ADOGG’S iSlices4> DEC11

I slept all night last night. I needed the rest.

This train has just left Reno. It is running about an hour late.

I will be arriving in San Francisco broke, but with a pawnable iMac I can prob get $150 for if need be.

I am not worried or fearful a bit.

Something good is going to happen soon, I think.

I would love to meet some of my heroic WordPress team… if such was meant to be.

I also would love to work for the Google company. I hope Larry Page and some other folks at Google feel the same way.

At some point after Thanksgiving, I noticed that someone other than myself had added the email address of to my SmokeMasterAllenD Google+ account.

The above is encouraging to me.

If Google ever offers me a Job that is consistent with my Mission 2 Help America and the World, I would gratefully and graciously accept such an offer, no matter what the salary may be. (I am willing to work for a nominal salary, as long as my basic needs are met. Money means “almost nothing” to me.)

If not Google, I would love to work for either Facebook or Automattic, the company underlying the blogging platform called WordPress.

More Coming soon.


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