iSlices 4> December 2-2013

coming when I get back from my walk outside and more than a few hits—> i might smoke the whole bowl!

it was a good day!  12-2-2013 was!


Every Work Day 4 Me—> AllenD, or SmokeMasterAllenD (depending on your 420 preference, of course) Starts With—>

A Great YouTube Song! Of Course!

They Sure R! Motivational And Well Worth the Time Spent.

  1. Andy Cherry: “Our God’s Alive” Lyric Video – YouTube

    Oct 17, 2011 – Uploaded by officialandycherry

    Andy Cherry: “Our God’s Alive” Lyric Video. Andy’s debut album, Nothing To Fear, available March 2012.

    Allen Darman +1’d this


Every night at about Midnight give or take a few, I am going 2 ***break it off in regard to whatever I am working on***> and call it a “New Day”.

At this point, I will begin 2 write up my iSlices Management Report 4 the day that had just ended—> Such that I will be writing the iSlices Management Report for 12-2-2013 on—> 12-3-2014—> a day late.


I will work on this iSlices Report 4 a Fixed Amount of Time each and every day—> 4 hours and twenty minutes—> or 4:20 as they say.

Then I will pass this iSlices football of problems, challenges, solutions, and questions 2 ALL of U “As a Team”—> more later.


However, when I am write these iSlices Management Reports, I am going to *Just Pretend the Clock Got Stuck 4 Me on 11:59 pm.*  Otherwise things get too confusing description-wise.


All iSlices Management Reports will be completed and released as an iSlice blog at the Same Time—> 4:20 am.




Your receipt, with an eTicket attached as a PDF, has been emailed to:,

Print your eTicket (on white paper) prior to travel and present it to the conductor onboard. If you lose it, just print it again. If you change your reservation, reprint your eTicket yourself or obtain a new eTicket at Quik-Trak or from a station ticket agent (if either are available). If your travel plans change, call us before departure to modify your reservation. If you have not done this and do not board your train, your entire reservation will be canceled; the money paid for the trip will be stored in an eVoucher that you may redeem at an Amtrak station ticket office for future travel.

Enjoy the journey.

Reservation Number – 361116

Amtrak Total      $223.00

Albany-Rensselaer, NY to San Francisco, CA – Fisherman’s Wharf (One-Way)
Terms & Conditions
Sunday, December 8, 2013

Passenger(s): Allen Darman

Delay Alert will be sent to 541-324-2198


i am just a humble little worker bee 4 god

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