I Cannot Enable Two Step Security For My WordPress Account Because I No Longer Use A Smart Phone


A smart or cell phone is necessary for creating two step security on my WordPress account.

My old smart phone of 541-324-2198 is useless.

All of the buttons are deadened. If I turn it on, I need to physically remove the battery to turn it off.

Even if I renew this phone, it will still be useless in all probability.

This smart phone was hacker deadened repeatedly when I was in Oregon last summer, and repeatedly hacker deadened when I was in San Francisco and Reno recently.

This is not the only Android Smart Phone I have owned that has been hacker deadened over the years.

Android Smart Phones are just too vulnerable to hackers, the same as Windows computers are.

Even this iMac I am currently working on was once shut down by hackers when I was in Florence OR, and had to have the operating system reinstalled. (However, I cannot be more thankful for this Apple machine, and whomever is anonymously protecting it and keeping it working from afar. Without this iMac, and some help from somebody out there, I would have been completely silenced Internet-wise and blogging-wise about ten months ago.)

Due to the fact that I do not have an active smart or cell phone, and I am hesitant at acquiring such a tracking device (one that I know will be both hacked and tracked by both the Mafia and the Feds), I currently do not have the ability to secure my WordPress blogs via Two Step Security, especially blogs that were written during the key blogging period of October 2010.

WordPress is the best!

I sure hope that my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has the means to insure that what I have written over the years is not lost.

It was a real wake up call for me to see this month that most of the many dozens of blogs that I wrote in April 2011 in Phoenix AZ while the Mafia was trying to kill me there are now gone forever from Nutrientscure.me.

I knew for quite some time that I was losing quite a few blogs from my Nutrientscure site. WordPress used to readily show a count of total blogs on this site on a page that has been reformatted (to not show this now), and the total count of blogs used to let me know of this “multiple blog loss”.

I just did not know what I had lost of the over 3,000 blogs there.

As of this month, I know that the Phoenix murder episode in April 2011 while the Mafia was trying to kill me for four days in a row was a good chunk of this.

Incidentally, I am not afraid of the Mafia at all and have not been since early November 2013. If they want to act against me so be it. The same goes for the Feds or the Illuminati.

Too many people have become aware of me.

Therefore, I will not die in vain, even if they stage a suicide many persons will realize this.

When I first stood up for humanity in the summer of 2000 as a result of gaining a world leading degree of knowledge in regard to correcting a state of depression naturally, I could not have asked any more than this.

I am proud that I lasted this far—> Thanks in a Big Way to Mark J, All Those Anonymous San Francisco WordPress Folks, Facebook, Google and All of the Other Heroes that have helped me thus far in one way or another. (I love you all.)

Everything else is gravy at this point.

Whatever happens happens.

I am full of fight and my morale is very good.

Don’t misread my silence on the Internet sometimes. There are times I just need to back up, listen to what others are saying on the Internet, escape a little bit from “what I know is coming in America” and/or think about things.

Whether I am dead or alive—> Every single American should hear my truthful story, if not all of humanity period—> not for my sake, for theirs.

It’s a battle Good vs. Evil coming to a head—> and the future of both America and the World is at stake.

I sure hope “the Good Wins”, otherwise it’s the Dark Ages and Tyranny for Humanity all over again.

Only this time, due to the Power of Surveillance Techniques that already exist now and are also being rapidly developed, increased and implemented, especially in America—> if Tyranny Wins here within the next year (or perhaps two or three)—>

It may become Tyranny Forever Worldwide until either Nature or Nuclear War Intervenes in some way to destroy this planet and all of its inhabitants, that’s all.

Allen D—> With Critical and heroic Help from Mark J, and from our heroic San Francisco WordPress Website DEVELOPMENT Team!

21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America


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