The Facebook Groups Soap Box Platform Simply Blows Away!! The Older Yahoo Groups Soap Box Platform; It Is That Superior!!!

Women’s Day 2013—>Almost ALL of My Best Friends in Life have ALL BEEN WOMEN, regardless of whether I sleep with them or not. (I only had one exception to this rule – Jimmy, whom is deceased, but I will continue to love for the rest of my life.).  If I ever live in a house or apartment ANYWHERE on either a temporary or permanent basis—> I am going to be the only man that lives in it.  The Rest ARE ALL GOING TO BE WOMEN, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Gay, Bi, or Straight Don’t Mean Beans to Me, as long as you are at least 420 Friendly (I prefer 420 Active, but 420 Friendly will do). MALE Guests are sometimes allowed over upon consensus of the group OF US (me and my Angels). What we really need are Two Dwellings Close to Each Other—> One for the Guys, and One For the Gals and Me!  lol  Incidentally, I actually prefer renting to owning in regard to a house. (A mobile home may be different.) Even better than renting is “camping out” temporarily on a “chip in towards the rent basis” at some woman or women’s place, because of—> the great flexibility that it affords me in regard to—> moving forward without any unnecessary or undue delay. I need a shoebox-sized little room for my office, that’s all. A Seven Foot by Nine Foot Rectangle would do, but I’d need one window for sure. Allen DLogo Title: Womens Day 2013 *Just Think of What Is Going To Happen* in the future When All the Women of the World Become Connected Over the Internet!SmokeMasterAllenD sez—>I Needs Some *Allen’s Angels* More Than Ever Right Now!  It Is Time For U ALL To Go To Work for God, Your Fellow Americans, All Citizens of the World,  and My Heroic Patriot Movement WordPress Website DEVELOPMENT Team!!!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  WE NEED ALL OF THE Patriot KEYBOARD WARRIORS TO SPREAD THE TRUTH VIA Facebook, GOOGLE+, TWITTER, LinkedIn, YOUTUBE, Alternative News Media, etc. that WE CAN POSSIBLY GET!


U work when U want!

And you can quit working whenever you want to do!

It’s “the Perfect Schedule”, for—>

u could not have things any better!—>  

You decide everything, in regard to your own work schedule!


Does that Schedule Sound Good for You?

It sure works for me and my heroic WordPress Team!

We just need Keyboard Hours to pile up from lots of keyboard warriors all over America, and All over the World.any number “works for me”.

We need people to perform simple Cut & Paste tasks, and other VERY EASY TASKS, in regard to SPREADING Our Material, OTHER TRUTHFUL MATERIAL FROM A MYRIAD OF SOURCES,  And OTHER PATRIOT REVOLUTION Material All Over the INTERNET—> In A Carefully Thought Out, Methodical, Organized, Strategic, and Cohesive Fashion as per our and my Instructions.—>

And—>  We need people to Respond to All of the Incoming Mail and other Issues Deserving Of A Prompt and Professionally Handled Response.

I will train U initially using Google Hangouts from X-X (coming) on M-F as my OPEN Google Hangout Hours, unless a Hangout appointment is made in advance.

Everything is Free, of course! both my labor and yours.

We Are Trying To Save America In The Nick Of Time!—>

Time is “Of the Essence” in the situation that We Americans ARE ALL IN!

That’s No Lie!—>

For in BEING TOO LATE We May All Die!

We can EASILY WIN THIS WAR Against All Major Preexisting Powers that Be, IF WE ARE—>


You ALL Listen to Me for The Final Say When Need Be! 

Otherwise (which is almost all of the time)—>

Joint Consensus BETWEEN ALL OF US In Regard to Decision Making works well for me! 

IT is ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL! as far as All Team Matters AND TEAM MEMBERS GOES! 

How Does that Sound to You? 

You had better like it!—> 

Because “I am laying down the law, at least in the beginning”. 

These are All Standing Orders for All Keyboard Warriors that work for me SmokeMasterAllenD—>

Some copy will be inserted here tomorrow or the next day.


So far I have posted, or tried to post, the WordPress blog titled “There Is A Temporary Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public” to a total of 418 Facebook Groups, most of which have more that 1,000 members.

This particular blog is the most well received blog that I have written in my life. I am getting a lot of Likes and Shares.

However, one must remember that in cross posting this widely, I am reaching a rather massive audience via Facebook Groups.

Therefore the many Likes and Shares that I am getting may be only a very small portion of the audience that I may have reached.

I just don’t know for sure yet what this good response means, and to what degree it means it.

My Initial Impression is that “I hit a home run with this particular blog” (despite the fact it is still unfinished)—> I just don’t know how big of one.

I am beat from the long hours of late. I really need a little time off. Expect a little slowness in my work progress for about a day or two while I recover from “no sleep at all” last night, or today as well. (Yes, I worked “a long work block for America”—> because I am beginning to see real and very positive change!)

I will Sleep Like A Champ tonight! I can practically guarantee this!

(((Hugs to All Those Helping Me!)))

Everything I write now would never have happened without you!

I will never forget this heroic angelic support from all of you, WordPress-wise or Otherwise—>

I love u all!

Allen D


All Allen’s Angels Homework Assignment—> Read Blog #1 Within the Next Three Days—>

The Assignment Is In Regard to Starting At the Beginning of—>


#1) There Is A Temporary Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public

Like wine—> Our Socially Significant and Key Patriot Movement Revolutionary Blogs grow finer over time.

This Blog has become ***a Patriot Movement Must Read*** in its Current State.

Give this critical Revolutionary Blog (one that has a substantial chance of going Justifiably Viral on the Internet) until Monday or Tuesday, December 1st or 2nd, 2013—>

At this point this blog should be finalized for Publication, or be extremely close to such.

Allen D

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