Reasonable AND Affordable Accommodations VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES—>


I can continue my Patriot Movement WordPress Website DEVELOPMENT Work in an environment that is much more psychologically and otherwise supportive than where I am living at now in Albany NY.



I Picked the Song

Andy Cherry – Nothing To Fear – Official Lyric Video because—>

After Almost 4 Years of Surviving Multiple Murder Attempts on my Life by the American Mafia headquartered in NYC—>

I have No Fear Whatsoever! Of the American or any other Mafia, the Illuminati, the New World Order Agenda Folks, Big Pharma, Big Oil, or our Very Corrupt U.S. Government.

Fuck ‘em all!

If they want to kill me, and do succeed at this, so be it.  If Anyone Kills Me, No Matter Who It May Be—>

They will soon find out the “True Power of A Free and Open Internet!”

If you want the Above explained a bit more, Read the WordPress Blog Titled “An Eloquent Excerpt From Reverend Martin Luther King’s I’ve Been To The Mountain Speech Applies 2 Allen D As Well”.


Always Remember!  Sharing is Caring! and It’s Patriotic 2!  

If You *Like* this WordPress Blog, Please *Share* It with ALL of Your Internet Family—> And ALL of Your Patriot Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Friends!

Sharing DEFINITELY HELPS U.S. Citizens in Regard To Winning the Patriot Movement Revolution in America against the FedGOV with a minimal amount of casualties.

Make No Mistake About This!

Never Forget This Important Point in Regard to Sharing!

With “Enough” Sharing of Patriot Movement Educational Material Nationwide—>

Our FedGOV and All Its Various Agencies (the D.H.S., the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the Military, etc.) DO NOT STAND a Chance in Hell of Beating Us In A Martial Law Scenario, or Beating Us In A Second Civil War , also referred to as a Second American Revolution.

Why don’t they have a Chance in Hell of Beating Us?  After all—> They have so much Power, and Guns, and Ammo.

Well, here is Why in a Nutshell—> Given all of the Aware and Smart People, and given things like Smart Phones, Computers, and the Internet—> the Truth Will Inevitably Win!

The following *Cut & Paste Block* works well with Sharing On Twitter (I tested it)—>

What Follows is Patriot Movement Educational Material—> http://wp.me/p2nOUO-ml  <—a MUST READ WordPress Management Blog!


1) http://imanagementslices4iwood2012.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/a-true-islices-blog-i-am-going-to-cover-many-management-topics-quickly/

1) http://wp.me/p2nOUO-ml

2) https://wordpressmanagementbyallend.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/a-true-islices-blog-i-am-going-to-cover-many-management-topics-quickly/

2) http://wp.me/p2oaJJ-pK

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