A Cool Cousin Of Mine Named Ben Is Going To Try To Meet Me And Chat When The Train Gets To Denver

Ben is one of my cousins.  He is a few years older than I.
Ben has had a varied work experience in life, as I have had as well.  He is really sharp, and has clearly demonstrated competent management ability in his life.

I had a really nice call with Ben tonight.

We hope to connect face to face tomorrow morning in Denver when my train stops there.

I told Ben to bring me some green, so I can get stoned while we are chatting (even though he can’t partake due to being 420 job tested).

I look forward to—> 

Getting back on the train fairly trashed, if at all possible.

I got stoned on the train station platform in Denver the last time I was there.

Smoking Pot is Legal in CO.

It’s time to see if I can do it again.

This 420 Denver stop would make a Good 420Habit, I think!

No, I don’t “think”—> I “know” it would.

Allen D with expert WordPress help from Mark J and heroic help from our San Francisco WordPress Hippie Gang 4 the Promotion of Important Social Truths. 


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