I Am Hitting Lots Of *Home Run Blogs* On The Day Of The Super Bowl!! Or The Day Before!!; I Am Either Too Confused Or 2 Stoned!!!


Or use this from another Website of ours—> http://wp.me/p2nBOg-1S

Or this version of the same song—>

I pulled an ALL NIGHTer Work-wise on Saturday night!

I WordPress blogged All Night! without going to sleep.

And I blogged all day today!

I am going to blog right up to the Super Bowl!

It’s almost 4:30 EST here now—> only a few more hours…

I’m not tired a bit!

I may blow off most of the Super Bowl to Blog!

That’s How Much I love my WordPress Patriot Revolutionary Blogging Job!!!

It’s the Stone Nuts!

Especially when you are stoned! and listening to tunes while you do your blogging work!

Even though it does not pay me a dime! I love my WordPress Job!

It’s the Very Best! for me anyway!

Incidentally, I’m in great mental shape as a result of *Self-Applied Alternative Medicine*!

I’m not noticeably manic at all!

But I’m pretty stoned! and I can Creatively Write VERY WELL when I’m stoned…

I’m a Slug As An Author when I am straight! lol

I’d sure like to coin that as a phrase! *I’m a Slug As An Author when I am straight!*

Puff Puff pass! to You in a Google+ Hangout! Are You READY FOR ME YET? (CLICK YES! OR NO, not yet.) rotflmao

*Self-Applied Alternative Medicine* has a Ring of Truth surrounding it as well!

Consider *Self-Applied Alternative Medicine* minted “as of when I wrote my first WordPress blog using this phrase a lot”. (link coming in a few days)

*Self-Applied Alternative Medicine* is by far the VERY BEST!!!

My son Willy and I Know Why!

And I am going to explain all of this adequately to America and the World via YOUTUBE before my son Max’s Birthday at the end of this month!

Oops! I forgot to mention I lost my dentures in early 2012 and I have not replaced them yet!

I may be ugly, but I can still speak clearly, and—>

With the BackUp and Support of Facebook, Google, probably Apple and Twitter, and my heroic Patriot WordPress Collaborative Internet Team—> I myself can Author and Generate *adequate to get the JUSTIFIABLE REVOLUTION job done* (and here and here and here, etc. for 21 times total of here’s) (a) Patriot Educational Blogs, (b) YouTube Videos and (c) WordPress Videos.

Allen D

***More copy coming within a few days, but I might work on this blog for a week. This Landmark Blog is still under construction.***



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