Some Great News! For Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team: Jim Humble And The Miracle Mineral Supplement Folks Have Become Aware Of Our Plight And Picked Up A Number Of Our Key WordPress Blogs Up On One Of Their Websites (1-14-2013)

***Important Notes: Some More Copy than what is below is coming as soon as I can get to it. This Particular Key WordPress Blog is going to be written on an ongoing basis over the next four or five days or so.

I want to do Jim Humble and the Miracle Mineral Supplement Folks **Justice** with this Key WordPress Blog I am going to write. He and His Organization Are An Ally Of Critical Importance Against Our Common Enemy Of Big Pharma.

See the Bottom of for a List Of Some Key Blogs Of Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s on an MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) Website.

I am Deeply Grateful to Jim Humble and the MMS folks associated with the above website for helping to make other persons aware of our WordPress Team’s Dire Plight.

Jim Humble, his MMS Discovery (which rids the body of bad biology in a broad spectrum fashion), and his MMS Organization are known Worldwide, and Justifiably So.

The Power of Big Pharma, the Mafia, and Our Federal Government are all coming unglued as I write this!!!
Too Many People Have Become Aware,
Many More Will Inevitably Follow (become aware),
Are Collectively Standing Up.
Neither the Mafia
Or Our Federal Government
Can Intimidate
Or Kill Us All.

It Has Become Time For the Mafia To
Stop Trying To
Repeatedly Kill My Two Girls!

If They Continue
To Try To Kill Them
And Succeed,
The Worldwide Backlash
Against the Mafia,
After Worldwide Revolution Succeeds,
Revolution that Begins Right Here,
In the United States of America,
Will Crush Them With Vengence Attached!!!

Whether I Remain Alive,
Or I Am Dead Soon (from their Sicilian Hands),
I Can Practically Guarantee This!

Too Many People Have Become Aware
Of Mafia Influence Over Big Pharma,
Mafia Influence Over America’s Medical System,
Mafia Influence Over Main Stream Media,
Mafia Influence Over the Passage Of Law,
And Mafia Influence Over Our Federal and State Governments.

It is Time for the Mafia to play ball With Me in regard to developing a Win-Win Situation for itself and America at the same time. Killing my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members and I will hurt you far more than it will help you.

Allen Darman and His Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


Puff Puff Pass!

420SmokeMasterAllenD! And The Same!

From AllenD 4 Mark J: Do You Know Of Any Action That You Could Take? That Would Be Helpful In Any Way 2 Our 2 WordPress Collaborative Lesbian 420Sub Team Members That Are Repeatedly Being Whacked With POISON GAS In San Francisco (1-14-2013)

Dear Mark J.:

If you do know of ANY ACTION That
You Personally Could Take
That Would
Or Could
Help our two Lesbian Team Members
in San Francisco
In Regard to Their Current Dire Plight?

If so,
Please Take This Action,
Or These Actions,
As soon as possible.

Allen Darman

Today Work Assignment For: All WordPress Collaborative Internet Smart Team Members: You Must Read And Follow Up On Article Titled: ‘Father of the Internet: Why we must fight for its Freedom (1-12-2013)

This Article was written by Mr. Vinton Cerf, who is the Vice President of Google. It was Originally Published in on November 30, 2012 to the best of my knowledge.

This article is all over the Internet.
Simply Search for its Title Using Google.

Imbedded in this article
Is a link to a Google Owned Website
In regard to Internet Freedom.

In this Google Owned Website
In regard to Internet Freedom
There is a Form that anyone can fill out
And Submit to Google.

This Form has blocks for one’s First Name,
Last Name,
And Email Address.
It also has a Blank Block
For Remarks and/or Comments.
This Blank Block is *Great Place!!!*
For all Team members
“To report to Google their own personal story”
As far as what they have witnessed,
And Do So In Your OWN WORDS.

Especially detail what you know
In regard to our
Team’s Key WordPress Blogs
Being either hacker removed
Or hacker corrupted.

This Blank Box is also a Great Place!!!
For U2 in San Francisco
To tell about
What you have been going through
Poison Gas Attack-Wise.

I have yet to fill out and submit
The form that Google has provided.
I want to “Think Out”
What I am going to say to Google.

One of my problems in what
I want to put in this Form is
That I know at least some portion of Google
Is already aware of
And substantially helping us.
I don’t “just want to report to Google
What Google already knows
From reading our blogs”.
I’d rather wait a day
To fill out this Form than rush it.

In regard to U2 Lesbians
I would *Strongly Consider*
Filling out these Forms ASAP
With your real names,
The details of the numerous poison gas attacks
You have been going through,
As well as the details of
What you have witnessed
In regard to Hacker Induced Blog Corruption
And Hacker Induced Blog Removal.

Because I have not filled out this Blank Box,
I do not know what “its Character Limit is”.
One idea I am thinking of
To test its character limit
Is to try to Cut and Paste
Various size documents into it
And see what happens.
I sure would like to know how much room
That I have to work with
Before I try to compose
A carefully worded submission to Google
That fits in this Blank Block.

Google is the Greatest Ally
That Our WordPress
Collaborative Internet Team
*Could Ever Have!*
In Everything that I do,
I try to
Always Remember this.

Allen Darman

From AllenD To Mark J.: I Think of You Often I Cannot Thank You Enough For Your Involvement In Our WordPress Collaborative Revolutionary Team Effort (1-10-2013) (New Material Added on 1-10-2013) The above link version of this WordPress blog on http://WordPressManagmentByAllenD.WordPress.comwill be replaced with a full copy version of this material as soon as I have the computer access time. My computer access time is real sketchy so this might not be until later. AllenD

No Words Can Express The Deep Appreciation For All The Support My WordPress Team And I Are Getting From WordPress (1-11-2013)

Dear WordPress Folks:

Other than Mark J., I Do Not Know You By Name, but I know you “By Heart”.

We Share “the Same Heart!”… For Internet Freedom! and For Freedom In General!

Tears rather immediately came to my eyes When I Published My First Blog On Our WordPress Team’s New WordPress Website of

I was deeply Touched by what I saw! The Picture and the SetUp was So Immediate and So Beautiful!

And I was Touched A Minute Later when I read the Phrase “Smile! You’re at the best site ever”. (I suspect my Two Lesbian 420sub WordPress Sweetie Pies Snuck this standard line in for me!)

No Words Can Express the Joy I Feel Right Now!

Neither Can Any Words Express the Degree of Hope that I have Right Now!

Hope For A Positive Future For Both the United States Of America and the World!

Allen Darman

Notable Quotes

I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork. Peter De Vries

I wonder sometimes “How many trees has WordPress saved?” because “One does not need paper. A person can read the words on a screen”. AllenD

There Are A Lot Of Helicopter Overflights Today (1-7-2013)

This could mean nothing, but it could mean a Great Deal as well.

Helicopters have been used against me a Number of Times in the past three years to either Spot Me or Gather Aerial Pictures And Information.

Due to My WordPress Blogging And My Team Participation in the WordPress Development Of Multiple WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Revolutionary Websites, and Due to My Numerous Alternative Medical Discoveries and/or Co-Discoveries over the years, I Will Be A Murder Target for Big Pharma, Conventional Medicine, Big Oil, and the United States Federal Government for the Rest of My Life. It Is Already A Miracle that I Have Lasted This Long, as many Attempts by the Mafia that there have been to Take My Life Since January 6, 2010. Our Federal Government Is NOT Innocent here; they want me Dead too. They Are Aware the Mafia has tried to kill me many times, yet they just Stand On the Sidelines And Watch. (A Witness to Murder that does nothing to stop it is a Murderer too.)

Allen Darman