Give Me A Few Days Before I Get Going Blogging-wise

I need to do a very carefully thought out monthly budget ASAP.

This room actually costs me $180 a week.

For continuity of effort without interruption in January, it is going to cost me $900 out of pocket this month (5 weeks X $180 = $900).

This means I have to buy a small crock pot and start cooking things like lentil soup to reduce my expenses.

I ate a big hamburger today that costs $13, and I lost $17 playing poker. Ouch!

I also spend $30 on groceries and odds and ends (plates, forks, dish soap, etc) and $10 buying tobacco and a Reese’s Pieces Candy Bar.

Seventy dollars a day out of pocket comes to over $2100 a month.

If I am lucky after housing, I probably have about $450 left.

It costs $60 to renew my phone

And I need perhaps $60 in supplements.

Oops, and I need to buy some pot.

Tomorrow I need to do a carefully prepared monthly budget for JAN.

My money is sure going to get tight real quick—>

If I want to keep this nice roof over my head, eat all I want, and smoke all I want until Feb. 1st.

I did need to take a break from blogging today, and go out and have a little splurge and a little fun.

Three weeks in a homeless shelter sleeping in a chair a lot of the time, and dragging a 60 lb. suitcase with bad wheels all over the place, deserves—>

A little party when “the pain is finally over”.

However, I have to curtail such tendencies, or I may wind up in a homeless shelter again.

If I do end up having to vacate this room, or another that is similar, I would be guilty of fiscal mismanagement and fiscal stupidity—>

And have no one but myself to blame.

I only got three hours or so of sleep last night.

I also need more rest, and—>

To do some thinking—>

Before I really get going Internet-wise and Website Development-wise.

Despite a tighter fiscal equation than I expected, I am very glad I am in Reno!

I feel Good About Things! regardless of—>

A glitchy Internet WiFi Connection using my iMac.

Things Are All Going 2 Work Out here in Reno! i think.

Just allow me a little time to get settled in.

(((Hugs 2 all of my heroic WordPress team)))

Allen D


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