Google And Other Silicon Valley Companies Should Talk 2 Me Soon

Dear Friends:

I understand that the likelihood that anyone will meet me as proposed is very small. This is a quick “Wish Blog”, more than it is anything else.

I am still gathering some needed information. Some of this information is in regard to the below—>

In essence, it would be extremely helpful to have “a hang out spot” (and perhaps a 420 hang out spot if one has a Medical Marijuana card) a block or two from the mission that “was under my control”. Just some tables and chairs, some cards, a TV, some Internet Connected refurbished iMacs, a refrigerator and a coffee pot. And of course a bathroom or two. And a kitchen sink and counters as well, at least enough to make soup and sandwiches (this admittedly might make things complicated though, due to all the permits and regulations involved in serving food). Used furniture. Nothing Fancy. Simple. And quite helpful to multiple causes of mine, to include Ending Alternative Medical Suppression, Starting an Internet Woodstock and Starting a Justifiable Revolution in America.

Who would fund such, and how?

Incidentally, I wanted to do something like the above in Des Moines IA in the summer of 2012, and there was an ideal building in an ideal location there for such.

Unfortunately, in Omaha NB and Council Bluffs and Des Moines Iowa in the Summer of 2012 the Mafia kept trying to kill me. These circumstances ended any hopes I had of making a real difference at that time. Most of my energy in the Summer of 2012 was necessarily spent on my own survival.

Tuesday and Wednesday I’m booked, as far as my schedule goes.

How about Friday afternoon? Would anyone like to meet me then?


How about lunch… or a late lunch at 2 or 3 pm?

Let’s have a chat face to face.

Bring a dime bag of weed if you are so inclined.  (It would be nice to share a bowl  or a J on the street before lunch.)

Pick me up at the library anytime after noon at your convenience–> after Wednesday has passed by.  (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or any day next week are all fine by me—> u decide.)

Allen D with heroic help from Mark J and our San Francisco WordPress hippie gang of WordPress Warriors for the Truth

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