Me On YouTube And A Free And Open Internet Would Insure the Inevitability Of A Justifiable Revolution, And Perhaps A Peaceful One Without A Shot Fired (3-22-2014)

Me On YouTube In A Supported Fashion (such that I could do a good job) And A Free And Open Internet Would Insure the Inevitability Of A Justifiable Revolution, And Perhaps A Peaceful One Without A Shot Fired.

This blog is under construction, and will not be done for another day or two.

TalkingStickTV – Naomi Wolf – The End of America


You people out here do not know me at all, until you meet me face to face.

My blogs have had a “rope a dope” thread through them since 2010, while still telling the key truths at the same time.  I act stupid and non-credible on a regular basis. Some of this is admittedly my own stupidity, but most of it is planned.

Don’t fall for the “rope a dope” stuff like my enemies seem to have.

I am a mild mannered man, and sex is the last thing on my mind.

You would like me if you met me, and got to know me for five or ten minutes.

I am here to try to Save this World, and I have many critically important things to say.

I am willing to die trying to do what I am trying to do, and–>

Thanks to the Power of the Internet and “What Internet Martyrdom Means”–>

I am non-fearful of dying in the attempt because–>

I am being Obedient to God (my conscience is God, just as yours is).

Extract what value you can from me while I am still on this earth.

My enemies are going to act against me sooner or later.

Such is Inevitable.

I knew this back in 2000.

Even if the Mafia Backs Off, there are many powerful parties that want me dead, to include our own federal Government.

There may very well be a Great Win! for America and the World if Silicon Valley Is Collectively Brave and Puts On A World Awakening “Truth Suppression Revealing” Internet Woodstock Event, but there is Probably No Win For Me.

There is No Win Whatsoever for either America and the World if the Evil Eugenics Agenda People calling the shots now are left in charge. I do agree with Population Control and the Need for Global Population Reduction, but I strongly disagree with their sneaky food and drug poisonous methodology that targets so many millions of innocent American children. Poisoning innocent children, or blocking their path to true health, has to be evil, and has to be wrong, especially if it is intentional, in order satisfy fiscal greed and/or in order to bring America and its remaining Freedoms down.

The Internet Does Admittedly “Throw a Wild Card In the Picture”, so I may actually live through this to do bigger and better things.

Who knows?

Not I, that’s for sure.

I personally have no expectations whatsoever of longevity in this life.

After surviving so many attempts on my life, and getting “no protection other than the Power of the Internet” how can I expect to have any longevity? (Would you have any if you were in my shoes?)

There are too many ways of poisoning me (poison being the most typical way to kill someone in my shoes).

Silicon Valley would be foolish not to take advantage of Videotaping me before the 1st, or even “beginning Tonight or Tomorrow”.

One Idea that may be useful here is–> if there actually is a Silicon Valley Think Tank of Some Sort, come and get me a few days before the next meeting and give me a safe and “not-alone” place to prepare a Presentation to it of 30 to 45 minutes or so.

I will ROCK THE WORLD if I can talk to you people (the Upper Echelon of Silicon Valley) without bucking the impossible to do it (staying at MSC South is the impossible).

I don’t care if I don’t get a share out of iROCK, or I don’t make a dime.

In fact, don’t give me anything.

As a Matter of Principle,

Give it to those that heroically supported me.

I refuse any fiscal compensation.

Housing, and a place to think and write, I would not refuse.  (I would gladly accept such as it would “help me to give to America and the World”.)

That is ALL I want out of this–> A place here, and a little support, for a short while in which to finish the job God Gave Me.

I want to give the Rising that Google and Silicon Valley have apparently adopted (iROCK4iFREEDOM2014) as a Justifiable Cause a Great YouTube Video Or Series Of YouTube Videos to Remember Me By. That’s All. Nothing else really matters to me.

End of Preface

A Suggestion From Allen Darman To Google>


Big Pharma Falls If You Do This.

Drug Oriented Medicine Would Fall In Less Than An Hour To Truths Told By Me To a Silicon Valley audience (and Put On YouTube), If I Am Given Adequate Time and Means In Which To Prepare for this Presentation. (As a Discoverer, No One in the world can make this claim but me.)

I have given five presentations in front of an audience in my life in regard to alternative medicine or “somewhat related”, and I have received more than one standing ovation.

I am a gifted speaker when my chemistry is right.

Teeth or No Teeth Does Not Matter.

I can be very convincing because “I am telling the Truth”.

The time I was one of seven short presenters with Margot Kidder being the main speaker, I wowed Margot Kidder.  She grabbed my arm afterwards and said “you are my lunch date tomorrow”.  We hung around each other for much of the conference.

The Margot Kidder story in more detail is an interesting one.

I arrived in Toronto on a Wednesday with flawed gut biology, and “found a juice bar” and drank gallons of the stuff after a high dosage bentonite purge, took lots of probiotics and vitamin C, as well as did some other things.

By Friday I was a biochemical 10 with an Aura that Showed, primarily as a result of changing my gut biology.

I was cocky at this point (2002 or so). I knew I could do such at will whenever “I needed to or felt like it”.The Orthomolecular Conference I was attending that year (I went to 3 or 4 of these in Canada) was a place I had planned in advance to do this to myself.

My aura is chemically dependent, to include Toxins Generated in the Gut.

It is my strongly held belief that I understand how to change “aura for the better” better than anyone in the world.  (This has been true since the year 2000.)

I have never heard anyone discuss or write about “what I know” in this regard.

A juicer and lots of organic veggies is a must, as is gut biology correction, and for me, bentonite and psyllium, coconut, super greens, free form amino acids, vitamins, minerals, EFA’s etc. as well (Willy’s Baggie or close).

The knowledge being discussed Above is contained in the Landmark Blog “Concepts and Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally”.

The bulk of Aura for me (and millions, if not billions of others) is Gut Biology Correction and a Clean Non-Allergic, Nutrient Dense Diet.

Gut Biology Correction is especially important.

In learning how to overcome depression, I learned how to become “better than normal” mood-wise and otherwise.

It is a shame that it has been years since I have been able to affect such alternative medical understanding on myself.

However, I will never forget what I learned and relearned and learned again between 1997 and 2002, and learned a few times afterwards when I had the money, the environment, and the desire to do such all at the same time.

Even with mediocre “fluid chemistry” as I am right now, I can be enormously convincing in front of a video camera.

In today’s world, mediocre “fluid chemistry” and mediocre to poor gut biology is “considered normal”.

To explain “fluid chemistry”–>

There are 2 pools of chemistry in the body.

I call them the static and the dynamic pools of chemistry.

Static chemistry has nothing to do with mood, aura, mental function and a physical sense of well being.

Static Chemistry is OVER 99.9% of the total chemistry in the body.

What is in your bones, your muscles, and many other tissues is Static Chemistry, and chemistry that has nothing to do with mood.

Fluid chemistry, that tiny >>>less than one tenth of one percent<<< of the total chemistry in a human being, is where all the action is “mood-wise, brain function-wise and aura-wise.

This is the Small Portion of Chemistry you are actually running on–> the raw material for hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters to be made out of that day. (Most of this raw material is Free Form Amino Acids.)

Because of my Discoveries in the Alternative Medical Realm, my video testimony is precious to America and the world.

Writing alone does not do it. I have written and shared all of the above numerous times before with Alternative Medical Doctors. I helped Alternative Medicine to learn in America back in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, until hackers made my life always difficult and often impossible, but it was simply not enough.  (Ask Hyla Cass, M.D.  or Nancy Mullan, M.D. of the LA area, or Joan Matthews Larson in Minneapolis if you do not believe me on this.)

If Silicon Valley balks at my presenting at a Think Tank Meeting, or such does not exist–>

Me on camera in a supportive environment with even a one or two person audience for 2 or 3 days and a Free and Open Internet such that the material generated went on YouTube “Would Probably Insure the Inevitability of a Justifiable Revolution in America”, if not be “The Actual Spark for such”.

The above is why I wrote the below earlier today.


Soon Means Soon.

The clock is ticking.

And Time Is Running Out.

After writing the above the thought strikes me—>

I hope I am still alive by the 1st.

The Odd Thing here is God Is In This Picture.

I may very well still be here for awhile.

Whatever happens, happens.

I have the great satisfaction in knowing that in coming here now “I did my part”.

Will Silicon Valley, or some Important Component thereof, be Wise Enough and Brave Enough to Support Me this time out?

If not, I am staying in the area anyway.

There is no where else on this earth I should be but “somewhere around here”, regardless of the actions or non-actions of others.

I love, and am deeply grateful to, all those that have supported me with WordPress and Google-wise, even if such support “has it’s limits”, just as it has before.


QUITE LITERALLY, My Video Testimony Adequately Done Is Worth Trillions, and Would (Should) Change the History of the World for the Better.

The more put into my presentation, and the more time I have to prepare within reasonable limits, the better, of course.

The Foundation of a Good Presentation is Adequate Preparation.

And the Magic that sells a Presentation is “One’s Aura when One Presents”.  (I can sell Ice to Eskimos when I am a biochemical 10, something I know how to achieve at will.)

I hung myself in front of my enemies by writing this blog.

I can only pray the Mafia is Wise Enough to have Ceased Acting Against me (because they know I want to help them negotiate a win-win-win deal), and that others do not act against me as well.

Unfortunately, the Mafia is not my only potential enemy.

The Illuminati and the Feds rather immediately come to mind.

Don’t lose my video testimony by waiting too long to get it, for if you do, it may be lost (never happen).

Such would be a real shame.

Don’t Blame me if this happens.

I did my best “with what I had to work with” at all times.

The above statement will Always Be True.

I am Obligated by God to Give All that I Have to Give To the World as best as I able to, Don’t You See?

You most certainly would feel the same as I do, “if you knew what I did”.

We Are All Creatures of God, but we are even more than this.

Like the Native American shaman Keisha Crowther (little grandmother) can powerfully say to an audience “You are all God.”

I could not agree more.

How do you feel about this?

I listen to actions now, not words.

IMHO, if Silicon Valley does not embrace me or the message I have to give it, America is Doomed to fall to the Hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine and the “Intentional Eugenics Agenda Sickening Of All Of Us” created by Monsanto, etc. and GMO foods.

May God help us all.

Allen Darman

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