On Dec 31st Allen D Is Going On A Search 4 Suitable Housing In The San Francisco Bay Area

According to Allen D—>

Assuming my SSD check has arrived when I check at an ATM in the morning, my first stop is a luggage store to buy a luggage carrier.

After this, I will probably go to Nob Hill and see if I can find suitable SRO housing there.

If I strike out in Nob Hill, I may take the BART to Oakland.

It’s not easy dragging my iMac around, but with better wheels and the ability to pay for public transportation things will not be too bad.

I am committed to dragging my iMac all over until I find housing with an Internet Connection.

I looked at Craigslist a little today and saw some possibilities.

If I do not find suitable housing tomorrow, my search will continue day by day until I do.

I should report that I am having difficulty writing this blog. There is an unusually long delay before many of the characters that I type show up.

I am quite sure “I am being monitored by everybody”—> to include the Mafia, the Feds, the Illuminati and God knows who else.

I have No Fear Any More.

If the Bad Guys want to kill me, my message to them is “Go Right Ahead—> Because Google and Facebook and WordPress are Watching”.

My many enemies can choke on the fact I have decided to make my Last Stand in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley area.

I do wish one of my anonymous friends here would extend open arms to me and help me.

I am realistic though, and fully aware that the above may never happen.

My Primary Goal here is to make an Internet Woodstock that exposes many Alternative Medical and Energy Invention Instances of Suppression happen (as well as exposes 9/11 Suppressed Truths and Other Suppressed Truths to the masses).

I am willing to be murdered in January (or the first quarter of 2014) in front of all of my Silicon Valley and WordPress friends here in order to Wake You All Up To Multiple Important Truths, if need be.

Whatever happens, happens.

Despite my many human flaws, in a very real sense Jesus Christ was “my Spiritual Brother”.

Make No Mistake About This.

Regardless of what the near future may bring—>

I am at peace with “the little piece of God inside me”.

Allen D with critical and heroic help from Mark J. and the same from my WordPress Friends in San Francisco

Our Primary Website is SweetSixteenWebsites.com.

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A Final Note: It is a Miracle that I have survived this long. At this point I am curious as to whether (a) the Power of a Free and Open Internet and (b) Actions By My Fellow Human Beings Will Save Me. If Not, at least I know “I did my part to save America and the World”. I have No Regrets. Hallelujah! Allen D


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