Me On YouTube And A Free And Open Internet Would Insure the Inevitability Of A Justifiable Revolution, And Perhaps A Peaceful One Without A Shot Fired (3-22-2014)

Me On YouTube In A Supported Fashion (such that I could do a good job) And A Free And Open Internet Would Insure the Inevitability Of A Justifiable Revolution, And Perhaps A Peaceful One Without A Shot Fired.

This blog is under construction, and will not be done for another day or two.

TalkingStickTV – Naomi Wolf – The End of America


You people out here do not know me at all, until you meet me face to face.

My blogs have had a “rope a dope” thread through them since 2010, while still telling the key truths at the same time.  I act stupid and non-credible on a regular basis. Some of this is admittedly my own stupidity, but most of it is planned.

Don’t fall for the “rope a dope” stuff like my enemies seem to have.

I am a mild mannered man, and sex is the last thing on my mind.

You would like me if you met me, and got to know me for five or ten minutes.

I am here to try to Save this World, and I have many critically important things to say.

I am willing to die trying to do what I am trying to do, and–>

Thanks to the Power of the Internet and “What Internet Martyrdom Means”–>

I am non-fearful of dying in the attempt because–>

I am being Obedient to God (my conscience is God, just as yours is).

Extract what value you can from me while I am still on this earth.

My enemies are going to act against me sooner or later.

Such is Inevitable.

I knew this back in 2000.

Even if the Mafia Backs Off, there are many powerful parties that want me dead, to include our own federal Government.

There may very well be a Great Win! for America and the World if Silicon Valley Is Collectively Brave and Puts On A World Awakening “Truth Suppression Revealing” Internet Woodstock Event, but there is Probably No Win For Me.

There is No Win Whatsoever for either America and the World if the Evil Eugenics Agenda People calling the shots now are left in charge. I do agree with Population Control and the Need for Global Population Reduction, but I strongly disagree with their sneaky food and drug poisonous methodology that targets so many millions of innocent American children. Poisoning innocent children, or blocking their path to true health, has to be evil, and has to be wrong, especially if it is intentional, in order satisfy fiscal greed and/or in order to bring America and its remaining Freedoms down.

The Internet Does Admittedly “Throw a Wild Card In the Picture”, so I may actually live through this to do bigger and better things.

Who knows?

Not I, that’s for sure.

I personally have no expectations whatsoever of longevity in this life.

After surviving so many attempts on my life, and getting “no protection other than the Power of the Internet” how can I expect to have any longevity? (Would you have any if you were in my shoes?)

There are too many ways of poisoning me (poison being the most typical way to kill someone in my shoes).

Silicon Valley would be foolish not to take advantage of Videotaping me before the 1st, or even “beginning Tonight or Tomorrow”.

One Idea that may be useful here is–> if there actually is a Silicon Valley Think Tank of Some Sort, come and get me a few days before the next meeting and give me a safe and “not-alone” place to prepare a Presentation to it of 30 to 45 minutes or so.

I will ROCK THE WORLD if I can talk to you people (the Upper Echelon of Silicon Valley) without bucking the impossible to do it (staying at MSC South is the impossible).

I don’t care if I don’t get a share out of iROCK, or I don’t make a dime.

In fact, don’t give me anything.

As a Matter of Principle,

Give it to those that heroically supported me.

I refuse any fiscal compensation.

Housing, and a place to think and write, I would not refuse.  (I would gladly accept such as it would “help me to give to America and the World”.)

That is ALL I want out of this–> A place here, and a little support, for a short while in which to finish the job God Gave Me.

I want to give the Rising that Google and Silicon Valley have apparently adopted (iROCK4iFREEDOM2014) as a Justifiable Cause a Great YouTube Video Or Series Of YouTube Videos to Remember Me By. That’s All. Nothing else really matters to me.

End of Preface

A Suggestion From Allen Darman To Google>


Big Pharma Falls If You Do This.

Drug Oriented Medicine Would Fall In Less Than An Hour To Truths Told By Me To a Silicon Valley audience (and Put On YouTube), If I Am Given Adequate Time and Means In Which To Prepare for this Presentation. (As a Discoverer, No One in the world can make this claim but me.)

I have given five presentations in front of an audience in my life in regard to alternative medicine or “somewhat related”, and I have received more than one standing ovation.

I am a gifted speaker when my chemistry is right.

Teeth or No Teeth Does Not Matter.

I can be very convincing because “I am telling the Truth”.

The time I was one of seven short presenters with Margot Kidder being the main speaker, I wowed Margot Kidder.  She grabbed my arm afterwards and said “you are my lunch date tomorrow”.  We hung around each other for much of the conference.

The Margot Kidder story in more detail is an interesting one.

I arrived in Toronto on a Wednesday with flawed gut biology, and “found a juice bar” and drank gallons of the stuff after a high dosage bentonite purge, took lots of probiotics and vitamin C, as well as did some other things.

By Friday I was a biochemical 10 with an Aura that Showed, primarily as a result of changing my gut biology.

I was cocky at this point (2002 or so). I knew I could do such at will whenever “I needed to or felt like it”.The Orthomolecular Conference I was attending that year (I went to 3 or 4 of these in Canada) was a place I had planned in advance to do this to myself.

My aura is chemically dependent, to include Toxins Generated in the Gut.

It is my strongly held belief that I understand how to change “aura for the better” better than anyone in the world.  (This has been true since the year 2000.)

I have never heard anyone discuss or write about “what I know” in this regard.

A juicer and lots of organic veggies is a must, as is gut biology correction, and for me, bentonite and psyllium, coconut, super greens, free form amino acids, vitamins, minerals, EFA’s etc. as well (Willy’s Baggie or close).

The knowledge being discussed Above is contained in the Landmark Blog “Concepts and Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally”.

The bulk of Aura for me (and millions, if not billions of others) is Gut Biology Correction and a Clean Non-Allergic, Nutrient Dense Diet.

Gut Biology Correction is especially important.

In learning how to overcome depression, I learned how to become “better than normal” mood-wise and otherwise.

It is a shame that it has been years since I have been able to affect such alternative medical understanding on myself.

However, I will never forget what I learned and relearned and learned again between 1997 and 2002, and learned a few times afterwards when I had the money, the environment, and the desire to do such all at the same time.

Even with mediocre “fluid chemistry” as I am right now, I can be enormously convincing in front of a video camera.

In today’s world, mediocre “fluid chemistry” and mediocre to poor gut biology is “considered normal”.

To explain “fluid chemistry”–>

There are 2 pools of chemistry in the body.

I call them the static and the dynamic pools of chemistry.

Static chemistry has nothing to do with mood, aura, mental function and a physical sense of well being.

Static Chemistry is OVER 99.9% of the total chemistry in the body.

What is in your bones, your muscles, and many other tissues is Static Chemistry, and chemistry that has nothing to do with mood.

Fluid chemistry, that tiny >>>less than one tenth of one percent<<< of the total chemistry in a human being, is where all the action is “mood-wise, brain function-wise and aura-wise.

This is the Small Portion of Chemistry you are actually running on–> the raw material for hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters to be made out of that day. (Most of this raw material is Free Form Amino Acids.)

Because of my Discoveries in the Alternative Medical Realm, my video testimony is precious to America and the world.

Writing alone does not do it. I have written and shared all of the above numerous times before with Alternative Medical Doctors. I helped Alternative Medicine to learn in America back in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, until hackers made my life always difficult and often impossible, but it was simply not enough.  (Ask Hyla Cass, M.D.  or Nancy Mullan, M.D. of the LA area, or Joan Matthews Larson in Minneapolis if you do not believe me on this.)

If Silicon Valley balks at my presenting at a Think Tank Meeting, or such does not exist–>

Me on camera in a supportive environment with even a one or two person audience for 2 or 3 days and a Free and Open Internet such that the material generated went on YouTube “Would Probably Insure the Inevitability of a Justifiable Revolution in America”, if not be “The Actual Spark for such”.

The above is why I wrote the below earlier today.


Soon Means Soon.

The clock is ticking.

And Time Is Running Out.

After writing the above the thought strikes me—>

I hope I am still alive by the 1st.

The Odd Thing here is God Is In This Picture.

I may very well still be here for awhile.

Whatever happens, happens.

I have the great satisfaction in knowing that in coming here now “I did my part”.

Will Silicon Valley, or some Important Component thereof, be Wise Enough and Brave Enough to Support Me this time out?

If not, I am staying in the area anyway.

There is no where else on this earth I should be but “somewhere around here”, regardless of the actions or non-actions of others.

I love, and am deeply grateful to, all those that have supported me with WordPress and Google-wise, even if such support “has it’s limits”, just as it has before.


QUITE LITERALLY, My Video Testimony Adequately Done Is Worth Trillions, and Would (Should) Change the History of the World for the Better.

The more put into my presentation, and the more time I have to prepare within reasonable limits, the better, of course.

The Foundation of a Good Presentation is Adequate Preparation.

And the Magic that sells a Presentation is “One’s Aura when One Presents”.  (I can sell Ice to Eskimos when I am a biochemical 10, something I know how to achieve at will.)

I hung myself in front of my enemies by writing this blog.

I can only pray the Mafia is Wise Enough to have Ceased Acting Against me (because they know I want to help them negotiate a win-win-win deal), and that others do not act against me as well.

Unfortunately, the Mafia is not my only potential enemy.

The Illuminati and the Feds rather immediately come to mind.

Don’t lose my video testimony by waiting too long to get it, for if you do, it may be lost (never happen).

Such would be a real shame.

Don’t Blame me if this happens.

I did my best “with what I had to work with” at all times.

The above statement will Always Be True.

I am Obligated by God to Give All that I Have to Give To the World as best as I able to, Don’t You See?

You most certainly would feel the same as I do, “if you knew what I did”.

We Are All Creatures of God, but we are even more than this.

Like the Native American shaman Keisha Crowther (little grandmother) can powerfully say to an audience “You are all God.”

I could not agree more.

How do you feel about this?

I listen to actions now, not words.

IMHO, if Silicon Valley does not embrace me or the message I have to give it, America is Doomed to fall to the Hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine and the “Intentional Eugenics Agenda Sickening Of All Of Us” created by Monsanto, etc. and GMO foods.

May God help us all.

Allen Darman

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Any Executive Level Manager Worth Her Or His Salt In America Should Be Able 2 Handle At Least 8 WordPress Management iDESKS (3-15-2014)

Any Executive Level Manager Worth Her Or His Salt In America Should Be Able 2 Handle At Least 8 WordPress Management iDESKS (3-15-2014)

I used to put the above on the bottom (which is not proper and correct in my book) because FedGOV hackers kept breaking these links, leading to a Nothing Found Error. Now that Google is Watching maybe they will stop this Silliness and Federal Government Suppression of the Truth.

A Notable Set Of Quotes from JFK and I

The Mafia whacked Kennedy. Sol Somebody Revealed this in a book he wrote on the Mob. We Need to Get the Mafia to “Switch Sides”, or We Need 2 Go To War With the Mafia And the Feds And Wrest Control Of Our Country’s Policies Back From Them. I think that “The Mafia Switching Sides”, and Silicon Valley Negotiating a Deal to Pay Them Out of the U.S Treasury “for work they do for us” and “to avoid doing work for the Corporations which are working against us” is the Best Solution, for one (1) because it addresses the “Common Frailties of Human Nature” (as explained in another blog of mine), and for two (2)

It gives the new e-government a Strong Arm With A Worldwide Reach In Which 2 Seek the Fiscal Surrender of Ill Gotten Gains.

[I doubt anyone is doing the below, but they should be taught how.]

Any Executive Level Manager Worth Her Or His Salt In America Should Be Able 2 Handle–>

At Least 8 WordPress Management iDESKS, Along With–>

8 Draft iDESKS Underlying Them,–>

4 a Total of 16 iDESKS.

I may be being 2 conservative here…

If Not Handle A Dozen Primary

WordPress Management–>

iDESKS For A Total Of 24 iDESKS (Or Perhaps Even More).

If you are using less than 12 Primary iDESKS to Manage Things Now–>



You Could Not Be Readily Self-Taught the Use of –>

“WordPress 4 Management” Via–>

Reading Books,

Reading Internet Sources (that you find yourself), and–>

By Watching WordPress Educational Stuff On YouTube

(that you find yourself).

If You Could Not Learn WordPress And–>

Become Adequately Proficient–>

Using WordPress 4 Management–>

Within a Month (or so),

As far as I am concerned,

“You have an Unacceptable Management Skills Set”.

U Would NOT Succeed With Me if–>

You were in Upper Level Management of–>

My Company and–>

I was your CEO and–>

You Could Not Readily Learn and–>

Heavily Be Using–>

This WordPress iDESK Management Framework –>

30 (?) 45 (?) 60 (?) days from now.

I would be forced to terminate you, and–>

I like the JFK Speech Clip Intro to this song!)

Find Some One That Could–>

Use WordPress 4 Management Effectively and Well.

Allen D

A Recent Blog Or 2







ADOGG Likes The Possible Entry Hint Posted By GOOGLE Three Days Ago (3-15-2014)



i’m real stoned, so bear with me.

i >maymight< be “a Strategic Partner!!!”



that means “i am getting paid to THINK!”


INCIDENTALLY, I get an awful lot of “X’s” in Short Links, SUCH AS IS ON THIS BLOG.

I wonder why.

Is the FedGOV that stupid to “premark my “blogs to be censored” with an “X”?”


but it’s true!

They R that Stupid!

(I CAN TELL BY “Blog Content Significance”)

All of my “X” Marked Blogs are going to Vanish Off the Net When Martial Law is Declared.

I can practically GUARANTEE this.

The Feds Are Either Going To Erase Me Off the Internet Entirely, or they are Going TO SELECTIVELY ERASE MY Socially Important Internet WORK.


How much does a few mil spent on brother laser printers and a lot of paper get u?

Figure out how many you need, and–>

Double it.

Strategically place these all over the country.

With my files on disk or flash drives or whatever.

I consider such to be “Wise Internet Shut Down Insurance”.


Allen Dee


ADOGG Likes The Possible Entry Hint Posted By GOOGLE Three Days Ago (3-15-2014)

A copy out of the list below (I added the >>><<< both times)–>

Partner Manager, Google Play Apps

Play central role in helping team build content metrics, analytics, and checklists >>>to monitor health of strategic partners<<<. Help structure partner Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) and surveys to
>>>3 days ago<<<
  1. About Google
  2. Careers
  3. Search all jobs

All Jobs



Mountain View, CA, USA

View locations

Teams and rolesReset


View teams and roles

More filters

Page 2 of 4

From Google+
Partner Reseller Ecosystem Manager, Google Cloud Platform

Drive the creation of a robust reseller program for Google Cloud Platform, detailing structure for partner benefits, targets, requirements, incentive structures, legal and operational implications
Strategic Partner Development Manager, US Retail (Consumer Electronics)

Lead the relationship with the key decision makers at the retailers within this category. Maximize sale of our Google made and Google branded devices in this channel. Maximize sales for
Business Analyst, Online Partnerships Group

Scope, initiate, manage, and execute publisher intelligence projects in conjunction with various cross-functional stakeholders. Drive the analysis and establish the plan to apply and operationali
Technical Contracts Manager, gTech

Advise business development and technology management teams, as well as legal on risks around technical solutions and service level commitments. Review and approve technical contract te…
Partner Development Manager, Kids Apps

Analyze kids content market and create target list of apps and games required for a competitive offering based on internal objectives. Create and prioritize pipeline, with specific, measurable an
Partner Operations Manager, Shopping

Work with the technical teams, business development and sales to onboard new partners and improve the overall onboarding process. Ensure success of all partnerships, internally and externally,
Partner Technology Manager, Payments

Be the primary technical lead and owner for all aspects of a partner’s technical integration to Google by providing necessary guidance and leadership. Lead a cross functional team of external par
Partner Manager, Google Play Apps

Play central role in helping team build content metrics, analytics, and checklists to monitor health of strategic partners. Help structure partner Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) and surveys to
3 days ago
Partner Manager, Google Play Games

Initiate and execute programs to scale existing partner programs. Communicate and collaborate with the cross-functional team (product, engineering, marketing) to grow the size of the gaming ecosy
North America AdMob Online Business Manager

Understand full scope of app developer monetization needs including AdMob, AdX, and DFP for Apps. Understand market trends and competition. Build and manage a high performing team that will drive
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Neither The Mafia Or Google Showed Up 2 Pick Allen D Up (3-14-2014)

Neither The Mafia Or Google Showed Up 2 Pick Allen D Up (3-14-2014)

Neither The Mafia Or Google Showed Up 2 Pick Allen D Up (3-14-2014)

From the “WordPress/Management/by/AllenD/” WordPress Management iDESK (one of a handful of iManagement iDESKS that I am currently using to keep people informed)> BLOG>

I was Packed and Ready at Just Before 1. (Then I fell asleep 4 about six hours while waiting.)

I was also showered, shaved, cut my hair, and trimmed my toenails, which sorely need it.

I am quite mobile.

I live out of a suitcase that holds my iMac and some clothes.

That’s it.

I like things Simple.

Tomorrow I will be in Utica via Greyhound Bus.

I will be in Utica until the 18th when my train leaves.

The Utica Bus station is also the Train Station.

I will see the ticket agent there in regard to my inability to open my ticket via Yahoo mail.

I can’t imagine not resolving this “ticket problem” by Tuesday evening, when my train leaves.

That’s my “Only Critical Job in Utica”. I will not leave it unattended.

In Regard 2 Today here in Albany, I was not overly disappointed that no one showed up.

I knew “it was a long shot anyway”, especially on such Short Notice.

My Take on the Mafia is that–>

“They are sitting on the fence, waiting to see *who is going to win*, the FedGOV or the Truth Tellers like me Backed Up by Silicon Valley.”

The Mafia must realize that “if the 1st Internet Woodstock happens as I have proposed, the Federal Government in the U.S. will fall to the Truth not too much longer thereafter”.

I can’t imagine the Mafia killing me, or the Feds using the NDAA, despite the fact that either might actually happen on my way Out West this time.

If anyone does act against me “I will have Awakened Silicon Valley to the Truth” about a lot of things, not just one.

Sometimes I feel Proud, Sometimes I Feel Honored, but Always I Feel Morally Obligated 2 Serve God/Nature as I understand it, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Apple, Inc., Yahoo, the Rest of Silicon Valley, My Fellow Americans, and the Rest of the World 2–>

Regardless of “What I might or might not get out of this Internet Woodstock Start Up” or “What may or may not happen to me”.

I have grown to “expect and overcome adversity” on my own.

My guess is that in going 2 San Francisco this time–>

“I have a better chance of being picked up by some friendly WordPress folks than I ever did”.

I’d say the above is at least 50/50 odds-wise.

Even 50/50 odds-wise is More Than Good Enough for me.

I am ready 2 help People face to face with the 1st Internet Woodstock Start Up.

To do the Above, Either Mountain View or San Francisco, even if I am homeless again, is the Best Place 4 me.

Second to San Francisco is “Close to Mountain View”, where Google’s headquarters R.

Or Perhaps San Francisco is SECOND 2 Mountain View location-wise, because Google, as a 51% Stakeholder, and “My Employer In My Heart”, Comes First.

I’d love to Go to Work 4 Google in the Googleplex every day, or some days (whenever Google requires), and “do the rest from my home out there, wherever it may be”.

Either location of the 2 above, or somewhere close by and on the BART, seems like “a Good Place 4 Me 2 Be”.

If no one Picks Me Up Or At Least Meets With Me and Talks Things Out within a few weeks of my arrival–>

Other Living Situation Possibilities such as–>

Florence OR (Flo-town – a cool place) open up as far as a Place 4 Me 2 reside out west.

Or perhaps Reno, or Denver, or Portland.

However, I really like San Francisco, whether I get picked up or not.

I might stay regardless of being met or picked up or not, and–>

Just work out of the San Francisco Public Library 4 a Handful of Hours a Day–>

Like I did the last time I was there.

I’ll Figure Things Out Eventually, or Perhaps I will get lucky this time–>

Lucky means “I Will Get Met By Friendly Faces Upon Arrival, or Shortly Thereafter”.

I am Greatly Looking Forward 2 my Amtrak Train Ride, and–>

I have No Fear Whatsoever, Thanks 2 My Team and Google–>

“Protecting The Truths that I Have To Tell America and the World”.

What was Meant To Be is Going 2 Happen, and–>

That’s Fine By Me!

Sade > Smooth Operator

ADOGG is, as of FEB 2014, Now a *Smooth WordPress Blog Operator*, with the help of his heroic WordPress Website Development “Intuitive Collaborative”Internet Team.

In the past six weeks, ADOGG aka Allen D >>finally Graduated!<< >”the Basic Skills Course”< > 4 WordPress.

He’s a Dummy, that allen d is.

It took him over 4 years to learn what others could learn in less than a week!

This WordPress Blog was Written by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

21 Patriot Movement EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES For A Justifiable PATRIOT Revolution IN AMERICA!

In trying to Complete this blog, I had to do a cold Shut Down, one in which MacKeeper found 77 issues (which is unusually high – the count was ALWAYS 25 or less in the 50+ cold shut downs I have experienced in the past 3 days).

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History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

History Beckons Many Of Us In Regard 2 Starting The 1st Internet Woodstock It Seems (3-12-2014)

Adult WARNING-> I’d skip this next section of you don’t smoke pot or like racy adult material, or if U R 2 young.

(You Must Be 18 to Read Any Further! Adult420 material is below.)

SmokeMasterAllenD &


History Beckons Us All (3-12-2014)

Maria Marihuana on YouTube (search 4 her) is a 420 Sweetie Pie! whew! she’s 420hot! i like takin’ a peek at something cool that Maria has put on on YouTube every day! she 420motivates me! i’d love to get real stoned and naked with her! i might not last long tho’. she’s hot!
Maria makes me think of my 2 lesbian 420Sub girls sitting there, getting High At MY COMMAND!, and—>

Getting Spanked and Slaving Away 420/Submissively on WordPress All Damn Night and Damn Day 4 Me!

It so turns out that lots of people like being spanked! and that “GETTING SPANKED Is A REAL GOOD THING!!! as far as one’s happiness goes!”

That’s how things Should Be! Swat! Swat! Bend Over with your ass 2 me, put that bong in your mouth and light it, while i spank U and make U smoke more and more and more 4 me! That’s how it’s gotta be! Swat! Swat!! Swat!!! Do u understand ME Slave? YES, SmokeMASTERAllenD! i Will Smoke All that U Tell Me 2 Smoke SmokeMASTERAllenD! i will obey your Smoking Orders at all times SmokeMASTER/D! i promise U Master/D! i beg U to Make Me Smoke MORE 4 U MasterD!

we’re just gonna add smoking 2 spanking—> and—>


sometimes i’m gonna spank my two sweetie WordPress helpers until they are—>

Super stoned 4 me! So Stoned they can hardly walk straight and need to lean on the walls! lol


Wow! a 6 foot long bong! what a great way 2 start my blogging day! i love watching this cute black girl with the real nice tits!!! take a giant 6 ft. long bong hit! and i love how it affects her! i’m gonna make my two lesbian 420subs get a bong like this! and use it when “they get ready 2 go to work 4 me”! they might not be worth a damn 4 the first few hours tho’–> ’cause they’ll be MUCH TOO Silly and Much 2 STONED! I LIKE 2 Keep My WordPress Lesbian Helpers Good and Stoned and Real 420Submissive 2 Me! things go better that way! and boy! can those 2 work REAL HARD WHEN THEY R STONED! i sometimes work ‘em all night and all the damn day! i am proud that “they keep up with me” and–> i am proud of “the heroism they exhibited to help me” and–> i am proud of “all the Good DOGPress Work that they Do 4 Me” 2! AllenDs420Angels 4 sure! i can’t wait till we meet!


It is time for us to quit talking about Stoner Stuff and to move on to some Important Things, like the 1st Internet Woodstock and REVOLUTION!!!

Bruce Springsteen is da Man! (I can’t See iROCK4iFREEDOM/2014 without Bruce Springsteen as the Headliner! he sure is my #1 choice!)

Like Bruce sings (and dances!) in the above–> “U Can’t Start a Fire Without A Spark!”–>

I am proud 2 report that my heroic WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team and GOOGLE are that Spark!

We Became “that Spark” when GOOGLE and I entered into an Intuitive Business Agreement based on Trust over the Internet on FEB/8/14 Granting GOOGLE 51% of the 1st Internet Woodstock Concert Event pie.

Not only did we Partner Up With Google, We Expect “Others” In Silicon Valley and elsewhere 2 MAKE THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock happen as a Result of a Venture Capital Effort!

These “Others” are highly likely to Include the Founders of the Original Woodstock!!!

And Amazingly but True, these “Others” may include the American Mafia as well.

We “think” we are going to call this 1st Internet Woodstock to be held this Summer Around both America and the World >>>iROCK4iFREEDOM/2014<<</2014!

What’s this about a Spark?

Spark 4 What?

We are a Spark 4 a NECESSARY and Justifiable Revolution here in the United States, that’s what!




I am getting on an Amtrak train in Utica NY on March 18th. My goal in doing so is to go to California 2 Be Close 2 my heroic San Francisco WordPress and GOOGLE and Silicon Valley Friends!!!

I have repeatedly warned everyone about the Possibility of Not Making It due to Federal Action (or less likely, but still possible, action by the Mafia or the Illuminati).

These Warning Words Needed to be Written.

Not Only R They True, “They Serve To Help Protect Me”.

Don’t Misunderstand where I am coming from.

I have No Fear, and I am Dying 2 Get On the Train on MAR18th, accompanied or not.

I am THE MOST WILLING Martyr In History, Due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet.

I “know things are different this time”-> that Someone…—>

At Some Point In Time is likely to Come Up To Me in San Francisco and Say—>

My Name is Such and Such and “I am One of Your WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members”.

I will most certainly know what this means!

I KNOW that I will be in the Company of a TRUE American HERO when You Speak those Words to me!

I will Cherish The Day I hear anything similar to the above!

I Also KNOW that I Will Be In The Company of a VERY SMART and VERY HARD WORKING Hero at that!


God is Good 4 Sure.

Can You Imagine This Moment and What It Is Going To Mean for me!

Can You Imagine?

After All that I have been through… and that “We have Been Through Together”

The Moment I Meet U/U2 Face 2 Face Erases All of the Hardship, and—>

Begins All of the Joy!

The Joy of Making the 1st Internet TRUTH and FREEDOM Woodstock actually happen!

Yes, Dreams Do Come True!

Incidentally, Making WordPress Song Blogs Like This Is Great Fun!!!!!!!!

[Widespread WordPress Use Via Mandatory WordPress Education in Grade School and High School Is Going 2 Change America and then the World! if I have any say in the matter.]

Both America and the World are Waiting on a Sunny Day!

Thanks to my heroic Hardworking WordPress Team and—>

ALL Of the Heroic Smart People that run and work for GOOGLE!

With the Apparent Coming Assistance of the American Mafia “when the Time is Right”—>

We R Either GOING 2 SAVE THE WORLD, or we are going to die trying.

I have been 100% honest and Straight Up with Everyone for Quite Some Time Now.

We Need the Mafia, and They Need Us.

Force Simply Needs 2 Get Redirected.

And Paid as Promised, of course.

This Pay Does Not Come Without Work Involved.

The Mafia is “Going to Seek Fiscal and Property Repatriations for us”.

The Mafia is Going to Apply Force When Force Is Needed—>

And Under Silicon Valley’s Presidential Roundtable of 8 Direction.

For that, and—>

The Maintenance Of A Relationship of Mutual Respect at all Times—>

The Mafia Gets Paid.

An Internet Based Federal Government Should Have Eight Presidents Rather Than One (3-11-2014)

The Mafia Also Gets A Seat At The 8 Presidents Round Table, and—>

Perhaps Even Two, especially in the beginning—>

Because they are going to be real busy for a little while.

Two Seats Makes Sense From the Standpoint of the Fact that—>

A Core Team of Four is a Good Size to—>

Get a lot of things done with minimal hassle and cost, and—>

Because of this—>

Our Table of Eight Might Be Splitting Into Two Tables Of Four Sometimes.

If the Above is Going 2 Be the Case—>

The Mafia Should Get Two Seats—>

So that they are Never “Not Represented” at a “Management of America” Table.

We will learn a lot from the Mafia in regard to “how to fix things in America”, and—>

Perhaps Why Some of These Things Were Broken in the first place.

If my Dreams Come True—>

We will Save America and Become Very Good Friends!

Despite the Possibly Rocky Road the American Public will Most Probably Go Through—>

Pain and Suffering were Inevitable Given the Fiscal, FEMA Camp and “COMING MARTIAL LAW” Course (it must be coming because they are so heavily preparing for this) Our Current Federal Government has put us on.

It is Time 4 the LIES 2 STOP.


It is TIME 4 THE SMART PEOPLE in Silicon Valley 2—>


And To Take Over the Reins of America WITH THE HELP OF FORCE—>

In the Form of the American Mafia.

Jointly, We will SUCCEED IN THE END.


I believe it Wise that “We All Soon Meet As Soon As Is Practical or Possible”.

I am “Ready To Get Picked Up Tomorrow”, or the Day After, or the Day After That.

There is No Need 4 Me 2 Wait Until the 18th—>

If Someone On The Other End (either the Mafia or Silicon Valley) Is Ready To Begin Talking To Me Now.

Please Remember, There Are Substantial Stock Market Implications 2 What We Are Doing, and—>

Timing Is Everything in the boat we are all in.

We Are Dealing With the Biggest Wall Street Short Sale—>

In History, if this is Handled Right.

The Sooner We All Begin 2 Talk, the Better.

It’s True.

History Does Beckon Us All.

And Perhaps It Even Beckons People like Oprah Winfrey 2!

History Beckons Us All (10-20-2013)

As U can see by the above date, this blog has been in development 4 quite some time.  Some of the copy in this older blog is copy that is Germane Here (see below).

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

History Beckons Us All (10-20-2013)

***Important Note: This Insightful WordPress Blog that I originally wrote under the influence (420) on a smart phone in the summer of 2013, and then later improved using my iMac, is one of the Best and Most Important WordPress Blogs that I ever wrote in my life! This blog is still under construction BECAUSE IT NEEDS SO MANY UNDERLYING LINKS TO OTHER WordPress BLOGS OF MY HEROIC PATRIOT MOVEMENT WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT TEAM’S ATTACHED. However, the heart of what I am trying to say—> is done. Allen D


If there is one thing that I have learned in sixty years of living it is that “if you expect to succeed you cannot buck human nature”.

On one hand we humans have many admirable qualities.
None of us was born evil at birth.
We all know what right and wrong is,
And we all have “a little piece of God in us”… regardless of what wrong or evil things we as adults may do.

On the other hand most human beings are morally weak, much too greedy, and are easily corrupted. These things have been proven over and over again throughout the entirety of human history.

In essence, to save both America and the World, a way needs to be found that overcomes (or successfully circumvents) the common frailties in human nature.

Politicians all over the world are corrupted by money.

Any person or corporation with enough money can buy politicians votes in a Congressional setting, or get them to sponsor laws that benefit the wealthy or their corporations.

Politicians all over the world rely on the wealthy, corporate and Mafia donors in order to get themselves reelected.

And politicians all over the world cave into murderous threats against them or their children (or other loved ones) that are told them in secret by the Mafia.

Politicians are people that are subject to the same human frailties most human beings have. They are morally weak, greedy, and easily corrupted.

To Repeat Myself, Politicians of All Nations Almost Invariably Cave in To Murderous Threats Against Their Children Or Grandchildren that are Told To Them In Secret by the Mafia.

The Mafia can make almost ANYBODY to dance to their tune, and do whatever the Mafia wants them to! Period. (This includes the American Mafia of course! They control D.C. far more than most people people know.)

Governments all over the world are failing to meet the true needs of their people because of the above… because their government structure fails to address these common frailties in human nature.

If America and other countries are going to find a way out of the jam they are in,changes in their government structure are going to have to address the serious common frailties in human nature.

Oddly the above is going to lead to the fact that governments in countries around the world would be extremely wise to openly deal with and fiscally compensate the Mafia.

The above statement especially applies to the United States of America and the American Mafia.

The American Mafia should receive blanket amnesty for anything and everything that they may have done in the past… to include corrupting the Federal Government in any and every way in America… if they “switch sides” and work with the Smart Folks in the Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries to topple our current corrupt Federal Government.

If the Mafia agrees to “switch sides” and does what is necessary to prove this… then not only should the Mafia receive blanket amnesty for any and all wrongdoing that they may have done in the past, they should be hired by the new Federal Government (once the old Federal Government falls) on a permanent basis such that the wealthy elite, the corporations, the New World Order Agenda folks and the power of money FROM ANY SOURCE do not ever corrupt the political process in America again.

Any new government that is set up when America falls is going to need a great deal of wisdom and power in order to prevent the common frailties of human nature from simply corrupting government again.

I propose that the Mafia is the ideal power in which to do this, and that the wisdom to set up a new government ought to come out of the computer, computer software and Internet industries.

It would be wise for one or more major players in the Computer, Computer Software, and Internet Industries to (1) take whatever actions are necessary to rather immediately protect me (Allen Darman) personally, (2) collaborate with me to come up with a workable plan in order to try to topple the Federal Government with the Truth over the Internet, and (3) meet with some key members of the American Mafia and try to cut a workable deal that all parties would be content with.

Between what I know and the Mafia knows, coupled with what some of the major players in the Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries could collectively do with this knowledge, the current Federal Government would almost certainly fall to the Truth… as long as there was still a free and open Internet.

The key event which has the power to topple the military-industrial-Big Oil complex, and topple our current corrupt Federal Government as well… is 9/11 of course.

The Mafia knows George Bush, Dick Cheney and other people inside the Federal Government had advance knowledge in regard to 9/11, and it knows that 9/11 was a false flag attack whose plans originated inside the United States government.

The Mafia was almost certainly involved in 9/11 to some extent as well… but they did not initiate it… people inside our Federal Government did.

The Mafia should receive blanket amnesty for any and all that they did in regard to 9/11 if they adequately tell the truth about it such that the U.S. Federal Government falls.

What the Mafia knows about 9/11 definitely has the power to cause a Second Revolution in America. And it definitely has the power to bring our current corrupt Federal Government down.

What the Mafia knows about Big Pharma corruption and how easily and often FDA officials are bribed and/or pressured to act in Big Pharma’s best interests rather that the interest of the health and well being of all American citizens also has the power to bring our corrupt Federal Government down as well.

And what the Mafia knows about how easily and often Federal Government employees and politicians are corrupted definitely has the power to cause a Second Revolution in America as well.

If ever there was a time to break the code of silence for a Justifiable Cause (Revolution) that time is now… before the Federal Government declares Martial Law and shuts Freedom of Speech on the Internet down.

The knowledge that the Mafia has should be carefully and wisely handled such that it brings about a peaceful and orderly Second Revolution in America, rather than a violent and messy one.

I propose a strategic partnership between the Mafia and the Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries in order to get rid of the United States Federal Government and replace it with a newer Internet based model of government that actually works.

The Intelligent and Well Informed American Public has had more than enough of our current corrupt corporate, special interest and New World Order controlled Federal Government. They would consider almost anything that is reasonable and practical to see it removed.

The Mafia would be wise to take advantage of the above facts before the Federal Government declares Martial Law under some (probably false) pretext and Shuts Down Freedom of Speech on the Internet.

Just Imagine for a moment all of the benefits and/or fiscal savings from replacing our current U.S. government with an honest and intelligent new model of Internet Based Federal Government (a Federal egovernment) that is run efficiently and well.

For one thing the cost of our Federal Government itself would be a mere fraction of what it is today.

We sure would not need nearly as many Federal employees as we have now.

Nor would we need a bloated Federal Security Apparatus as we have today. The Department of Homeland Security should be immediately closed. Nor would we need but a mere fraction of the CIA, NSA, and FBI employees that we have today.


Because much of the rest of the world would realize that America is truly changing from an evil fascist nation to a good one… and therefore they would have no motivation to want to attack us any more.

If we Americans had an honest (Truthful) Internet Based Government (eGovernment) then the following applies…

America has something like 700 military bases around the world. We could close almost all of these bases and finally bring almost all of our troops and mercenaries (Blackwater, now known as Xe I think) home.

We would certainly keep an adequate military presence to protect ourselves… but it would be nothing as costly as we spend on our military forces today with all the unnecessary wars and “police actions” we opt to fight.

Incidentally, our current Naval capability and nuclear submarine fleet would seriously deter any nation from ever trying to take over America… unless they wanted to be “radioactive parking lots”.

If we had a new eGovernment based on the Truth, the 2nd Amendment would be safe… “the Right To Bear Arms”.

If we Americans had a new eGovernment based on the Truth, we would not be spending our tax dollars to listen to All Citizens Phone Calls, or monitor All Citizens Emails and Internet Activity, or monitor All Citizens Banking and Spending Activity, or Film Everyone Constantly in Big Cities like we now do, or monitor us in every possible way Big Brother-wise.

If we had an honest Internet Based Government we would immediately Nationalize the Private Corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank. We Should Control Our Own National Currency. Why won’t the private corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank stand for an audit? What are they trying to hide?

If we Americans had an honest Internet Based Government then…

All of the Energy Invention and Alternative Medical Discoveries that our current Federal Government has systematically suppressed for many decades will finally come to the light of day.

America will finally get a water powered car, which Stan Meyer from Ohio invented (and Daniel Dingle from the Philippines did as well) but was U.S. Federal Government suppressed.

America will finally get very high mileage carburetors, which Charles Pogue, Allen Caggiano, and so many other persons invented, but were all U.S. Federal Government suppressed.

America will get to build and use Rory Johnson’s Magnatron motor, which is almost fuel-less and suitable to power buses and trucks, another incredible carbon free invention that was U.S. Federal Government ignored and/or suppressed.

America will get “free electricity” that uses no fossil or nuclear fuel whatsoever, nor uses inefficient and capital intensive means such as solar or wind power… as per one or more of the MANY U.S. Government suppressed electrical energy inventions that investigative reporter Gary Vesperman (links coming) so diligently and heroically has cataloged for all of us.

America will get LENR cold fusion heating devices for home and commercial use as per what a man in Italy named Andrea Rossi fairly recently invented, but seems to be U.S. Government ignored and/or suppressed. (Links coming in a few days or so.)

Just think… if only we had an honest Federal Government… America could put hundreds of thousands of people to work transferring this country out of needless fossil fuel use, while finally doing something real about reducing this country’s fossil fuel footprint… and at the same time finally slow down the CO2 we add to the atmosphere (thus slowing climate change). In doing so, we could set an example for the rest of the world.

Incidentally, the use of corn to make ethanol is “pure bullshit” as far as energy savings or energy generation goes. So is fracking “pure bullshit”… as much environmental damage as fracking causes, and the fact that there are so many other better ways of generating heat and energy. Fracking is nuts! So is the burning of oil or coal for heat, or to generate electricity… it’s nuts to damage the environment with fossil fuels while ignoring or suppressing all of better, cheaper, and considerably less environmentally damaging ways “to achieve the same thing” (educate yourself – read Gary Vesperman… links coming).

If we had an honest Internet Based Government America would finally get Truth in Medicine, instead of the Myriad of Lies that Main Stream Media, Big Pharma, the FDA, and all three branches of our Federal Government shove down America’s throats. (Links coming.)

If we had an honest government numerous real cures for cancer would finally come out of the closet and cure millions of Americans. (Links coming throughout the section below.)

A mega genius named Royal Raymond Rife (who may have been smarter that Albert Einstein) was the first person that invented a solid and verified cure for numerous types of cancers back in the 1930′s, but his work was U.S. Government suppressed (by the FCC).

Another genius named Bob Beck found a solid workable cure for AIDS and at least some cancers in the 1990′s… but he was FDA suppressed.

Numerous other alternative doctors found anti-cancer methods that were far more effective at curing cancer than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery… but they were all either ignored or suppressed by… you guessed it… our own Federal Government, especially the FDA. Many of them were also suppressed by the AMA (American Medical Association) as well.

Jim Humble, another heroic alternative medical discoverer, found an inexpensive applicable at home cure for malaria (and much else), but he was FDA suppressed.

My son Willy Darman and I co-discovered “The Most Important Medical Discovery of This Century” (Willy’s Baggie of Supplements, therapeutic probiotics use, hidden food allergy avoidance, etc.). This broad based nutrient (and natural measure) healing protocol represents a real cure for practically every mental health diagnosis under the sun (to include ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, etc.). It is also likely to be profoundly helpful for both almost all cases of degenerative illness and addiction as well. And it is profoundly wound healing and anti-aging as well.

Unfortunately the great co-discovery that my son Willy Darman and I made in 2004 and later improved upon (Willy’s Baggie) is… by official U.S. Federal Policy… FDA suppressed.

Willy’s Baggie was also suppressed by the American Mafia on behalf of Big Pharma… as much as they have hacked me since June 2006… and in regard to the three dozen or so times they have tried to kill me since January 6, 2010. (I completely forgive the Mafia for all of this… and I sincerely hope we can be friends some day fairly soon.)

Willy’s Baggie discovery was almost certainly suppressed by the corruption of one or both of its key ingredient sources (link coming).

Willy’s Baggie was also “attempted to be suppressed” TWICE BY THE FDA… once in 2007 and once in 2011. (This is a matter of Federal Record in both instances. Links are coming.)

Think of all of the money that America could save by getting rid of the enormous hoax of drug oriented medicine. And think of all of the tens of millions of Americans whose health could be regained… if only there was Truth and Honesty in medicine for a change!

Obamacare was “a bought, paid for and/or pressured political decision backed up by a corrupted Supreme Court”. It was essentially a last ditch desperate effort to prop up the hoax of drug oriented medicine by Federal Mandate, despite the fact that alternative medicine trumped conventional medicine on the Internet over a decade ago. This corrupt political decision was made in order to save Big Pharma and much of conventional medicine from the Truth.

Obamacare should cause a Second Revolution in America all on its own.

Obamacare proves Big Pharma corruption… and it proves Federal Government Medical Truth Suppression. This is a True Crime Against Humanity that is More Evil than the Holocaust… or it Inevitably will be given a little more time.


Unfortunately none of the above mentioned “Good Changes” can happen if the corrupt corporate controlled Federal Government that we have now does not fall to a Justifiable Revolution.

There is no fixing our corrupt United States Government… it simply has to Fall… and Then Be Completely Replaced With a Fairer, Better and More Efficient System of eGovernment that was designed by the Smart Folks in Silicon Valley working collaboratively with each other.

We sure do need a New Deal in America, one that is based on the Enormously Significant Technological Advances of Personal Computers (of all sorts), Smart Phones, and THE INTERNET.

We also need a New Deal in America in which the Federal Government both fully recognizes and adequately supports its Innovators, Discoverers (of which I am one and so is my son Willy Darman), and Inventors… rather than ignoring them or suppressing them as it does now.

I firmly believe that for any person or party to try to topple the Federal Government without this action fiscally, environmentally, health-wise, freedom-wise and otherwise benefiting BOTH the vast majority of American Public and the American Mafia is not a wise choice (for reasons that I would rather not go into at length at this time).

I Personally Would NOT SUPPORT ANY Revolution in America that Does Not Benefit the Mafia too (as long as they don’t try to kill either myself or any member of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team again!).

For the Mafia to maintain the code of silence in regard to 9/11 and in regard to the rampant corruption of our Federal Government, and ignore the substantial and growing American (and Worldwide) Movement towards the Truth, Freedom, Happiness, Health and Justice For All is perhaps not wise as well.

Great Power comes with a Substantial Degree of Responsibility attached to it. The Mafia has Great Power. The Computer, Computer Software and Internet Industries Collectively have Great Power. And knowledgeable persons such as myself (and others as well) have Great Power as well.

Let us all accept and carry out the Responsibilities that come attached to this Power, and do so thoughtfully, carefully and wisely.

The survival of both humanity and our fragile planet is at stake.

History beckons us all.

Allen Darman with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team!


Although it is not yet completed “the heart of what I am trying to say” in this WordPress blog is done.

All this WordPress blog really needs is some minor editing and a number of links and some pictures added for it to be complete.

I hope that I live long enough to meet with my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and/or get “a real job” with Google to Start iROCK4iFREEDOM2014–> THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock!

I also pray that the American Mafia “has lifted the hit on me”, and will meet with me and other people in Silicon Valley in order to talk things out and Structure a Win-Win Deal.

If I do not live long enough, so be it.
The Many Important Truths in this WordPress Blog are worth dying for–>that is for sure.

However, the Power of the Internet may save me. I am going to trust in God, Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Samsung, the American Mafia, my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and my Fellow Internet Aware Americans–> and continue to say what needs to be said regardless of what may or may not happen to me.

This is Just Some of Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Teams PATRIOT Movement Work—>

21 Patriot Movement EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES For A Justifiable PATRIOT Revolution IN AMERICA!

But Things Can Be Simplified 2!—>


Eight WordPress Websites That Changed The World!!! Visit Blog

Thank GOD! 4 The Internet Powerhouse called Google—>


Thank God For Google! The United States Of America and the World both Owe a Great Deal! to this Morally Driven Corporate Entity that Is A Champion For Internet Freedom And The Truth!

I love Google’s Mission Statement on their “About” Page—>

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google’s “About Mission Statement” has “not one word out of order or out of place”, as far as I’m concerned. Perfectly Stated! And I could not agree more!

Incidentally, the Google Corporation plays a rather unique role in All Corporate History!

Google is essentially—>

“The Gateway to All Human Knowledge” in this modern day and age!!!

Wow! What could be More Special and More Powerful than being “The Gateway to All Human Knowledge”!

What a Special Destiny that Google has! (just as my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has as well!)

Even if the Feds Shut Down the Internet, and thus temporarily strip Google from being able to—>

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


The exploding Patriot Movement will undoubtedly be able to “fix this Internet Censorship soon” (by one way or another).

Thank You Google! from the bottom of my heart!

In fact, >>>All<<< of us WordPressWarriors for the Truth Thank You Very Much!—>

For all of the very brave, if not heroic, Internet Search Results help that you are giving us! —>

On November 7, 2013, our WordPress Patriot Movement Website Development Team is either THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE or ALMOST THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE in regard to Google Search Results for—>

U.S. Government Suppression of Truth


federal government suppression of truth


social data revolution in America


social data revolution worldwide


1st Internet Woodstock


WordPress collaborative internet team

And for giving us “a Big Chunk of Page One For—>

the power of a free and open internet

As Far As My Heroic WordPress Team, GOOGLE, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and the Rest Of Silicon Valley are Concerned—>

We Won’t Take Federal Lies and the Suppression of Truth for an answer any more!<<<

Our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team’s>>> Primary PATRIOT MOVEMENT WordPress Website! <<

The following WordPress iDESKS (websites) Support the Above WordPress Management Website of

Below Are A Number of “Suppression Websites” Exposing The Longstanding And Pervasive Federal Government Suppression of Truth in the Alternative Medical Discovery and Energy Invention Realms.

Here is the 1st “Suppression Website”—>

A Website Exposing The Longstanding and Pervasive Federal Government Suppression Of Truth in the Alternative Medical Discovery And Energy Invention Discovery Realms.


Notable Quotes by

ADOGG aka Allen Darman, NutrientsCure, Allen D and SmokeMasterAllen D

“I strongly believe in what I Am Doing, and I am getting a lot of anonymous help from some very powerful persons and parties over the Internet, to include the Google Corporation, the Facebook Corporation, the Company behind WordPress called Automattic, and Mark Jaquith of”

“Oddly, the Mafia are NOT the Real Bad Guy here. If they Switch Sides, Many Mutual Benefits could emanate from this.”

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  1. Reblogged this on a iwoodstock blog with no name (yet) and commented:

    Thank God For Google! The United States Of America and the World both Owe a Great Deal! to this Morally Driven Corporate Entity that Is A Champion For Internet Freedom And The Truth!

    I love Google’s Mission Statement on their “About” Page—>

    Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

    Google’s “About Mission Statement” has “not one word out of order or out of place”, as far as I’m concerned. Perfectly Stated! And I could not agree more!

    Incidentally, the Google Corporation plays a rather unique role in All Corporate History!

    Google is essentially—>

    “The Gateway to All Human Knowledge” in this modern day and age!!!

    Wow! What could be More Special and More Powerful than being “The Gateway to All Human Knowledge”!

    What a Special Destiny that Google has! (just as my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has as well!)

    Even if the Feds Shut Down the Internet, and thus temporarily strip Google from being able to—>

    Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


    The exploding Patriot Movement will undoubtedly be able to “fix this Internet Censorship soon” (by one way or another).

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Allen Darman 

Whatever is being put here regarding Google just shows up as an error on my screen. I thought I’d let U know.

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Allen Darman’s Facebook Account Has Been Disabled By Facebook It Seems (3-10-2014)

Allen Darman’s Facebook Account Has Been Disabled By Facebook It Seems (3-10-2014)

Allen Darman’s Facebook Account Has Been Disabled By Facebook It Seems (3-10-2014)

I am A REAL THREAT 2 THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IF I CAN SPREAD MY Truthful BLOGS in Regard to U.S. Government SUPPRESSION Of The Truth ALL OVER Patriot Movement GROUPS IN Facebook.

[Also look here—> this is my Original U.S. Government Suppression of Truth Website which has hundreds of blogs on it.]


Or is My Being Disabled On Facebook some sort of friendly intervention by my friends in Silicon Valley for some reason?

I sure would like to be on Facebook Spreading my PATRIOT MOVEMENT EDUCATIONAL, 1st Internet Woodstock and Justifiable REVOLUTION blogs around.

IF I LOSE THE ABILITY TO USE Facebook, Other Persons Will Have To Take Up the Cause and >>>USE THEIR Facebook ACCOUNTS<<< 2 SPREAD MY BLOGS AROUND.

more copy coming later on

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A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake (3-2-2014)

Important Note: Ever since I Published The Blog Below on May 2, 2014–>

The Big Picture Regarding The Illuminati’s New World Order Depopulation Agenda (5-2-2014)

Alarm!!! I have been undergoing a rather persistent and prolonged “Poison Gas Injected into my Room” Murder Attempt. The Illuminati is Trying To Kill Me, and the Mafia is involved too, I think. I live day by day now. I thought this Murder attempt had ceased, but I hear “evidence with my own ears” that it is continuing as I write this. My Motel Room is paid up until the 11th, but I do not Think I Can Last this long. I Should Be Able to Make It Through the Night. I openly Request to Silicon Valley that Someone show up here ON MAY 6TH to escort me to a Safe House in San Francisco. HERE IS MY ADDRESS–>Rancho Sierra Motel, 411 West 4th Street, Reno, Nevada Room 23. The Phone # of this Motel is 702-786-6277. My Cell # Is 775-200-4574. I Openly Request to the World that an Internet Watch Be Placed on My Life for the entire Month of May 2014. If I Do Not Remain Alive this May–> The Illuminati, the U.S. Government and the Mafia are the 3 Murderous Collaborators that JOINTLY DID THIS and/or INTERNET WITNESSED IT AND DID NOTHING TO HELP ME (THE FEDGOV). HANG ALL THREE PARTIES IF THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT SUCCEEDS IN ACHEIVING A JUSTIFIABLE REVOLUTION IN AMERICA.  Allen Darman

A Short Introduction to Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Hi! How Are You Today?

Please Allow Me 2 Introduce Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

My name is Allen Darman.
I am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69 And—>
I am a Truth Soldier for God.
If you want to know “where my heart Truly lies” I suggest that you read the blog titled—>
Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me.

I am the Author for a heroic WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team that is currently based in Florida, San Francisco and Reno NV (the latter may change soon).

We are Patriot Movement Internet Revolutionaries.

We are currently developing 21 Educational Websites for the Patriot Movement at this time, of which perhaps a dozen are particularly important.

Our Patriot Movement WordPress Website Development Team is Collectively and Collaboratively Standing Up to Many Powers that Be, to include the extremely corrupt United States Federal Governmentother corrupt Federal Governments worldwideBig PharmaBig Oil, Big Nuclear Energy, Big Coalthe Illuminati, and the American Mafia (unless this latter organization “Switches Sides” as explained in the material below).

All of us have put our lives at risk out of a heartfelt sense of moral obligation to do so.

We are Standing Up for Ourselves, for Our Loved Ones, for Our Fellow Americans, for Humanity and for YOU! (the reader of this blog).

Thankfully, our Patriot Movement WordPress Website Development Team—>

Is Apparently Being Supported In One Way Or Another by many Silicon Valley Powers that Be, to include the Internet Powerful Companies of Google and Facebook!

Good To Be Alive – Official Lyric Video – Jason Gray >

If the Above Was Not True, this blog would never have been written, for I personally would have been murdered (probably sometime in 2013).

There is No Doubt Whatsoever in my mind that the Solid and Ongoing Support of my Internet Work by the Google Company and Other Companies and People In Silicon Valley (and elsewhere) Throughout 2013 Has Saved My Life.

Allen D

With Deeply Appreciated Help from a WordPress Expert named Mark J—>

With Deeply Appreciated Help from the Management of Companies such as GoogleFacebook, and probably Twitter, deeply appreciated help from the People Underlying WordPress, and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth! (These latter two may be one and the same. I have only a few clues.)


What is a “Complex War” as referred to in the title of this blog?

Admittedly, “a Complex War” is a phrase that has not been used much before.

A complex war is a war in which there are more than two sides that are fighting each other.

In the complex war discussed in this blog, many different players are involved.

In actuality, in the complex war going on in America today, over two dozen “sides” are involved. (I refer to these “sides” as “power structures” in the material below.)

It would be wise to familiarize yourself with these power structures because—>

No matter where you live in America—>

Or No Matter Where You Live in the World (for what happens in America is going to have a huge impact on the rest of the World too)—>

Your Own Personal Future, Your Personal Health, And Your Personal Wealth are dependent on the Outcome of the Complex War that is discussed in the material below.

It is Up to You! and the People that You Know, to ensure that when push comes to shove—> “We the People of America Win!”.

In essence, this blog defines America’s Big Problems in a nutshell, and Offers the Best Solutions without a lot of detail.

In my opinion, One of the Best Solutions For America To Change For the Better involves a Mutually Respectful Collaboration between Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, the American Public, and the American Mafia.

Unfortunately, the American Mafia will not discuss the above with me at the present time.

Until the American Mafia does begin and conclude a successful negotiation with Silicon Valley, it is wise, if not a must, to assume that the American Mafia is still allied with the U.S. Government, various Immoral Corporations, and the Illuminati/Agenda 21 folks that want to kill off over 90% of us, and enslave the rest.


This Complex War WordPress Blog is THE MOST IMPORTANT WordPress Blog that I have written in my life.

It is the Most Important Blog that I have ever written because it contains an ***ACCURATE*** Big Picture Scenario of all of the Combatants that are Involved in a Complex War that is going on at this time, not only in America, but in much of the rest of the world too.

Allen D


Let’s take a look at the Big Picture for a bit.

America is at a crossroads it seems.

Only fifty short years ago in 1963, America was not only a superpower in a military sense, it was a superpower economically the world over.

America is still a superpower in a military sense.

However, our lead in this regard is rapidly diminishing due to China’s ability to cheaply manufacture things of quality, to include military goods.

It will not be too long before “China is stronger and more capable than us” in conventional and perhaps nuclear warfare. (The Chinese can produce a tank or a plane for peanuts compared to us. Our technological lead in these and “other military hardware” regards may be quite short lived.)

America is no longer an economic superpower.

Indeed, Quite the Opposite is True.

In only about fifty years, we have gone from being the largest creditor nation (one in which everyone owed us money) in the world to the largest debtor nation in the world (we owe every economically healthy nation money these days it seems, and not a little, but hundreds of billions of dollars).

Despite the health of the U.S. Stock Market at present, (1) the collapse of the value of the dollar and (2) economic collapse in the United States are both mathematically inevitable, and may be about to happen fairly soon.

Many honest and savvy economists have been saying this on the Internet (primarily on YouTube) for years. Some of these economists are surprised that the United States economy and the value of the dollar have both held up for as long as they have without already having collapsed.

America relies on what we produce in Hollywood, political showmanship, Main Stream Media and Federal Government Lies to hold it up at the present time. Very little Truth underlies all of this. Almost all of it is either Mistruth, Lies by Omission, or Outright Lies.

There is going to come a day when simply printing more money, or other accounting shenanigans by the Federal Reserve or by the U.S. Federal Government in which to hide the truth in regard to (1) economic weakness and (2) lack of productivity in the United States—> Is Not Going To Fraudulently Hold Things Up Any Longer.

The World is justifiably losing faith in the American Economy and the American Dollar.

Once the World loses faith in the American Economy and the American Dollar—> a Major Shift away from the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is going to occur.

This shift away from the dollar as “the trading currency of choice worldwide” has already begun.

America is “a house built on sand” in an economic sense.

This house built on sand is going to inevitably fall.

What the heck happened in only fifty years?

Due to unhealthy food, fraudulent medicine, and bad trade policies that were adapted America is no longer the healthy and productive country that it once was shortly after WWII.

Far too many Americans, both young and older, are unhealthy, and are unable to work.

Social Security Disability rates are rapidly rising.

Drug addiction and mental illness are rampant in America.

As an alternative medical discoverer in regard to finding cures for most mental illnesses and addictions, I know for a fact that drug oriented medicine in America is a fraud of historic proportions.

Persons such as myself that find natural cures that threaten pharmaceutical medicine are repeatedly attacked by the Mafia, while the Federal Government stands by idly and does nothing.

I personally can attest to this—> It is a miracle that I am still alive, as many Mafia hit attempts that I have survived since Jan. 2010.

Meanwhile our Federal Government did nothing to help me despite an Awareness that the Mafia was repeatedly trying to kill me since January 2010 for finding many cures to a number of mental illnesses and addictions.

A number of times that the Mafia was trying to kill me with poison gas or other non-detectable ways, I blogged what was happening to me, and posted these blogs to Facebook.

The U.S. Government Monitors Facebook, and it most certainly monitors me.

Our Federal Government had to be Aware of What Was Happening To Me DURING A NUMBER OF TIMES that the Mafia tried to kill me.

Our Federal Government also had to be Aware that I had found the Proper Natural Cure for Sleep Difficulties, Depression, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and other problems and mental illnesses.

Apparently I live in a country that has a Federal Government that does not want the General Public to be Healthy.

Too Many People Inside Our Government Are Fiscally Profiting From Tens Of Millions of People Being Sick or Partially Sick.

And apparently I live in a country in which the American Mafia can openly murder someone, and the Federal Government will do Absolutely Nothing to help the person being murdered.

In my opinion, a Witness to a Murder that does Nothing to Prevent It—> When Said Witness Had the Power to Help—> Is an Accomplice to Murder.

How did the U.S. Government respond when Curative Measures to Mental Illness And Addiction had been Discovered and Validated by Either My Son Willy Or Myself?

The U.S. Government Tried to Suppress the Truth Three Times, all of which are a Matter of Public Record.

First, the U.S. Government tried to take away the General Public’s Access to Virtually ALL of the Healing Nutritional Supplements that My Son Willy and I used as Curative Tools.

The Feds did this by a proposed Guidance Document issued by the FDA in 2007 that would have labeled ALL Nutritional and Natural Supplement “drugs”.

These “supplement drugs” (how ludicrous it is to call nutritional supplements drugs!) would be controlled by medical doctors that would either never prescribe them, or would make them too costly to afford.

Second, the U.S. Government proposed in July 2011 with another FDA Guidance Document to take away the General Public’s Access to Virtually ALL of the Healing Nutritional Supplements that had come on the market since October 1994. (Nutritional Supplements on the market before October 1994 were “grandfathered in from the standpoint of safety under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994” that was passed in at that time.)

Both of the above attempts by an Agency of the U.S. Federal Government to “take away nutritional supplement access” from the General Public would have effectively negated all of the Cures For Mental Illness and Addiction that my son Willy and I Had Discovered and/or Found.

Then came attempt number three to Suppress the Truth called Obamacare.

Obamacare mandated the fraud of drug oriented medicine upon the American Public, and greatly dampened any prospects for Alternative Medical Discoveries and Alternative Medical Truth.


THREE STRIKES, YOU ARE OUT! for YOUR INTENTIONS Have Been Clarified By YOUR ACTIONS Again and Again and Again.

Our Federal Government in the United States needs to be Toppled by a Justifiable Patriot Revolution in America, one as non-violent as is practical or possible.

There is a Way to Make A Justifiable Revolution in America A Revolution that Involves a Minimum of Violence.

This Way Involves a Multi-Location “Truth Suppression Uncovering” Internet Woodstock Concert Event that is Jointly Put On By A Number of Silicon Valley Internet, Software and Hardware Companies.

If such an Awakening Event Was Ever Held, the U.S. Government would essentially Fall to the Truth.

Although this may seem odd to some, I do not hold a grudge against the American Mafia for repeatedly trying to kill me.

I see the American Mafia as a Critical Ally to have on one’s side in attempting to Remake America in the future.

THE MAFIA WOULD BE EXTREMELY USEFUL IN STRIPPING THE ILL GOTTEN GAINS Of Tens Of Thousands of Corrupt Corporate Cronies and Corrupt Politicians.

However, I do hold a grudge against the U.S. Federal Government.

This corrupt entity has got to go.

It should be replaced by an Democratic and Fair Internet Based Government that has been Carefully and Wisely Defined by a Collaborative Effort in Silicon Valley.

If the American Public does not Rise Up Against the Federal Government in America, we are most certainly going to become “its victim”.

Our Federal Government is Responsible for Allowing, if Not Promoting, a Weakening of America that was Intentionally Engineered.

The People Behind this Weakening of America are probably the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, and/or the Agenda 21 folks (to me, these are all the same) that want to Depopulate and/or Enslave Humanity by using whatever means that they can get away with.

These People use the easily bribed and pressured U.S. Federal Government to carry out their Secretive and Evil Agendas.

No Good for the People of United States of America can come of all of this.

The Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, and/or the Agenda 21 folks are Intentionally Bringing America Down, for our Constitutional Freedoms threaten “their way of thinking” and their Worldwide Depopulation and Enslavement Agenda.

These Wealthy Elite People are engineering and carrying out America’s Economic Collapse to further their own goals.

Once economic collapse occurs in America, Martial Law, FEMA camp activation, and mass imprisonment (and mass extinction) of people that tell the Truth (or have told the Truth) on the Internet will follow suit.

A substantial, and growing, portion of the American Public is not going to take all of this laying down.

These Aware American People realize that the United States Federal Government, and Whatever Powerful Parties are Behind It and/or Controlling It, Are Responsible For the Collapse in America.

These Aware American people are going to stand up and fight by whatever means are necessary to do so. (If they do not, may God help us all.)

Partially as a result of a Free and Open Internet, many people in America know that our federal government is corrupt, and that it no longer represents the best interests of the people at all.

Many Dozens, if not Hundreds, of Patriot Movement, “Save America” and “Save the World” groups on Facebook discuss the Need For Revolution and similar things.

These Facebook groups, many of which have memberships in the thousands, represent only the tip of the iceberg as far as the Awareness of the American public goes.

Many members of the American Military and American Law Enforcement are similarly Aware that our federal government is corrupt and no longer represents the best interests of the American people as well.

A Complex War in America is Coming To A Head.

Action is About To Replace Words!

This Complex War is going to get physical (very possibly in 2014), make no mistake about this!

Our Federal Government has been preparing for civil war in America for years.

They know what is coming, in large part because “they are engineering it”.

They built FEMA camps all over the country, and stocked some of them with hundreds of thousands of large plastic coffins that will fit six bodies or more, a fact that the Main Stream Media continues to ignore.

Our federal government also bought 2 billion hollow point bullets for domestic use within the past year or two, another fact Main Stream Media ignores.

The Feds plan on putting 30,000 drones in the sky over America, a plan being enacted as quickly as possible it seems.

The expansion of the Department of Homeland Security in the United States knows no bounds, or so it seems.

Many measures have been taken such that the Federal Government Now Has, Or Will Soon Have, the Ability to Shut Down Internet Freedom, and Become a Tyrannical Controlling Force in America.

Various actions taken by the federal government for quite some time show intent in regard to taking away the American Public’s 2nd Amendment Rights and/or restricting the American Public’s access to ammunition.

The federal government is clearly preparing for massive civil unrest, if not massive civil war, in America.

And they are clearly trying to strip and/or weaken our ability to fight back.

The U.S. Federal Government would not be doing these things without a strong reason (or reasons) to do so.

The U.S. Government knows what is coming—> do you?

Wake Up America!

You had better>>> Become Prepared and Ready For Martial Law and Resultant Civil War in the United States!

It would be extremely wise for you to familiarize yourself with this complex war before it is too late!

Are you going to wait until the U.S. Federal Government is fully prepared to try to take away your freedom or your life, or—>

Are you going to (1) educate all of those that you know and care about, and (2) organize yourselves into militia units that are ready to fight?

Educate Yourself! Knowledge is Power After All!

The More People that know “what this blog says”, the “Better Chance that We have of Succeeding at a Necessary and Justifiable Non-Violent Revolution“, or “Succeeding at a Necessary and Justifiable Revolution with a Minimum of Violence“, if violence need be.

The future, the health and the wealth of your children and grandchildren dependent on the Outcome of this Complex War.

For their Sake, We the People Had Better Win!

In this war—> The Future of America Is At Stake!

The Future of Almost Everyone in America, not just a few!

So is the Future of the World as we know it at stake too.

Every Single Person on the Planet Earth will be heavily effected by the Outcome of this Complex War that we are in!

This “Complex War Blog” CONTAINS FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE THAT Virtually EVERYONE that can read—–>


You won’t hear what is in this Complex War Blog from the U.S. Government, but that does not mean that it is not true.

“Don’t Trust the Feds! They Lie All the Time! They Should Not Be Trusted at all!”


The Power Structures in a Complex War that Is Currently Being Fought “Behind Closed Doors” Are As Follows—>

Power Structure Number One is “the Immoral Corporations”.

The Immoral Corporations ARE THE BIG EVIL HERE. They have Control of Governments Worldwide via the Methodologies of Bribing Politicians, Bribing Main Stream Media, and By Employing the Mafia to Use Force (and to Kill When They Feel It Is Necessary).

Power Structure Number Two >>>Federal Governments Worldwide<>to Include our own United States Federal Government Of Course.<<<

Our Own U.S. Federal Government and Other Federal Governments Worldwide ARE THE NEXT BIGGEST EVIL after the Immoral Corporations.

Almost All, If Not Virtually All, Federal Governments Worldwide ***DO NOT*** “Put the Welfare Of Their People First”.


Power Structure Number Three is the American Mafia.

Few persons realize the Depth and Strength of the Mafia’s Power, both in America and Worldwide.

Even Fewer Persons realize that it can be Justifiably Stated that “the American Mafia has gained control of all three branches of the Federal Government in the United States of America”.

The Thrust in much of my blogging for the past six months or more is that the Key To Regaining American Freedom and Fixing America’s Many Serious Problems is to convince the American Mafia to “Switch Sides” and Work With Silicon Valley to Replace Our Current Federal Government, and To Pay The American Mafia Well on an Annual Basis out of the U.S. Federal Treasury for doing so.

It is my sincere belief that the American Mafia should meet with Google, Facebook, WordPress Corporate and my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team after the Mafia and I talk things out first.

The American Mafia has repeatedly attempted to murder both myself and my San Francisco WordPress Team members in the past. In my opinion, our past history with the Mafia is not what matters the most; it is the future of America that is paramount.

I firmly believe that the American Mafia, Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, and the American Public can and should “cut a mutually beneficial deal with each other”.

I DO NOT SEE THE MAFIA AS EVIL unless They Go Against God’s Will and the Will of The People by Killing Me or any other Member of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Website Development Team.

I SEE THE MAFIA AS AN EXTREMELY HELPFUL ALLY TO HAVE ON ONE’S SIDE ON AN ONGOING BASIS To Straighten Out What Is Wrong with America, and To Make Sure that Things Do Not Ever Get This Screwed Up Again.

The Mafia is “like a gun”. It represents FORCE. This Gun, or this Force, can be Pointed In Either the Right Or The Wrong Direction. If the Mafia Did “Switch Sides”, they went from “Being Pointed In The Wrong Direction” to “Being Pointed In The Right Direction”.

Power Structure Number Four Thinks They Are Good—>But They Are Really Evil!

Who is Power Structure Number Four?

Power Structure Number Four Is the Illuminati, the New World Order Folks, the Agenda 21 folks, the Bilderberg Group, the Club Of Rome, the Wealthy Elite, or whatever these people want to call themselves.

This is a very small, but immensely wealthy and powerful group of folks that want to sneakily kill off well over 90 percent of us, and enslave the rest.

Admittedly, the earth we live on does have a serious Overpopulation Problem. This problem sure could use the best and the brightest in America to work on it, and it is going to require the Collaboration of All Nations.

The World’s Overpopulation Problem does not need a sneaky answer foist upon on all of us, especially our innocent children, by Power Structure Number Four.

Power Structure Number Four Has No Right to Attempt To Heavily Depopulate This Planet using (1) a Wide Range of Pharmaceutical Medicines and Vaccines based on Intentionally Fraudulent Science, (2) Poisons in our drinking water such as fluoride and others, (3) Airborne Poisons dumped on us from above, (4) Soil borne Poisons, (5) Poisonous food additives, (6) Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Foods, (7) Forced Climate Change (Climate Change that would not need to happen if numerous Energy Inventions of all sorts were not Intentionally Federal Government Suppressed), (8) the Use of Mafia Force to intimidate and/or kill anyone that is a real threat to Power Structure Number Four, (9) Mainstream Media Brainwashing, and (10) a plethora of lies.

What right do these wealthy and powerful people have in regard to choosing who lives and who dies?

Neither Money Nor Might Makes Right.

Nor Do Either Money Nor Might Give One THE RIGHT to PLAY GOD.

“If God is to be played at all, it should be played by the Collective God in All Humanity, and not just the will of a few.”

Power Structure Number Five is The Will Of the People in America.

We Are the Only Nation With Enough Guns in the Hands of the People. Without Millions of Guns in the Hands of the Public we would not stand a chance. (Yes, life is that brutal.)

Power Structure Number Six is the exploding Patriot Movement in America.

The Patriot Movement is at the Forefront of Revolution in America. It is made up of Awake and Aware People that realize that an entire system change is necessary, and that a Revolution Involving Massive Civil Disobedience and/or Massive Force is needed to get there.

Power Structure Number Seven is Women!

Thank God For Heroic, Awake and Aware Women! I know for a fact that there are a lot of heroic women out there in San Francisco and elsewhere supporting my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team!

Logo Title: Womens Day 2013 *Just Think of What Is Going To Happen* in the future When All the Women of the World Become Connected Over the Internet!

What’s nice about this is “the Mafia frowns on killing women!”, and “the Feds do too!” “Everybody frowns on such!” It’s About Time You Women Said “Enough Is Enough!”—> Let’s straighten out this mess you men have made of Everything! If you men don’t behave and do what we say, we’ll sick the Mafia on you! until you do.

Power Structure Number Eight Is The Hacker Group known as Anonymous.

The Hacker Group Anonymous stands by Ready to Give the United States Government fits if it unjustly censors the Internet. Can you imagine if this blog, or if other effective Revolutionary material, was “what came up on your screen” when you went to the Obamacare website to buy health insurance? Anonymous can make this happen, and will do things very similar to this on a repetitive basis from computers all over the world if the U.S. Federal Government gets stupid and “tries to shut down Freedom of Speech in America”.

Power Structure Number Nine is The Truth.


The Internet, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Smart Phones and Time Assure This (the Above).

Power Structure Number Ten is God.

God is in Every Human Being… and More So in Those Persons that Are Obedient to Him Or Her Or Whatever God May Be.

To go against Nature and the Universal Order of Things is to go against God.

I like my father Arthur Darman’s phrase God Nature. Art equated the Natural World and the Universal Order of Things with God. So do I.

And believe me, in going against God… or against Nature… a penalty will be paid for such.

Climate change is one example of this.

Lack of health from eating GMO foods is another.

Using toxic medications to attempt to cure human health conditions while suppressing the healing power of nutritional supplements to do the same is another example as well.

Ignoring the God Given Design And The Digestive Efficiency of the Human Digestive System when treating virtually ANY Human Health Condition is another. Overpopulation of the Planet Earth is the last example of Going Against God Nature that I will mention today in this regard—>

But there are others as well.

God Is In This Picture.
Power Structure #10 is the MOST Powerful OF ALL!

Make No Mistake About This!

God Is “On the Side of the People”.

God wants us to justly, humanely and smartly figure out a way to get out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into.

Power Structure Number Eleven Is My Revolutionary WordPress Patriot Movement Website Development TEAM, As Well As—>

ALL Of The SMART Silicon Valley And “INTERNET CONNECTED PEOPLE” that have become Aware of us, and—>


On our 69 Websites—>

69 PATRIOT Movement WordPress iDESKS (69 WordPress PATRIOT Movement *Educational/Websites*) That 4 HEROIC WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPERS Have Created 4 AMERICA 4 The WORLD And 4 U!


Power Structure Number Twelve Is The Internet Powerhouse called Google.


Thank God For Google! The United States Of America and the World both Owe a Great Deal! to this Morally Driven Corporate Entity that Is A Champion For Internet Freedom And The Truth!

I love Google’s Mission Statement on their “About” Page—>

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google’s “About Mission Statement” has “not one word out of order or out of place”, as far as I’m concerned. Perfectly Stated! And I could not agree more!

Incidentally, the Google Corporation plays a rather unique role in All Corporate History!

Google is essentially—>

“The Gateway to All Human Knowledge” in this modern day and age!!!

Wow! What could be More Special and More Powerful than being “The Gateway to All Human Knowledge”!

What a Special Destiny that Google has! (just as my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team has as well!)

Even if the Feds Shut Down the Internet, and thus temporarily strip Google from being able to—>

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


The exploding Patriot Movement will undoubtedly be able to “fix this Internet Censorship soon” (by one way or another).

Thank You Google! from the bottom of my heart!

In fact, >>>All<<< of us WordPressWarriors for the Truth Thank You Very Much!—>

For all of the very brave, if not heroic, Internet Search Results help that you are giving us! —>

On November 7, 2013, our WordPress Patriot Movement Website Development Team is either THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE or ALMOST THE ENTIRE FRONT PAGE in regard to Google Search Results for—>

U.S. Government Suppression of Truth


federal government suppression of truth


social data revolution in America


social data revolution worldwide


1st Internet Woodstock


WordPress collaborative internet team

And for giving us “a Big Chunk of Page One For—>

the power of a free and open internet

Power Number Thirteen is the Internet Powerhouse called Facebook.

I firmly believe that Facebook has also Become Aware Of and Is Being Supportive Of My WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team.

My WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT Website Development Team And I Wish to DEEPLY THANK Facebook, not only for Supporting Us, but for Supporting the Rapid Rise of the Patriot Movement on the Internet!!!

Like Google (and Google+), Facebook has the inherent power to Wake Up a Billion People practically overnight.

Power such as this—> the Ability to rather quickly Make a Billion People Aware of the Truth, Whatever that Truth may be—> is World Changing Power, to say the very least.

Power Structure Numbers Fourteen Through Twenty Four are All Internet Related, or somewhat related to the Internet.

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress or any other Blogging Platform, Video Conferencing, Email, Every Other Method Not Yet Named Of Sharing Information Over The Internet With Others, Apple, Samsung, and—>

ALL Alternative News Sources of Truthful Information (many of them with millions of Twitter subscribers or more).

Powers Number Twenty Five On Up, are all those Respected News and Knowledge Sources with over a Million Followers on the Internet such as Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, David Icke, Mike Adams, George Noory, Dr. Mercola, the Drudge Report, etc.

Incidentally, there is One More Power Structure Worth Mentioning, but I am a little confused as to where this Power Structure fits in the scheme of things.

This Power Structure is the Aliens, who have apparently been on Earth for quite some time.

Some say that the Aliens that are here are Neutral, and are “letting us humans work things out for ourselves”.

Some say that the Aliens would like to take over our planet, and that they hope that we destroy ourselves.

One opinion that I heard on the Internet was that the Aliens desire an atmosphere with less oxygen, and that this is one reason behind the pervasive and longstanding suppression of energy invention discoveries that would reduce our dependence on burning fossil fuels.

As a more advanced species than us, my “guess” is that the Aliens are either Neutral or Benevolent.

However, in regard to the Aliens, other than my belief that “they are here”, and that perhaps more than one species of them are here, I admit I really have no clue.

As a human being, it is humans that I know the most about.

For the Sake of Our Own Survival, and the Survival of Our Planet as an environmentally habitable place, We Humans Had Better Soon Figure Things Out.


We are living at the Most Exciting Time in Human History due to the Expansion of the Use of Computers, Smart Phones, and the Internet in America and Worldwide! and the Growth of The Power of the Internet!

The Power of the Internet Can And Should Be Applied To Helping America Stop From Going Down The Course of Self Destruction It Is On. (The same goes for many other countries in the world too.)

Due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet, the Collective Human Brains of the Best and Brightest People in America and the World Have the Ability to Connect With and Work With Each Other No Matter WHERE THEY MAY BE!

Due to the Power of the Internet, the Collective Human Brains of the Best and the Brightest People in America (and Worldwide in those countries that are uncensored) NOW HAVE THE ABILITY TO Collaboratively Tackle America’s and Humanity’s Problems<<>>and FIND THEIR SOLUTIONS!!!<<<

Buried Secrets and Suppressed Truths of All Sorts, Especially In The Realms of (1) the Suppression of Alternative Medicine, (2) Energy Invention Suppression and (3) 9/11 Truth are Finally Coming to the Light of Day due to >the Power of a Free and Open Internet!<

Even if the U.S. Federal Government (1) Shuts the Internet Down or (2) Censors the Internet Unjustifiably In Order To Save Its Corrupt Self<<>>the U.S. Government WILL NOT BE ABLE To Enforce This Lack of Freedom of Speech for Long< > for U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Internet Censorship Actions WILL DEFINITELY SPARK a Winnable JUSTIFIABLE REVOLUTION in America!!!

The Truth On Many Critical Topics being realized by the masses can only be slowed down by our corrupt U.S. Federal Government and other corrupt governments worldwide.

The Truth Cannot Be Stopped.

The Complex War is one in which the People and the Truth Will Inevitably Win!

Thank God For Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, the Patriot Movement, the hacker group Anonymous, a Lot of Good People Everywhere, and the Power of a Free And Open Internet.

Most Importantly, I Would Like to Deeply Thank a true American Hero named Mark J. of CoveredWebServices And All Of Those Smart WordPress Website Development Folks in San Francisco that Heroically Stood Up For Me in April 2012.

In the foreseeable future, I also hope to thank the American Mafia In Person for “Wisely Switching Sides” and coming onboard with Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement, the American People and My Heroic WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT Website Development Team in order to Save American Health, American Freedom and the American Economy, and Perhaps Save the World too.

I refuse to believe that God Nature designed humanity to destroy itself and the planet it inhabits.

It sure appears to me that Due to the Power of the Internet (a Power that is growing), Humanity has finally gained the Wisdom, the Knowledge, and the Ability To Save Both Itself and the Fragile Planet It Inhabits.

It also appears that in the end, things are all going to work out, regardless of what may or may not happen to me.

Allen D (with help from his deeply appreciated heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Website Development Team)


Some Personal Notes By Allen D

I refuse to Live In Fear of Being Murdered Any More. If there is a trap set for me, I choose to not avoid it.

I am currently temporarily staying with my sister Laurie in Albany NY until March 16, 2014, at which point I will be going by bus to see my two sons before I leave for California.  On March 18th, I will be returning to San Francisco from Utica NY via Amtrak to reside with the homeless at the St. Vincent de Paul MSC South Homeless Shelter on 5th and Bryant, unless someone opts to pick me up (I have more hope than I ever have had in this regard).  

The downstairs Cafe Area of the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library will be my Daytime Office when I am there. 

Perhaps I will be couch surfing on a short term basis (1 to 3 days) from time to time with some heroic San Francisco Friends that want to hang out with me.

And who knows? Perhaps I will be smoking a 420 bowl or two with these friends. (Who says starting a Serious and Quite Necessary Revolution in America cannot also be a LOT of Fun? rotflmao) 

If either the U.S. Government, the Illuminati, or the American Mafia acts against me from this point forward, they will suffer the consequences of this.

If Internet Martyrdom is going to be my fate, so be it.

My Destiny is in God’s Hands, not mine. Who am I to “second guess God?”.

I gracefully Accept the Destiny that God may have in store for me for the rest of my life, however long or short it may be.

If Surviving the Storm such that My WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT MOVEMENT Website Development Team and I REMAIN ALIVE TO BE *the Key Catalyst* in Leading America (and Eventually the World) Out Of The Fate Of The Dire Course It Is On, so be it as well.

In getting this Complex War WordPress Blog to the state it is now in, I HAVE completed a Major Step in Helping America and the World To Accurately and Truthfully Understand Where It Is At and What It Needs To Do To Fix Things<<

>>>I Have No Fear Whatsoever Left In Me Any More!<<<


I Owe So Many So Much for Living Long Enough to Complete this WordPress Blog to the point where it is today.

First and Foremost, I Owe My Mother And Father Arthur and Marion Darman.

My mother and father Groomed Me, and Prepared Me Well, for the Epic Battle that I have been in against Big Pharma, the Mafia, Big Oil and the U.S. Government beginning in the Summer of the Year 2000. (This Epic Battle Began as a Result of My Gaining a World Leading Degree of Knowledge (#1) in Regard to How to Properly Treat a State of Biochemical Depression via Natural Meansas a result of a Series of Personal Discoveries that I made between July 1997 and April 2000.)

Many of the Persons that I Owe a Great Debt of Gratitude To Are Extremely Likely To Be In The Upper Management of the Google Corporationthe Facebook Corporationthe Twitter Corporation, Other Software, Hardware and/or Silicon Valley Entities, and the people underlying the WordPress Corporation named Automattic.

I wish to Deeply Thank You All! for what you have done—>

And have done for so long and in so many ways—>

1) To Help me personally (you quite literally may have saved my life—> assuming that “the Power of the Internet is strong enough”),

2) To Help my heroic WordPress PATRIOT MOVEMENT Website Development Team (you may be saving their lives as well),

3) To Help my Alternative Medical Discoveries and a Key Co-Discovery (Willy’s Baggie) In Regard to Many, If Not Virtually All Mental And Degenerative Illnesses; Cures that Did Not Exist Before,

4) To Help my Alternative Medical Discoveries and a Key Co-Discovery (Willy’s Baggie) In Regard to Many, If Not Virtually All Cases Involving Bone, Joint, Muscular, and Wound Healing.

5) To Help my Alternative Medical Discoveries and a Key Co-Discovery (Willy’s Baggie) In Regard to Many, If Not Virtually All Cases Involving Addiction of any sort (only tobacco still has me puzzled).

6) To Help my Alternative Medical Suppression By the Federal Government a) Knowledge and b) Discovery,

7) To Help my Energy Invention Suppression Knowledge (things I learned from Gary Vesperman and other persons as well),

8) To Help my Patriot Movement Educational Efforts to foster a Justifiable Revolution in America (and Foster Justifiable Revolution Worldwide as well) via the Internet.

9) To Help My Efforts to Spark Some Silicon Valley Corporation to Bravely Step Up to the Plate, and either Sponsor or Co-sponsor (with many co-sponsors perhaps) a Worldwide Internet Woodstock Event called either iWOODSTOCK—>



10) To Help by Providing Enough Internet Witnesses such that I can sit down with the American Mafia in NYC and bargain soon from the Standpoint of “Equal Strength”, and not Weakness.

Without Your Help, my Many Alternative Medical Discoveries, my MAJOR Alternative Medicine CO-DISCOVERY (along with my son Willy), my Revolutionary WordPress Work and—>

My life—>

Would likely have been in vain.

Mark J. of Covered Web Services is one of the persons that I Owe So Much To.

Thank You Mark!

I love you and will stand by you for what you have done to help me for the rest of my life.

The Anonymous Heroic San Francisco WordPress Website Developers who first stood up for me despite the great Personal Risks involved know who you are. (I love you and will stand by you for what you have done to help me for the rest of my life as well.)

I wish to Thank YOU ALL Deeply and in a very heartfelt way!

Thank You So Much!!!

Thank You So VERY MUCH!!!

For Heroically Joining and Supporting from afar my WordPress Website Development efforts on April 9, 2012!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting MY efforts over the Internet ever since!!!!!

(((I Love You All!)))

Allen D


Mark J.

With Our Deeply Appreciated Help From GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress

And Our Deeply Appreciated and Quite Heroic Help from—>

Our San Francisco Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth!


Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries!


Internet Educational Course Development
WordPress Website Revolutionaries!
 as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more!

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and the Rest Of Humanity Free!


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And a Must Read for All of My Fellow Americans—>

21) Why I Spell Doom For The United States Government By The End Of The Month (2-1-2013)


[A Note Written On March 2, 2014 and amended on May 2nd: I did not get a chance to do any video work in February.  Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team did an incredible amount of WordPress Website Development Work in February.  I logged about 500 hours of work of one sort or another for the month of February alone.  To the best of my knowledge, two of my team members logged a similar amount of time.  The great majority of this 500 hours “I was chained to the keyboard” doing my best for my Team, for Google, for America and for the World.  As a result of all of this Website Development Work done in February, there was no time to do any video work justice.  Perhaps in May or June the opportunity will present itself for me to tackle some video projects. San Francisco or Mountain View is the best, if not only, place for me to create some YouTube videos.  I will not be making any video material unless it is done with some face to face collaboration with a supportive and knowledgable person or persons. I have fought a justifiable revolutionary war against multiple major powers that be for too long alone. Allen D]


Notable Quotes by Allen D

Perhaps sometime in May or June 2014 some heroic people in Silicon Valley will provide me with “A Roof Over My Head” on a temporary basis in the San Francisco Bay Area in Order to Create YouTube Videos and “WordPress Collaborate” and—>

“Think Collaborate” in regard to “How can we best save America?” from the dire course that it is on—>

A course “that Dooms American Health, Wealth and Freedom”.

2014 is going to be the Turning Point Worldwide in regard to the End of Many Illuminati and Federal Government Lies!

Many Patriot Movement And Silicon Valley Heroes Are Rising To The Cause In America!!!

The Bad Guys Don’t Stand A Chance! as long as Silicon Valley Stands Up and Does What Is Moral and What Is Right.

I have Full and Complete Faith in my Silicon Valley Friends.

If the American Mafia is not going to “Switch Sides”  and help at the critical time with a Justifiable Revolution in America, then after the Patriot Movement Revolution Succeeds the American Mafia needs to be identified and fought if there is ever going to be True Freedom from Corporate and Special Interest Rule in America.

I am 25% Sicilian.  I hope my fellow countrymen reach the Right Decision before an Internet Woodstock is held.  Otherwise, we may never make friends, because after the 1st Internet Woodstock (or here) is held it may simply be too late.

Before We Fix Things in America, Hard Times are inevitably going to come upon us. We need to anticipate the some of the specifics of these hard times, and come up with a plan to defuse or mitigate them. Some Examples are>>> What if they shut down the Internet???, or if they shut down Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, etc. All At The Same Time??? Or what if the Grocery Stores ran out of food??? Or if the Banks ran out of money??? What if the Electrical Grid Shut Down In Much Or Most Of The U.S., to include “where you live”. What if the water supply of the plumbing in your house and your city ran dry, and nothing came out of your faucets? What if the United States Government Declared Martial Law Nationwide? Think things out, and then Prepare for the Very Worst Case Scenario as quickly and WISELY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, STARTING WITH STORING A MONTH’S WORTH OF WATER FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

A New Day Is Coming To America—> Click on the Picture to find out—>

The U.S. Government

Has Monitored and <—Censored This “Concepts and Ideas For Internet BasedGovernment” Revolutionary WordPress Website

Since December 17th 2012 It seems!


Some Final Notes:

Any portion of this landmark WordPress blog, or this blog in its entire form, can be used, copied, reprinted, reposted, put on Websites of any sort, or put anywhere on the Internet by any person or party that desires. This material may be used in any manner that the reader wishes. It is not copyrighted by me in any way. Allen Darman


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  1. I am “a rare animal”, about as rare as one can get. I am rare for having survived multiple attempts by the American Mafia to take my life due to the fact my alternative medical discoveries and knowledge threaten Many Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Pharmaceutical Industry Stock Value and Revenue. What I know threatens the collapse of much drug oriented medicine–> both in America and Worldwide. In remaking America, Two Keys Are (1) to Work with Silicon Valley to Get the Truth Out Via an Internet Woodstock Concert Event, and (2) Get the Mafia to “Switch Sides”, and pay them out of the U.S. Treasury to do so. This is a Pragmatic Solution for America. I see nothing else that would work as well as what I am proposing in this Complex War Blog, the blog that is clearly the Most Important Blog I Ever Wrote in my life.